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From the [community profile] harvey_fanaid fundraiser for hurricane relief, I made a donation and [ profile] merfilly kindly wrote a new Battlestar Galactica (1978) story for us all to enjoy:

"Acknowledging the Problem" (~1K words) (gen, G) (Cassiopeia, Starbuck, Apollo, glimpse of Adama)

I supplied a prompt about the redevelopment of civil society. We received a two-layered look at the shape of things: up close, a not-entirely-successful party, and at a distance, a road toward renewed civilization.

Thank you, [ profile] merfilly!

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From the [community profile] harvey_fanaid fundraiser for hurricane relief, I made a donation and [ profile] merfilly generously wrote a new Forever Knight story for us all to enjoy:

"Callings" (~2K words) (gen, G) (Nick, Schanke, Stonetree, Natalie; memories of Lacroix, Joan of Arc)

I supplied the prompt: "stained-glass windows." We received a full episode pared down to the essential beats and signs of an investigation, insights, and flashbacks. It's rich in metaphors, parallels, and first-season sensibility.

Thank you, [ profile] merfilly!

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The story written for me in the [community profile] hlh_shortcuts exchange has revealed. I think that many of you may enjoy it! Take a look? It's a first-season HL/FK crossover starring Tessa and Natalie. The plot depends on each acting with professional passion and authority. A clever conceit amusingly finesses the crossover.
"Bag of Bolts" by [currently Anonymous]
G, gen, 7K words
Natalie, Tessa, Duncan, OCs
Summary: Natalie attends an ME convention at a hotel where Tessa is installing a sculpture. Danger. Bonding. Pie.

More like Yuletide than FKFicFest, the HLH_Shortcuts prompt slates seem to be pretty loose suggestions. I didn't specifically request (or imagine) this scenario. All credit to the author for the happy surprise.

Of both series, I do dearly love their first seasons, when motivations were clear and rich, and triumphant possibilities endless. Their first seasons, I rewatch just for fun, just for joy.
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I'm reminded that it's past time for a "recently in FK" bulletin post. Oops! Maybe soon.

In the meantime, I wanted you to know that [ profile] dlyt has posted 2 new FK stories inspired by FKFicFest!
  • "Quest for Lunch" (G, gen; 1,253 words; Schanke & Nick) was inspired by one of her recipient's ([personal profile] lastscorpion) other FKFicFest prompts.
  • "Resistance Is Futile" (G, m/f; 1,067 words; Natalie/Nick) is a generous, thoughtful — and unnecessary! don't get a mistaken idea! ;-) — thank-you to me for moderating FKFicFest.
Dlyt, and everyone, you're very welcome for my part in the fest. We could never do it without all of us together!
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The [community profile] myoldfandom ficathon (for fandoms that have been out of production at least 10 years) released its stories on June 18, and de-anonomized on June 23. I mentioned the release, but I've wanted to share more details:Other stories written by people we know include "Time And Time And Time Again" by [ profile] coralysendria, "Jean at the Witching Hour" by [ profile] greerwatson, and "The One where Trance's Botany Expertise came in Handy" by [ profile] karrenia_rune.

Perhaps because it's a multi-fandom fest without a strongly unifying thematic commonality, comments and kudos seem a bit thin on the ground overall. If you have time, maybe you might take a glance over the fandoms written, and see whether any ring a bell? All the authors deserve appreciation! (And maybe they'll write more in these dear old fandoms if we encourage them.)

The story I wrote, btw, was my first try writing these characters, whom I've loved since the days I was their target audience. I'm brimming over with ideas for them (ideas that didn't fit the prompt I received ~grin~). If I weren't immediately turning all my hobby time to FKFicFest... well, I hope that the ideas stick around, and another excuse to write them comes! (I'm also extra open to constructive criticism, on a first try in a new fandom, if anyone wants to analyze what can be better, stronger, more interesting.)
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Today, [personal profile] pj1228 generously gifted me a new Forever Knight story! It's "Old Customs Reinstated" (~800 words, Nick/Janette, G). Making a veritable gift sampler of things I enjoy, she included a lesser-known holiday, a touch of history, an early first-season setting, canon references, and, of course, Nick/Janette.

(Technically, this is a FandomStocking fill, a la Yuletide amnesty. But FandomStocking is free! No penalty, no amnesty, just delight.)

Thank you, PJ!
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The story written for my own prompt slate in this year's [community profile] fkficfest/[ profile] fkficfest released this morning!

Beautiful. Understated. Rich. "Through the Compass of the Years" by [personal profile] havocthecat (gen, G; N&N UST; 1,990 words), with beta-reading by [ profile] wiliqueen and Mr. Havoc, plus a consult with [personal profile] celli. Go. Read. Comment. :-)

All this year's stories are now released. Tomorrow will bring the masterlist and "Closing Ceremonies" post. Dig in to the 2015 FKFicFest collection! Find just the stories that most appeal to you!
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The 2015 [community profile] rarelywritten collection went live on the AO3 overnight. We have 93 stories in 112 fandoms!

I haven't yet read any, but I have now popped three onto my Kindle and plan to go enjoy them. (BTW, when you upgrade to Kindle Voyage from Kindle 2nd-gen? Porting AO3 content by app is actually faster and easier than by USB.)


We have three Forever Knight stories! Two were written in reply to my request, because [ profile] merfilly (Janette, "An Interlude in the Family," ~1.2K) very generously picked up the pinch hit when pneumonia took out [ profile] greerwatson (Urs, "Out of the Night that Covers Me," ~4.7K), who, to her own surprise, managed to complete her story before the release after all. The third was written for Greer's request by [ profile] coralysendria (Cohen, "Echoes," ~9.0K).

No one wrote in any of my own other personally best-beloved fandoms (HL, BSG78, YB and D&DC), or most of the not-yet-canceled shows I'm currently following (PoI, Forever, OUaT, Grimm), but someone did write in Call the Midwife! Which I can't read yet for the same reason I couldn't offer it (get it together, PBS and BBC).

But people I know did write in M.A.S.H ("Four Times Looking For Love, and One Real Match" by Merfilly), Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. ("Something On the Order of a Resurrection, Please?" by Medie), Agent Carter ("Stardust" by Ariestess) and The Tomorrow People (1992) ("Adventure" by LadySilver). Did I miss anyone?

Oh, and I wrote in Daniel Deronda by George Eliot (Gwendolen, "Between within and without," ~6.7K). :-)
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[community profile] fandom_stocking released on Wednesday night. I haven't yet had a chance to look through other people's stockings, see all the goodies, and discover recommendations worth making, but I can tell you what wonderful things people generously gave me in my stocking, and what few things I managed to create myself.

Gifts I received

Gifts I gave

  • To [personal profile] falcon_horus, who requested Fleur, a medieval Forever Knight ficlet titled "Ad Festivum Ignem," from Fleur's perspective. Fleur encounters a different midwinter tradition in her new husband's demesne. (<1K words, G)

  • To [personal profile] wendymypooh, who requested Nick/Natalie, a fluffy Forever Knight ficlet titled "When the Nat's Away," from Sydney's perspective. Sydney decides that he's had enough of Nick. (<1K words, G)

  • To [profile] bethskink, who requested Lacroix & Schanke, a simple Forever Knight drabble titled "The Real Thing," from Lacroix's perspective. Lacroix bumps into Schanke at the DMV. (100 words, G)

  • To [personal profile] pj1228, who requested Nick/Janette, a genre-muddled (romance/angst/humor) Forever Knight short story titled "Designed to be Seen," from Nick's perspective. Nick finds Janette's very fashionable dress very difficult to remove. (>1K words, PG-13)

  • To [personal profile] skieswideopen, a pledge to write a Janette + "outsider perspective" OC story this year.

  • To all the nice people who requested Duncan/Tessa, Richie or Angie from Highlander, expressions of agreement with their excellent taste, and solidarity in wishing for more stories exploring these characters! Maybe next year... maybe this year.

Thank you, everyone!
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Today has been the last full day of [community profile] fkficfest/[ profile] fkficfest for 2014. (Tomorrow will bring the masterlist and the "dead dog" party invitation.) And today is the day that I finally got to read the story written for my own prompts! (Yes, I could have looked earlier, but I'm a Knightie, for goodness sake! ~grin~)

For my prompts, [personal profile] batdina wrote "Preserve Your Memories" (PG, m/f, ~2.4K). This adventure stars Nick and Janette, many years post-series, with appearances by multiple other canon characters (whom I won't name here lest I spoil the mystery for you). I prompted, "How bitter a thing it is to look into happiness through another man's eyes!" — Shakespeare, and I love the parallel rails on which [personal profile] batdina has run that prompt in this story. The Nick/Janette content is also right up my alley; I do love to see them respect each other and grow.

Thanks, [personal profile] batdina!


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