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Amy R. ([personal profile] brightknightie) wrote2017-07-22 08:22 pm
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my Lugia raid adventure

I'd walked down the block for a simple little Weezing raid (Level 2) before dinner, to wrap up my GoFest day. I'd done my bit to help during each global challenge window; I'd heard about the problems in Grant Park (poor connectivity, server overload, long lines, etc.); and I was wondering when the bonuses would turn on.

I bumped into a fellow trainer who lives across the street. We beat Weezing together, naturally, and discovered that we work for the same (very large) company. She started to add me to an internal company pokemon group that I hadn't known of... and we saw posts about a Lugia raid boss (Level 5) hatching within the past 15 minutes, 10 minutes drive away!

It turned out to be at a car dealership. (Luckily, they had closed!) About 20 people had already gathered and were well into their raid. We opened a new lobby, but when we saw only 3 — including us 2 — we backed out and called out to the third. (You can't take a legendary with only 3 trainers!) We waited semi-patiently for more random strangers to excitedly arrive. They did! When we had 12, we went in.

Hilariously, we all seemed to have mustered our squads in about the same order. At first, all Golems! Then, all Tyranitars! Then all Jolteons! (Somewhere in there, my pet Omastar.) Then, everyone's own personal favorite last-chance backstops, whether Blissey or Dragonite or whomever.

Lugia is HUGE. She towers over the tiny Tyranitars below her. And she dips and twists in the air!

But because she has a significantly longer raid timer than a non-legendary, we wore her down. Then: horrors! The red error bar across my screen! My screen went white! Agony! The background appeared, but no Lugia to occupy it! A nearby trainer told me to tap to get her back. It worked. Whew!

I used a golden razzberry on every throw. I managed several Nices and Greats! But the circle was red, red, red. Without an Excellent and a lot of luck, my Lugia ran.

Nevertheless, here on the day of the release of legendaries, I got to go on one of the first legendary raids in my part of the world, we won, and I had a lovely time.

(BTW, the bonuses have gone live and will stay so until 5:00 PM Pacific on Monday. Double stardust, XP, candy, spawns.)

Now, wasn't I going to do something about dinner...?

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