Sunday, February 5th, 2017

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You may remember that gyarados was one of the 4 pokémon still missing from my North American pokédex. No longer! (3 to go.)

Saturday morning, at least 40 minutes' drive north, over the border into an adjacent poké-biome where they get more water types (my immediate area gets bug, ground and fire types), I picked up a green 2K egg. Saturday afternoon, that egg hatched a magikarp, boosting my magikarp candy count over 400 at last! Saturday evening, I evolved my one (and probably only ever) gyarados. It has 96% IVs; I've been saving up that prime magikarp for this purpose for months. Unfortunately, it got the poorest available gyarados moveset (bite and twister), but, hey, even a less efficient gyarados is by far a more effective gym defender than most other pokémon species ("Category: Atrocious" ~grin~).

In other weekend pokénews, I earned my gold medal in fairy types, and, still campaigning for diversity in gyms, I held slots (for at least a few hours each) with my muk, vileplume, and cloyster. Muk looks so weird on top of gyms, spreading ickily all over! Vileplume is cute and deadly, with her solar beam. Cloyster seems happy, icing all comers.

(As a reminder, last week was an update, so this week is a nest migration. If you've got any good nests nearby (Silph Road Atlas), you may want to stop by before 12 AM Thursday UTC — afternoon Wednesday, my time.)


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