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Amy R. ([personal profile] brightknightie) wrote2008-08-10 09:23 am
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Forsaken Fandom Awards: Last Week for Nominations

At the end of July, I posted about the [ profile] forsaken_fandom community, and their project to recognize and encourage fanfiction in fandoms (including FK) that no longer have multiple regular award projects of their own.  This week (through Friday 08/15) is the last week they're accepting nominations for this round.  Looking at their FK nominations list, I currently see 31 stories by 11 authors.  Several sub-categories (including slash, erotica and fluff) as yet show no nominations, but all genres are eligible in the overall categories.

Any story originally posted or substantially revised in the past five years is eligible (so: 2003-2008).  They will confirm approval for all nominations with the authors, and the stories must be available online.

If you're interested, see their community profile, nominating rules, award categories, and the nominations post itself (to nominate, you post a screened reply to that post).  Note that there's an eligibility password in the rules.

Please consider checking their nominations to see which contemporary FK authors are missing, and then nominating excellent stories by them.  Please encourage FK authors to write more FK fanfiction!  Nominating them for awards is one good way to show we would like to read more.

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