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If you'd like to answer the "2019 FKFicFest Pre-game Poll," please try to do so before tomorrow, if you can, or please let me know that you need more time.

(I haven't voted yet, myself. I'm hoping for decisive numbers for you all, without any slight tilt from me!)


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The "2019 FKFicFest Pre-game Poll" is up. It's open through Friday. Of the 5 questions, the most important is: given that we're doing challenge-style, what one, common, shared prompt should we use?
  • "ten years" (because: our anniversary)
  • "worth it" (our previous back-up challenge in case of too few players for an exchange)
  • Something else, to be nominated and voted on next week

I apologize for taking so long to post the poll! If the usual suspects don't seem to be surfacing as the week goes on, I'll private-message people, so hopefully anyone who doesn't want to miss it won't.

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For the month of June (and a few days of July), in my corners of social journaling, here are the Forever Knight items that I happened to see:

Ficathons, fests & communities that welcome FK

FK fanfiction & other fanworks
Archive of our Own (AO3) Summary: 8 of the 928 FK works on the AO3 show a posting date in this period. They're all from [community profile] fkficfest.

FK news & conversation

  • 7/04: [personal profile] pj1228 noted FKFicFest 2018's completion, calling out the story she wrote and the story written for her.
  • 6/25: [personal profile] sharpest_asp observed FKFicFest 2018's start, calling out the story she wrote (which was the first to release, and the only one released so far).

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During FKFicFest each year, I post story notifications to ForKni-L (the original FK email listserv) (yes, it still exists; mostly silent, most of the time, but here for us).

Yesterday, after our final notification post, someone replied on list:
"I hope that you continue this next year. I don't tend to leave comments, but I have enjoyed the stories. They've even made me consider pulling out my DVDs and binge-watching some FK!"
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The last of this year's [community profile] fkficfest stories is now available. Tomorrow will bring the "Closing Ceremonies" master-list. Then we could start thinking about next year...? Collapse in a heap? Finish reading all the stories?

The final story, this time, happens to be the one I wrote. It's for [personal profile] sharpest_asp's prompt: "Crossover. Nick Knight pilot and Forever Knight series. “Perhaps it’s all a dream, as one Nick or the other (both if you’re ambitious) glimpse the subtle differences in their lives.”

My result was an FK story in which NK guest-stars. If you're unfamiliar with NK, all you need to know about NK for this story is that Rick Springfield's Nick is “Jean-Pierre” (rather than “Nicholas”) and his pilot has no flashbacks.

Many thanks to [personal profile] skieswideopen for pointing out some key gaps between imagination and text.

"The European Occultists" (G, gen, ~4K words)

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We're in the home stretch of [community profile] fkficfest 2018, with just 2 more stories to release (6 are available to read now)!

As usual, I (as moderator) scheduled the longest story of the fest for a weekend day. This comes out of a legacy conviction that most people have more time to read on weekends. Of course, not everyone works or reads on the same days or in the same ways! Is this scheduling habit doing more harm than good? When would best for the longer works, to help the most possible people have time to enjoy them?

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The third story in this year's [community profile] fkficfest happened to be the one written for my prompts. To my delighted shock, my match bravely took up my pairing request for Nick/Urs! No spoilers, but I like this depiction of Urs very well. The story seems to me to be set after what would have been "Last Knight," but in a reality that diverged after "Fever" and before "Ashes to Ashes."

Take a look?
"Something There That Wasn't There Before" by [ profile] Purselover2 (~2K words) (PG, m/f)

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The first [community profile] fkficfest story of 2018 has released.

[community profile] last_writes has been notified. Our other known compatible communities will start getting notices tomorrow, one per day. Please feel free to promote the fest on your own journals, communities, and other platforms!

We're on our way...

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We're holding at 7 (of 8) stories loaded in FKFicFest 2018.

The 8th writer has contacted me; we'll work it out. One story was loaded as a draft; it's fixed. One story is without character tags; I'll PM the author shortly to ask whether that's deliberate.

We've got an astonishing range of tales! I've started the spreadsheet to figure out the order of release...

Addendum 2:07pm Pacific: This year's story lengths range from ~1,000 to ~17,000 words; ratings from ~G to ~R. 2 romances, 5 gen tales, and 1 to go. At least 1 tragedy and 1 comedy. Grace has several appearances, and we'll see at least 2 third-season characters.

Addendum 4:21pm Pacific: The 8th story is loaded! I'm sorting the schedule.

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Wow! 7 of our 8 stories are already loaded for FKFicFest! Over 2 hours before the official deadline, and over 14 hours from the final pinch-hitter cut-off!

I'm sure that many of us intend to scrub our drafts a bit on Sunday — I surely do, myself :-) — but this earliest-ever showing is marvelously reassuring. I've never been so little worried that we'll need pinch-hitters. Thank you, all!


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