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The [ profile] oldschoolfic Spring/Summer event queue has been released!  This is the community for out-of-production fandoms.  There are unfortunately no FK stories this time, but we did get six stories in five fandoms (and I'm wondering whether we're not missing a pinch-hit or two, as I match up the names).  I would like to recommend these entries as particularly worth your time:
  • Nancy Drew: "a heart like broken glass" by [ profile] ndnickerson, NC-17, 7386 words.  This story begins on the day Nancy graduates from law school and reveals a character-explicating trauma that broke up Nancy and Ned while they were undergraduates.  (Spoiler. This story might be a wrong choice for people with * childbirth or fertility * triggers.)
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer: "When Dawn is Due" by [ profile] malinaldarose, PG-13, 3925 words.  This story wades into the mire of sixth season, as Dawn tries again to fix her broken world, this time by getting Tara and Willow back together.  Of course her attempt goes awry.  Dawn, Tara, Willow, Buffy, Spike and Oz all get dialogue; Xander and Anya also appear.

I received this Highlander prompt from [ profile] karrenia_rune: "Duncan & Richie & Joe & Charlie, 'the company you keep.'"  In response, I wrote "Present Company" (PG).  Of the prompts I submitted, [ profile] karrenia_rune picked my Highlander prompt: "Duncan/Tessa, 'Sometimes a fresh start is the best thing in the world.'"  She wrote "Just Another Manic Monday" (PG) in response.

I would like to thank my beta-reader, [personal profile] batdina, and also [personal profile] leela_cat, whose conversation sparked the story I wrote!
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What's good?  This September, the recommendations project features a crossover that handles the sharp edges of third-season Forever Knight through the gloves of first-season Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  Did you know that Joyce Summers was Natalie's cousin?  Well...

"Then, one night, they brought me a bag of body parts that decided to put themselves back together, get up from the table, slurp down a bag of blood, and push the boundaries of my universe beyond anything I ever expected."
            -- Natalie to Buffy, "Spring Break, Slayer Style," by [ profile] wiliqueen, 1998

What's new?  In August, we had a new story on fkfic-l!  "Soliloquy, The One Thousand Nine Hundred Twenty-eighth" by Walt D. (one post).  Three cheers for Walt!


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