Monday, February 20th, 2017

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I understand that ongoing games require periodic rebalancing to remain competitive. Yet it felt like adding insult to injury when I hatched a new lapras (10K egg) shortly after realizing that my pet powered-up lapras had been nerfed in the latest rebalancing.

Lapras had been the most elegant of the high-powered pokémon: pretty, useful, intelligent, and dignified. (Plus, every now and then, a lapras buddy looks fondly at your avatar. So engaging!) I'd poured huge quantities of stardust — and so many, many, many kilometers walked (including through most of the Valentine's double-candy event) — into powering up my lapras as high as my trainer level allowed. She'd had my fourth-highest CP, and was my go-to gym defender (when not my buddy), even over my snorlax, because she adds both class and diversity to gyms. Now she has my ninth-highest CP, down under gengar and above cloyster, and I don't even know where her moveset falls anymore.

Granted, I should have known this was coming. Lapras was left out of the previous rebalancing because of the big lapras event in Japan's Tōhoku region (trying to help bring in tourism, as they're still recovering from the 2011 earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear plant incident). I should have guessed that her omission wasn't permanent. Indeed, I should have recognized that the event itself made lapras rebalancing more necessary for the overall meta-game. (But. Still. Niantic, why did you have to hurt my lapras?)

Did any of your pet pokémon get nerfed?
brightknightie: Cropped screenshot of my PokemonGO avatar as seen in gyms (Pokemon Go)
Idea: Blisseys should decline to battle the babies or wounded pokémon! This would be in-universe in-character, would help enormously with the newly blissey-clogged gyms in urban areas, and wouldn't be a nerf if it's been there, undiscovered, since Gen 2 released last Thursday.

(Not gonna happen. But it would be neat.)


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