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Hey, fellow Pokemon Go players! In case you haven't heard, the bonus PvP rewards have already started for February's Community Day this weekend. Don't miss out!

All weekend long, starting today, we can get 5 rewards per day from battling the NPC team leaders (instead of the usual 1), and we can get another 5 rewards per day from battling real fellow trainers (instead of the usual 3). The guaranteed Sinnoh Stones are tomorrow (Saturday) only (in parts of the world where this Community Day is Saturday), but even they will be throughout the day, midnight to midnight, not only during the 3-hour Community Day window.

Also, if you haven't heard, stat buffs are coming! Suddenly, Ancient Power on a Mamoswine looks much, much sweeter than it did a few days ago. I have an appointment that's going to make me miss half of Community Day, and, despite wanting a shiny watermelon Swinub of my own -- and all the boosted stardust! -- I was very blase about missing out ... until the stat buffs were announced. Poor timing for me! Ah, well. I do have several saved-up Swinub from the ice event to evolve (without events, ice types are vanishingly rare here).

Have fun!

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For the month of January, in my corners of social journaling, here are the Forever Knight items that I happened to see:

Ficathons, fests & communities that welcome FK

FK fanfiction & other fanworks
Archive of our Own (AO3) Summary: 11 of the 966 FK works on the AO3 show a posting date in this period.

FK news & conversation

  • 2/10: [personal profile] sharpest_asp listed 16 Fandom Stocking drabbles, including 1 FK. Read more.
  • 2/03: [personal profile] pj1228 shared that Nigel Bennett currently has recurring roles in 2 TV series. Read more.
  • 2/01: [personal profile] nicholas_lucien relayed John Kapelos's announcement that he'll be performing his album live in California in March. Read more.
  • 1/20: [personal profile] pj1228 listed Fandom Stocking gifts given and received, including FK icons and 5 FK stories. Read more.
  • 1/09: [personal profile] pj1228 listed 7 FK stories written in 2018, plus thoughts on future projects. Read more.
  • 1/05: [personal profile] nicholas_lucien reflected on 8 FK stories written and received across 2018, and also thoughts for the new year. Read more.

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Putting together February's "Recently in FK" post, I noticed a new game's announcement that seems particularly relevant to many of us:

[community profile] waybackexchange is an exchange game for canons that ended 10+ years ago. Nominations run 2/13-2/20, and sign-ups 2/23-3/02, with assignments sent 3/09, and works due 5/10. Players must offer/request at least 4 canons. Stories must be at least 1K words.

Here's their FAQ post and eligibility post.

I don't know who's running it or what's behind it, but perhaps it can help fill the void left by certain exchanges that used to highlight older fandoms! I doubt I have time to play, myself, but, boy! I'd love to: FK, D&DC, YB, HL, BSG78...

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My local Pokémon Go community held our inaugural Silph Arena player-versus-player (PvP) tournament ("Boulder Cup") at the public library. It was fun! And, well, I won. :-D

Really, we had a 5-way tie among all who had lost only one match each. (I lost my last match by going for a more effective move rather than a faster one.) Per rules, ties are broken by the Buchholz system (from chess). This put me in first place by just one point. It was as close as it could have been! A different order of opponents would have given a different result.

What is the Silph Arena? And what squad did I field? )

(FWIW, if you haven't yet done your Boulder Cup, my advice: Don't bring Rock types. Do bring Skarmory and a counter for Skarmory!)

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One of the big questions around the Pokémon GO community lately is whether Individual Values (IVs) matter in player-versus-player (PvP) battles. It depends. How're we defining "matter"? :-D

We can play the game wholly, successfully, and with tremendous fun without ever knowing what IVs are! This is more true than ever since super-effectiveness got boosted a few months ago. So, no: IVs don't matter. If you don't care to, don't worry about them! Just pick the best CP, type, and moves you have for the job at hand, whether raids, gyms, or PvP.

However, if fussing with IVs makes you happy — hello! — there's plenty to dig into.

For raiding and gym sweeping, it's been the same for a long time: (1) IVs really come into play only if we're maxing out a pokémon. Seriously. When we are maxing out, then (2) higher is better, and (3) attack is more important than stamina (HP), which is more important than defense. End of story. (Hard-core raiders will point out that 15 attack / 10 defense / 15 stamina — or even 15/0/15! — is actually better for dealing damage in a raid or gym sweep than 15/15/15, because of how energy-gain works in gyms, but that increment won't register unless we're trying to beat a best time or raid with the fewest possible players.)

For PvP in Master League (unlimited CP), pretty much the same applies! We want to max out our best IV individual pokémon in the best species. The difference is that defense isn't a value to sneeze at in PvP. (Energy gain in PvP differs from that in gyms, among other things.) So definitely pick that elusive "hundo" (15/15/15) over an attack specialist (15/10/15), if you're so lucky as to have both. Basically: we'll use the same pokémon for raiding, gym sweeping, and Master League PvP.

For PvP in the Ultra League (max CP 2,500) and Great League (max CP 1,500), our goals change. The CP caps are everything! It's Price is Right rules. We want the highest level — level, not necessarily CP, though both together is ideal — that we can get without going over the CP cap. Since the CP rework, attack stats boost CP significantly more than stamina (HP) or defense stats do. So not only could a pokemon with generally poor IVs potentially get closer to a league's CP cap than one with great IVs, one with specifically lousy attack stats will probably get closer than one with awesome attack stats.

Probably? Yes, probably! It varies not only by pokemon species but by each specific possible combination of IVs. Yay!

I admire, but don't personally play at, that ultimate level of calculation. I still personally pick better IV pokemon when powering them toward the caps. Mainly, this is because I worry I'll accidentally power them up one turn too many and then need them to be able to make their way in Ultra League or even Master League. (This has already happened once. ~grin~) However, I did try to trade my worst IV Cresselia for someone else's worst, hoping that the IVs would plunge in the re-roll and she'd slide in just under the 1,500 CP cap for Great League. (It didn't work. ~wry~)

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The 2018 HL exchange authors have been revealed on the AO3! So I can now share my own tiny annual round-up:

2018 AO3 statistics (total 105 works in 12 fandoms):
 36 Kudos
 16 Comment Threads
337 Hits

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Those of you who enjoy bingo-style challenges, might you tell me a little about what you enjoy (and don't) about them? Do you feel community engagement through the game? Do you feel quite independent? Do you read other stories written for the game? Do other players read your stories? What does the bingo-style do for you...?

I'm thinking mainly as a fanwriter who would like to write more and better herself!

I'm also thinking about ways to make FKFicFest work better, easier, more smoothly, more fun for more people. We've always done exchange-style, in a manner that was customary a decade ago. Things have since changed in fandom practice and expectation. And with only 8 players last year, the logistics of matching are both easier and impossibly harder, under the old model's expectations. (I'm entertaining as many notions as I can gather, but am really thinking more of a "use any 2 of these 3 prompts" challenge than a bingo card.)


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Happy new year! For the month of December, in my corners of social journaling, here are the Forever Knight items that I happened to see:

Ficathons, fests & communities that welcome FK

  • [community profile] fandom_stocking (open gifting) stuffing continues through 1/05, with reveals on 01/06. Update: Extended through 01/19!
  • [community profile] snowflake_challenge (journaling challenge) posts prompts through 01/15. Fills are open-ended.
  • [community profile] fandomweekly (fic challenges w/voting) relaunched on 01/02.
  • [community profile] middleagedships (comment-fic challenge) is ongoing (no deadlines).
  • [community profile] historium (discussion) is for "all historical fandoms." FK doesn't quite meet their requirements, but might slide through in context.
  • [community profile] meta_warehouse (discussion/analysis) is a new community.
  • [community profile] 100prompts (fic challenges) is a new community.
  • [community profile] consentevent_comm (prompt challenge) is a new event highlighting consent. It opened 01/01.
  • [community profile] fandomtrumpshate (charity) is a fanworks auction with proceeds going to progressive causes. Sign-ups run 01/06-02/01. The auction runs 02/26-03/01.
  • [community profile] story_works (challenge) is a challenge on the theme of "change." Open until 01/31.

FK fanfiction & other fanworks
Archive of our Own (AO3) Summary: 5 of the 956 FK works on the AO3 show a posting date in this period.

FK news & conversation

  • 12/23: [personal profile] nicholas_lucien detailed Geraint Wyn Davies's upcoming participation in 2 of this year's Forum events at the Stratford Festival. Read more.
  • 12/01: [personal profile] pj1228 declared intentions to fill all FK Fandom Stocking wishes. Read more.

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All 20 works in this year's [community profile] hlh_shortcuts are now revealed! All are still anonymous, pending this fest's traditional author guessing game. (I haven't yet read 6, including the 25K-words one. Sorry!)

May I commend to you the story written for my prompt/match?
"Paris, 1978" (gen, G, 2K words)

The story begins with a pleasantly cheeky little preface in which young Tessa crosses paths with several immortals we know, in various ways, without effect. The story then moves into an encounter with effect: between young Tessa, bursting with inspiration, determination, and energy, and an original character who is weary, without inspiration, perhaps without purpose. Each gives the other something needed from her or his plenty.

I like it very well! And if it's not just happy coincidence, the author put some generous thought into carefully including story elements I enjoy, not just the character and tone, but things like reasons to live and things to learn.


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