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The original Highlander reached movie theaters on March 7, 1986, according to IMDB.

So we're coming up on its 30th anniversary! And [community profile] hl_chronicles / [ profile] hl_chronicles is celebrating with a multimedia fanwork fest.

They'll take prompts until March 31st. Posting runs from now until April 13th.
brightknightie: Duncan and Tessa embrace on the sidewalk. (Other Fandom Highlander)
Just in case you didn't know, the new fest community [community profile] hl_chronicles/[ profile] hl_chronicles has launched to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of "The Gathering," the premiere of Highlander: The Series, this fall.  (Yes, 1992 was the GOLDEN AGE of syndicated TV premieres: FK, HL, DS9, B5, just off the top of my head. Yes, those were the days, my friend...)  They have three separate challenges: "Timestamp," "2012 Reboot," and "20 Years: The Immortal View."  Take your pick!  Sign-ups close this Sunday, June 3.  Rhi and Killa are the mods.

I wish I could play!  But I am utterly exhausted, fiendishly over-busy, and, apparently, a little ill.  Also, none of the three challenges are yet clicking with my own personal idiosyncratic view of HL (in which Duncan is the hero, the best characters are the mortals, and "Homeland" was perhaps the last proper episode... I'm weird, I know!).  The challenges seem, sensibly, designed for people with more mainstream views of HL... which means lots and lots of people!  Y'all write; I'll read and reply.  Promise.


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