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The [community profile] myoldfandom ficathon (for fandoms that have been out of production at least 10 years) released its stories on June 18, and de-anonomized on June 23. I mentioned the release, but I've wanted to share more details:Other stories written by people we know include "Time And Time And Time Again" by [ profile] coralysendria, "Jean at the Witching Hour" by [ profile] greerwatson, and "The One where Trance's Botany Expertise came in Handy" by [ profile] karrenia_rune.

Perhaps because it's a multi-fandom fest without a strongly unifying thematic commonality, comments and kudos seem a bit thin on the ground overall. If you have time, maybe you might take a glance over the fandoms written, and see whether any ring a bell? All the authors deserve appreciation! (And maybe they'll write more in these dear old fandoms if we encourage them.)

The story I wrote, btw, was my first try writing these characters, whom I've loved since the days I was their target audience. I'm brimming over with ideas for them (ideas that didn't fit the prompt I received ~grin~). If I weren't immediately turning all my hobby time to FKFicFest... well, I hope that the ideas stick around, and another excuse to write them comes! (I'm also extra open to constructive criticism, on a first try in a new fandom, if anyone wants to analyze what can be better, stronger, more interesting.)
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How do author replies while anonymous work on the AO3? Is the anonymizing automatic, or do I need to do something? (This is my first time participating in a ficathon that stays anonymous after releasing the stories.)

My recipient kindly commented on my [community profile] myoldfandom story, and asked a question. I'd like to answer, but don't want to break the anonymity.

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[community profile] myoldfandom has released! It shows 58 works in 69 fandoms (crossovers).

At 5 works, HL seems to have the highest count for any one fandom in the game (Blake's 7 and Farscape come second and third). There's 1 story each for D&DC and BtVS! And 3 assorted Trek tales. But no FK, YB, BSG78, or others of my own, personal, best-beloved canons. Maybe there are stories for your best-beloved canons, though!

(Stories are anonymous for now.)

I seem to have been directly gifted both a story and a wallpaper! Gracious! Both in HL! Off to enjoy and explore them now...

ficathon thoughts

Saturday, June 18th, 2016 10:31 am
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[community profile] myoldfandom was scheduled to reveal its stories yesterday, but hasn't yet. It looks like someone defaulted on the reveal day itself, even with a week between the due date and the reveal day... but perhaps the default was itself a pinch-hit. Things happen.

I feel on edge for the stories to release now, while I'm near my keyboard, rather than later, when I'm out and about and device-free. Ah, well. I suppose it could even be days until the reveal! And then we'll be in the middle of the work week...


If you're planning to sign up for [community profile] fkficfest/[ profile] fkficfest as an exchange game, please try to sign up this weekend!

We don't yet have enough players (9). This will be the last week of sign-ups (deadline June 25). There may well be people who would sign up if they knew for sure that we would play exchange style, but who are hanging back in hopes that the exchange will fail and we'll play challenge style. If those who want to play exchange style wait until the last minute to sign up, I worry that then the hanging-back people will get shut out, and we'll end up with fewer total players (and therefore more difficult matching) than we might have had, if everyone had known clearly what to expect.

The FKFicFest community voted for exchange style overall, and also among the subset who said they'd "definitely" play. But it looks to be so, so close. It would great to be able to post the final promo reminders with a firm declaration of exchange style.
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So I did go ahead and sign up for [community profile] myoldfandom. (1K words or 1 illustration minimum; fandoms ended 10+ years ago.) Sign-ups are open until noon on Monday.

I don't know whether you can see my own particular sign-up slate if you're interested, but everyone can definitely see the overall sign-up summary and requests list. (BTW, apparently sometimes properly nominated characters don't appear in the AO3's sign-up drop-down, per a known bug. I had to write in FK's "Nick Knight" manually.)

I requested FK, D&DC, YB, BSG78 or HL. I offered those plus Ivanhoe. (I regret not nominating Thundarr the Barbarian instead of The Scarlet Pimpernel, because I could have written for the Pimpernel musical, TV series, or any of the movies, but not the original Orczy —death by purple prose! — novels.)
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The mod for [community profile] myoldfandom has extended sign-ups until noon on Monday, March 28 (because Easter Triduum observances might interfere with sign-ups for some).

At this time, I see few requests that I could fill, myself: a D&DC request for a no name, no lines, spear-bearer character (sadly, no other options); an HL request that seems to have listed Duncan/Tessa by mistake (the details specify that the requester wants only slash or gen); HL's Richie or Cierdwyn for ArgentumLS (I don't dare offer Duncan or Darius; the requests show that people want what I can't give); and maybe, if I stretch hard, the Tron (1982) request.

I'm still considering playing. But I'm a bit concerned.

I'm starting to think that I should instead see whether people might be up for some sort of mini events. For example, "If Malinaldarose will write me BSG78, I'll write her... something she wants." ;-) Okay, so that's where it always breaks down, at every scale, finding people who can write what the others want to read. I should probably follow PJ's lead...
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Who all is signing up for [community profile] myoldfandom? We have through this Thursday, I believe.

Because there's been not a peep on the [community profile] rarelywritten front so far this year, and because of how the calendars at my workplace are leading me to plan the [community profile] fkficfest schedule, I've been toying with the idea of playing [community profile] myoldfandom. I would probably be able to produce only something under 5K words, nothing major, no matter how much I'd like to produce more, because of work, but... the odds are indeed tempting. All my dearest fandoms are so very, very qualified. ;-)

(I'm still sick, btw. This week's FK recap is looking pretty thin.)
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#8. Interact with someone new.

Yesterday, I posted a brief reply to the anonymous moderator of the brand-new [community profile] myoldfandom ficathon, which is gearing up for its first event. ("Old" = no new canon after 2005.) So far, it sounds like an update of [ profile] oldschoolfic, which I enjoyed a lot. But I really know nothing at all about [community profile] myoldfandom or the people behind it (and I'm just a little nonplussed by the modly anonymity).

All my own dearest fanficly fandoms qualify, of course. FK, HL, YB, BSG78, D&DC. Probably even the Buffyverse qualifies, although the comics do purport to be canon. It's not that I don't watch and enjoy new series! I'm all over Agent Carter, Once Upon a Time, Person of Interest, Poldark, Call the Midwife, etc. I loved Forever while it lasted, and Grimm and Sleepy Hollow before they jumped their sharks. But of course they aren't — for better and for worse — the same as stories loved long and long and long.

I wonder whether [community profile] rarelywritten is planning a round this year. If so, I wonder whether the schedules will conflict or complement.


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