Saturday, January 21st, 2017

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There's been some chatter around TrainerTips lately regarding 100% IV pokémon, because TrainerTipsNick caught a wild 100% IV omastar (wow). They're fun to have! I happen to have 5 (listed below). Yet it's important to understand that unless we're powering them all the way up, "100% perfect" is only a vanity license plate. It confers no advantage in gym bouts. It plays no role in moveset distribution. It's just kinda neat. ;-)

What are IVs? )

My own 5 100%s are: beedrill, rapidash, starmie, tauros, and arbok. blithering about my 100% pokémon )

How about you, fellow trainers? Any 100% IV pokemon on your squads? Or do you have much better things to do than feed data into PokeAssistant? :-D


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