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[profile] forsaken_fandom Last Call for Author Approvals

[Cross-posted from forkni-l, edited for LJ.]

There is a last call for author approvals on the [ profile] forsaken_fandom Fanfiction Awards project.  Authors who want their nominated stories included must either respond to that LJ post, or reply to the email they should have received from the project moderators, no later than 9:00 PM Eastern Time on 9/04.  (Reading and voting will be 9/05-10/13 - FK Nominations List.)

Of course if you don't want to approve a nomination, you shouldn't!  Absolutely!  No need whatsoever.  But just so you know, in the order in which they are listed on the nominations page, the nominated FK authors are: 
Not Yet Approved:
Already Approved:

It is a treat to have fresh recommendations (in the form of a nominations list ~g~)!  Some of the nominated stories were never posted to fkfic-l; if you know those authors, and feel the invitation would be well-received, invite them to the email list. :-)

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Weird...I didn't even remember that I'd WRITTEN anything new enough to count. Thanks for the reminder.

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I'm glad you got to approve your drabble! It's the only old-fashioned, true (100 words) drabble in that category, I think. (I wish the term had been reserved for 100-word pieces and another -- vignette, ficlet, something -- used for very short stories, but that boat seems to have sailed.)

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I'm for "vignette" myself. Though I wrote a little something (in a book fandom) and had it promptly dubbed a "parable". Which it was, of course.

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I agree; "drabble" = 100 words exactly and "vignette" or "ficlet" is a short piece.

I admit I like my FK drabbles from Yuletide ( better than that one, but I've been really enjoying writing drabbles.

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Thank you for the link! I agree with your judgment; "Giving Reason (" and "Silver Lining (" are both superior to the Schanke drabble, packing more punch into the small package -- quite shivery and shuddery they both are, with Lacroix in those moods -- and telling a more fully-shaped story. Not that there's anything wrong with the Schanke drabble, of course.

100-word drabbles can be quite a discipline. I've only tried one; it wasn't all it should have been, and it will take a lot more practice and focus if I try again.

I see that you also have a much longer, FK/BT crossover story there: "Obsidian ("  I haven't read any BT fanfiction but [ profile] wiliqueen's, in part because I have a cartload of thoughts on the relation of fanfiction to pro prose fiction, and I haven't yet read the original Huff novels. But I will keep this one in mind. Thank you!

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I haven't read the Tanya Huff novels either, and am really uncomfortable with both real person fic and fiction based on the written work of someone still writing (same medium, therefore intereferes with that market).

With Blood Ties, since Tanya was SO excited about and involved in the TV adaptation...I have no issue with fic for it.

And my story is primarily a BT story (which I wrote, in my head, mostly for Val), but Natalie has a guest spot in a scene in the middle that you might like. :-)

Thanks for the f/b on the drabbles!

I still keep meaning to get back to you and have converstaions based on the fantastic story you wrote me.

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>"...but Natalie has a guest spot in a scene in the middle that you might like. :-)"

It will be the very first BT fanfiction I read by someone other than [ profile] wiliqueen. :-) (Okay, okay, hers and the ficlet I wrote at her prompting. She's really effective at seducing people into new fandoms, isn't she? ~g~) I just feel I should read all of Huff's novels first... it's partly the market issue, which is very important and a baseline courtesy, as you note, but for me it's also a matter of how I hear the voices. I'm a bit of a canon junkie, and what I read first, my mind will process as "the real thing."

>"I still keep meaning to get back to you and have conversations based on the fantastic story you wrote me."

Thank you! And: no rush. I'm not going anywhere. Same email address for ten years and counting. :-)

By the way, where is your FK fanfiction? That is, your preferred site, archive, link list, or otherwise?