Saturday, April 8th, 2017

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It seems that the rumors of a Forever Knight movie in development have been confirmed as true.

If you'd like information or conversation about it, I recommend trying [personal profile] greerwatson, who posted about it on ForKni-L, or [personal profile] melissatreglia, who posted about it on her blog. Source: "CurseBorne Films To Develop Forever Knight Movie" by Mitchell Wells on And the production company is of course on Facebook.

The hopeful bit, to me, is that although this Nick is planned to be "a freelance detective [who] only takes on cases that deal with the supernatural or occult" (for me, personally, that sounds weak and hollow next to the thematic richness of the reformed killer fighting killing, the one who won't die yet is dead surrounded by true death and true life), nevertheless, and although the production company has previously made only horror, this would be a "departure from strictly horror-based projects" (the FK I love isn't horror).

It took me several minutes to figure out that the giant red "V" in their current project logo probably means to suggest "vampire," which could be disheartening, undermining hopes that they understand that FK is about more than that. It took me less time to identify the serif font; I've actually used it (or one like it) in many FK projects over the years (I'm not the only one).

I'd rather not debate this possible movie just right now, so I've turned off comments. The news feels... a little bit pained, you know? Old injuries. Please forgive any inconvenience. I'm sure there will be plenty of time yet, and future posts.


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