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Revisiting the 9 outstanding stories of FKFicFest 2016

By the end of FKFicFest 2016 in early October, my job had reached a frantic, manic, all-consuming pitch. It didn't let up for some time. I hardly know how I finished the fest. I hope that I did thank all of you who wrote and read! (Thank you!!!) I know that I never did post a wrap-up here of this year's 9 inventive, insightful, new FK stories.

I'd like to do that now. And, maybe, if you missed them before, help you find some last 2016 tales to enjoy before the Yuletide reveal? It was a creative year in FKFicFest!

Let's see whether I can sort to help you find those you'd enjoy most:

By time period

By genre

If you can read only one...

This was a good year for FKFicFest storytelling. I enjoyed every tale! As moderator, probably I shouldn't allow anything resembling favorites.

But if you've been away from FK for a bit, and have time now to dip into only one story from the whole fest... for that, I'd subjectively recommend trying one of these. Perhaps it might remind you pleasantly of how FK can fire the imagination! Or of what you've loved about FK all along. Or just happy golden days of yore...

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Thank you, friend.
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A spring game is something I can get behind. But then... I'm notorious for signing up for exchanges year round.
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Thank you for the list! What a great reminder to go back and read!