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Just a quick signal-boost for [ profile] fandomaid, the multi-fandom charity-auction community. They're holding a buy-it-now fundraising campaign to aid earthquake victims in Nepal.

I'm afraid that I'm too ridiculously busy to volunteer my writing for auction right now, but if someone offers fanworks in my fandoms, please let me know.

(I know that I've missed one monthly FK bulletin update already, and it looks like I'm going to be late with the next at the end of this week, but I haven't forgotten! I will catch up and fill in the blanks as soon as I can, truly. Fingers crossed and all the lucky gestures.)
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Due to both connectivity issues and personal issues, I haven't been reading here since mid-October.  (I hope to be back to normal on both fronts starting... now!) Thus, this list is merely what I found tonight, with a heavy reliance on tags (e.g. "fk," "forever knight") to locate relevant material; if I've missed something, please hook me up! It looks to have been a fairly quiet month, FK-wise.

For October, in Forever Knight, in my corners of social journaling, here's what I spotted:

Ficathons, Fests and Communities

  • [ profile] fandomaid is raising funds in support of victims of Superstorm Sandy.
  • [community profile] festivids assignments went out on 10/16.
  • I still can't believe that FK is not eligible for [ profile] smallfandomfest. But [community profile] fic_promptly will accept us for commentfic!
  • Many people posted Yuletide "Dear Author" letters. FK appears in only Greer's, as far as I saw [Addendum: Also in Twilight2000's]. (BTW, thanks to [personal profile] sholio for confirming that you don't have to be signed up for Yuletide to give treats or pick up pinch-hits. Anyone can still play through those avenues!)

3 FK works on AO3 currently show October 2012 as their publication dates. All three are new-to-me crossovers; two are by the same author.

Meta (Essays, Analysis, Discussion)

10/16: [Locked] shared that in 2013, the Stratford Festival (which has apparently dropped the "Shakespeare" from its name) will boast GWD in Measure for Measure and Mary Stuart, plus NB in Thrill (official press release PDF).

Chiller will next air FK on Friday 11/23 (6AM-5PM, DK-FIHS). In the US, that's "Black Friday," the day after Thanksgiving; if you'll have that day off work, tune in!

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[ profile] helpthesouth is a fanworks auction for charities in support of the victims of the recent tornadoes in the southeastern United States.  This auction will close on 05/25/11 at 6 PM Central Time.  See their introduction and questions posts for details.

At this time, their "word works" offers do not seem to include any of my fandoms, but there may be some in yours, and they have other offering categories as well.
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Recently in FK on my LJ F-List and DW R-Page:

Ficathons, Fests and Communities

  • [community profile] help_japan/[ profile] help_japan held a fanworks charity auction in support of those affected by the earthquake and its aftermath. (Bidding closed 03/31.)
  • [community profile] girlgay polled on what kind of fest to hold; a multifandom "mini big-bang challenge" won. (I believe FK and HL are eligible.)
  • [ profile] fkficfest promised to release its 2011 ficathon schedule in March, but has not yet. (Sorry! My fault!)


Meta (Discussion and Essays)


  • On 03/19, under lock, someone announced that the Stratford Festival is releasing the 2010 Tempest (with GWD) on DVD.
  • On 03/02, [ profile] pj1228 reminded us that season two of the CBC radio drama "Backbencher" (with NB) is on.

Airings & Releases

  • On 03/08, [ profile] pj1228 shared the great news that season two will finally come out on DVD in Germany in May! Yay!
  • On 03/08, [ profile] ithildyn observed that FK is one of the shows now available for free streaming to Amazon Prime members!
  • Chiller is not showing FK in April. Boo!

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[ profile] themusecalliope has posted the first [community profile] help_japan/[ profile] help_japan FK offer: podfic up to 20,000 words.  Now that there's an offer, there's a Delicious tag.  (Still no DW FK offers.)

There are now 6 HL offers on LJ and 2 on DW.

Hundreds of "Any Fandom" offers are available.  [personal profile] sharpest_asp has stated that she's willing to write FK if bid for.  Similarly, [personal profile] skieswideopen has hinted that her flist could cajole her into writing FK if bid for.

Addendum 03/19: [ profile] devohoneybee is now offering a poem in FK or HL.
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[community profile] help_japan/[ profile] help_japan is a fanworks auction for charities in support of the victims of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan.  See their FAQ and News for details.  All offers are logged with tags on Delicious (LJ/DW).

At this time, there are no Forever Knight or Young Blades offers, but there are four Highlander (LJ/DW) and three Rurouni Kenshin (LJ/DW), as well as many other fandoms.

They also have a requests post (LJ/DW) on which people may request (with a speculative up-front bid) things that have not been offered.  At this time, no one has requested FK or YB.
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Via [personal profile] celli:  Two multifandom fundraisers are underway for the flooding in Queensland, Australia.  Both recognize donations to the Queensland Government Flood Relief Appeal and the RSPCA Queensland Flood Appeal; one additionally recognizes donations to the Australian Red Cross.
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Via [personal profile] leela_cat: [ profile] thepurpledove is a fan auction (like [ profile] help_haiti) to raise money for LGBT youth causes, most of all to combat bullying.  Among their approved organizations is the Trevor Project.

At this time, there seems to be only one HL offer, and no FK offers, but many other fandoms are engaged.  Bidding begins tomorrow, December 11, at 11 AM Eastern Time, so there is still time to put up an offer if you are interested in contributing in that way.  Offers of fanfiction, beta-reading, podcasting, graphic arts, etc. are all represented.

Addendum 12/13: There is now one FK offer, by [personal profile] havocthecat. New offers may still be added.
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Recently in FK on my LJ F-List and DW Reading Page:

Ficathons and CommunitiesFictionPublic Susan G. Memorial Posts
  • Airing. Chiller will air FK from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM on 09/01. Reminder: They're airing the CBS cuts (mostly just shorter than the DVDs, but with a few snippets of different footage).
  • Meme. On 08/13-15, [ profile] ithildyn mentioned FK here and here in a five-things meme.
  • Actor. On 08/11, [ profile] gnosticdiva spotted John Kapelos in Category 7.
  • Actor. On 08/09, someone under lock shared news that Stratford's Do Not Go Gentle starring Geraint Wyn Davies will have three performances at the Bratton Theatre, Chautauqua Institution, New York. Dates, Times, Prices )
  • Meme. Under lock, someone has been playing a "30 Days of FK" meme, customized from the "30 Days of TV" meme going around. Questions List )
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Recently in FK on my LJ Friends List and DW Reading Page:

[ profile] help_haiti

Everyone knows about [ profile] help_haiti by now, right?  The fannish community rewarding donations to Haiti relief with custom fic, beta services, and other things in an auction-like structure?  Bidding continues through January 20.  Thanks to everyone who is participating, and who has offered!  [ profile] eponymous_rose is cataloging offers by fandom.  It looks like the FK-specific offers at this time are from: Havocthecat, Triciabyrne1978, Amilyn and Devohoneybee.  [Addendum 01/18: rude_not_ginger and aescu are also offering FK, per [ profile] amilyn.]  (Leela-cat generously made a gesture in FK's direction, but you know she wants HP. ~g~)  [personal profile] amilyn has summarized some offers and information here and here

Vidfests, Ficathons and Gifts
  • On 01/17, [personal profile] sharpest_asp posted a reminder about the "Gen in January" ficathon, for which FK received one prompt (IB: Nick/Janette).  (It's a 500-words minimum, with prompts available to claim from a list, not assigned.)
  • On 01/14, [ profile] festivids went live, and [ profile] abby82 strongly recommended the vid she received in the exchange.  [personal profile] sharpest_asp agreed, and so did [ profile] ithildyn.  Count me in the consensus as well.  Set to "Cemeteries of London" by Coldplay, it's still anonymous, it's the only FK entry in the fest, and it is receiving copious praise for something from our sleepy fandom in a multifandom venue!  It's vampire-centric across all three seasons, features many of the neck-o'-the-week characters, and it musters the elusive "you could interpret this either way" that keeps us happily disagreeing to this day.  Knighties and Cousins may well see different feeds of this vid, and isn't that just the way it's supposed to be?
  • On 01/12, [personal profile] havocthecat pointed out [community profile] purimgifts/[ profile] purimgifts, a multi-fandom event reveling in characters who are Jewish and/or women and/or persecuted by evil viziers (FAQ). FK is eligible (every fandom is eligible).
  • On 01/06, [ profile] fandom_stocking released.  Four people were tagged as requesting FK stocking stuffers, and they all received at least one tiny FK trinket.
  • On 12/29, [ profile] gnosticdiva described the [ profile] dayofindulgence event, and noted that she's planning an FK entry, perhaps an adult scenario.

  • On 12/31, [ profile] abby82 pointed out that has all three seasons of FK (Region 1) on sale for $14.99.  Anyone not own yet?  Buy!  Convince them there's a market for slim sets and blu-ray and missing bits restored or packed as extras...
  • On 12/27, [ profile] pj1228 shared the great news that FK's first season will be released in Germany on 02/19/10, with German and English audio tracks.  Finally!  Cheers to all the German-speaking fans!  (Buy! So they'll release the other seasons, too.)  I can't wait to learn whether it's the full footage from the first German airing of first-season.  Granted, the differences are tiny per episode, mostly just longer establishing shots, but...

Cast and Crew and Airings
  • On 01/13, [ profile] abby82 shared that Mr. Parriot has won himself a new series, USA Network's Covert Affairs.  It stars Kari Matchett (Alyssa).
  • On 12/31, [ profile] abby82 filled us in -- at least, those of us who don't get the Chiller channel -- on GWD's "hosting" of Chiller's most recent FK marathon.  Actually, it was eight fun soundbites over amusing montages (seven GWD, 1 NB).  She has them all linked, and also points us to Chiller's YouTube Channel.  And as she points out, wow! that color quality.


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