Saturday, January 28th, 2017

brightknightie: Cropped screenshot of my PokemonGO avatar as seen in gyms (Pokemon Go)
You can have many kinds of Pokémon Go fun. You can work on completing your pokédex. You can train in gyms. You can maintain your daily streaks, raise your trainer level, earn badges, enjoy Niantic's events, hike to hatch eggs, contribute to research on the Silph Road or GamePress, and sort and rank and catalogue to your heart's content! (Breeding, trading, and player-versus-player are all supposedly in development.)

I also give myself assignments ("quests"). For weeks, I've been meaning to share my Great Clefable Quest (drama! disappointment! second chances!). And I'm on the verge of fulfilling my Alakazam Attacker Quest (maybe soon!).

But tonight I just wanted to share that I'm exactly 4 pokémon away from completing my North American pokédex for all pokémon available at this time! Who am I missing? Read more... )


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