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I haven't yet tidied up the traces of my LJ years. I will. For now, though, my account's still active. So when Susan's birthday came, LJ reminded me. I meant to post this in August. I ran out of time.

In case you've found FK fandom only recently, let me share that Susan M. Garrett was a kind and generous person, magnificent fan, and wonderful storyteller. FK fandom was blessed in her. Not alone, she tried so hard to do so much for all of us. But above all fanwriters whom I dearly love to read, I love to re-read Susan as none other. Her stories come so close, so nearly there, to the FK of my heart.

Check out Susan's FK stories. Here are just a few of my personal favorites:

What are your favorite Susan stories?

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For the month of August, in my corners of social journaling, here are the Forever Knight items that I happened to see:

Fannish charity fundraisers

Ficathons, fests & communities that welcome FK

FK fanfiction & other fanworks
Archive of our Own (AO3) Summary: 4 of the 787 FK stories on the AO3 show posting dates in August.

News & conversation:

  • 8/05: [personal profile] abby82 proposed and illustrated actress Caroline Dhavernas to play Janette in a more faithful series reboot than the currently-in-production movie.
  • 8/10: [personal profile] nicholas_lucien updated us on the filming of the upcoming movie. (Why they paid to use the FK title and character names to apparently reincarnate Angel: The Series remains unknown.)
  • 8/15: [personal profile] nicholas_lucien wished Ben Bass a (belated) happy birthday.
  • 8/19: [personal profile] pj1228 announced the sequel ("One Death Too Many") to the story she wrote for this year's FKFicFest ("One Loss Too Many"), and promised a concluding third installment.

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Some years ago, when there was a natural disaster or the like, various corners of fandom would organize fundraisers in which people with more time and talent than money would create a new fannish work in "exchange" for a donation to the cause by someone else, often in auction format.

Have you seen any of those for the flooding in Texas?

I have no time recently, but I do have the wherewithal to donate just now, and I haven't yet donated to a charity for this disaster, so I thought that I might join forces with someone and sponsor a fanwork as well and direct my donation to that person's preferred charity, if that sort of thing is still done...?

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Like most adults, I don't get to raid often during the work week, and less and less as oncoming autumn contracts the days (raids start sunrise to sunset only, it seems). But I am making more of an effort to spend my free daily raid passes to keep my Mewtwo options open since that mechanic was announced. Even if only on a Level 1 or 2 raid by myself before work, at lunchtime, or a really quick afternoon break, whenever I'm lucky enough to have (and notice) a raid pop nearby, I check my schedule.

On one of the 3 raids I managed to complete this work week, I dared a Level 3 alone. And I did it! I met my longstanding game goal of taking down a Level 3 raid boss by myself! It was close. And it was just an Arcanine with pure fire moves (no bite, crunch, or wild charge). But still! I solo'd a Level 3 raid boss! It took 4 pokemon: my 3 leveled-up Golemns with 2 rock-type moves each, and my biggest, best Vaporean. (Obviously, wild charge would've destroyed my Vaporean.) Shiny Gyarados with hydro-pump was my anchor, in the sixth slot, but we didn't get to her.

Previously, I'd tried soloing Arcanine and Flareon bosses with ground types (which are common around here). I've concluded that the ground-type moves will never be fast enough to solo them, not at any level.

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There's an Articuno raid at the park nearest me right now. What's happening? Is Articuno back, or is this a glitch...?

I'd planned to post briefly this morning to share that I was so very lucky as to catch a 100% IV Zapdos yesterday! Yay! And then I was going to say that I actually hope summer legendary season will end tonight; I'm game-exhausted by these limited-time-only availabilities of the legendary birds. And then I was going to comment on the rampant Ho-Oh speculation. But...

Apparently, Mewtwo has been a raid boss at Pikachu Outbreak! People have caught Mewtwo! And clearly there's this Articuno right now, here, when we all thought that Articuno wouldn't be seen again in the game for many months, if not a year, if not ever.

Why does Niantic do these things on Mondays (work days) instead of weekends?

If all the legendaries are back in the game at high availabilities, I may perhaps feel a little ill-used or tricked for having invested time and effort in catching them while we were told they were limited-time-only. Hmmmm.

Addendum 10:56 PM: Niantic has spoken: Mewtwo and "other powerful pokémon" are coming soon to "Exclusive Raids," and all 4 legendary birds are back through the end of August. Read all about it.

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For the month of July, in my corners of social journaling, here are the Forever Knight items that I happened to see:

Ficathons, fests & communities that welcome FK

FK fanfiction & other fanworks
Archive of our Own (AO3) Summary: 7 of the 782 FK stories on the AO3 show posting dates in July.

News & conversation:

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Do you get tired of the game auto-recommending your high-CP Blisseys and Chanseys for raids? What you really want, of course, are pokémon with the type advantages to deal the most damage per second, thus getting you more rewards, and your team more premier balls! For that, I learned this great tip at a raid yesterday, and will try it at the first opportunity:

To keep the game from default-suggesting certain pokémon, assign them as gym defenders, let them faint, and then don't revive them until you want to use them on purpose. The game won't recommend fainted 'mon!

(Blissey, with her unmatched endurance, is the best defender by far! But she's often a marginal attacker. She's slow and lacks super-effective same-type attack bonuses. So it's not considered best form to raid with Blissey/Chansey-heavy squads. It kind of suggests that either you don't know about type advantages, or you expect to be carried by the other trainers' expenditures of effort, revives, and potions.) (I'm so embarrassed when I don't have time to pick all my squad — because of connectivity, lag, app restarting, players already in the lobby, whatever — and the game default sticks me with a wall of pink.)

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After the gym rework, I posted that 3K+ CP pokémon would lose motivation 10 times faster than >3K CP pokémon.

That was true until this weekend. Turns out, it was a bug! All gym defenders were meant to lose motivation at the same rate. Niantic has released an out-of-sequence update (this was a migration week, not an update week) and it's bursting with bug fixes.

Just thought you'd want to know. It's safe to go back to defending gyms with 3K+ CP pokémon. :-)

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I was at my desk at work at 7:30 PM when the Discord app chat pinged. There was a legendary raid across the street from my home. Was I coming? You bet! How fast did I turn off my work computer and dash to my car? How far did I push up against the speed limit?

I'd been on 4 previous legendary raids: 1 Articuno (flying/ice), 3 Lugia (flying/psychic). The first was on Saturday night (as previously related), and the others on Sunday (one in the park across the street from my church after mass, one near my home in the afternoon, and one not far from my work in the evening). Each time, those gathered had beaten the raid boss together! Each time, my individual post-raid legendary had fled.

This time, I was down to 3 premier balls when a fellow trainer started helpfully offering advice. I was a little grumpy with him, I'm afraid. (That is not the moment a trainer wants to reconsider her ball-throwing style.)

With my second-to-last premier ball, the Articuno stayed in! 96% IVs. Front breath & Blizzard. I am very lucky!

I understand that Niantic announced this afternoon that Articuno will be around for only a week, at which time Moltres will get a week, and then Zapdos. Lugia will apparently stick around permanently, but get less common...? We shall see. One of each would be perfect! :-D

(Oh, and the bonuses are extended until 5 PM Pacific on Thursday!)

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I'd walked down the block for a simple little Weezing raid (Level 2) before dinner, to wrap up my GoFest day. I'd done my bit to help during each global challenge window; I'd heard about the problems in Grant Park (poor connectivity, server overload, long lines, etc.); and I was wondering when the bonuses would turn on.

I bumped into a fellow trainer who lives across the street. We beat Weezing together, naturally, and discovered that we work for the same (very large) company. She started to add me to an internal company pokemon group that I hadn't known of... and we saw posts about a Lugia raid boss (Level 5) hatching within the past 15 minutes, 10 minutes drive away!

Read more... )

(BTW, the bonuses have gone live and will stay so until 5:00 PM Pacific on Monday. Double stardust, XP, candy, spawns.)

Now, wasn't I going to do something about dinner...?


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