Thursday, January 5th, 2017

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I've "won" the New Year's event! :-) That is, I achieved my personal game goal for PokéGo's "increased starter spawns" period. As of this evening, with only 4 ultraballs left (after hoarding them for ages), I have enough candies and enough high-IV pokémon to evolve and keep one each of every stage of the 3 starters: the complete bulbasaur, charmander, and squirtle families!

I even have enough bulbasaur candies to evolve a second venusaur, if the first one gets a poor moveset. But I don't have enough for a second charizard or blastoise; whatever moves they learn will be the moves I'll bring to gyms.

I'll do the evolutions after the event ends — with a lucky egg on! — just in case I catch or hatch any with higher IVs and/or CP.

On a separate note, the GPS drift has been dire at my home lately. If my avatar has to stand around in the next neighborhood, I keep thinking, couldn't she go just a little to the side and stand at their pokéstop? ;-) Alas, no...


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