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The 2011 [ profile] hlh_shortcuts exchange ficathon has revealed its authors. I read more than half of the 28 stories, and beta-read one. My personal top favorites were:
  • "Neutral Good" (PG, ~4K) by [ profile] marbleglove. Starring Duncan and Methos. This plot winds astutely around obstacles of exterior identity for immortals, offers well-tuned references to Tessa and Richie, and ends satisfyingly. Smart!

  • "Trefoil" (PG-13, ~3K) by [ profile] jinxed_wood. Starring Methos, Duncan and Alexa. These "missing scenes" weave in and out of "Deliverance" with strong canon awareness, keeping "Timeless" and "Methuselah's Gift" in view. Bittersweet!

  • "Fortitudine" (R, ~5K) by [ profile] enviropony. Starring Joe. Semi-retired Joe hits two birds with one stone when he volunteers at Bethesda Naval Hospital. History repeats? Shining! (Bonus subtle SG1 cameo.)

The one I got to beta was "Faith, Hope and Charity" by [personal profile] sholio (PG-13, ~5K, starring Joe and Amanda). It begins with a caper and concludes in a celebration of friendship. It renders Joe and Amanda as people who consider themselves fundamentally unsentimental, but who carry sentiments.

Runners-up include "The Street of the Booksellers" (PG-13, ~3K, Methos/Duncan and Connor) by [ profile] tryfanstone, a demanding post-Gathering construction; "Oh, My Mountain" (PG-13, ~2K, Methos and Duncan) by [ profile] merriman, a light adventure with thoughts on the rules of holy ground; and "Names Familiar and Not" (PG, ~2K, Rebecca and OMC) by [ profile] morgynleri_fic, introducing another of Rebecca's students (with bonus subtle Henry V cameo).
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In case you haven't heard, [ profile] hl_recs is holding a "self recs" fest.  I'm hoping it will revive this moribund community.  (One weekly or monthly recommendation of the standard sort would be perfect!)

I must admit skepticism of "self reccing."  My past experience (elsewhere!) has been that some spotlight everything they've ever written, while others remain too modestly silent.  However, this community seems to be handling it pretty well so far.  There have been 31 self-recs by 15 authors since the event opened on 10/18.  Thirteen (42%) are crossovers and a few are AUs; those genres aren't to my own taste, but I know that some of you delight in them.  Today, [ profile] killabeez posted about "Blackbirds," her favorite of her own vids, and last week — excitingly for me; she's an old favorite gen-writer of whom I'd lost track! — [ profile] Teresa_C surfaced with a post about her story "Darling Boy."

The mod invites us all to post about our favorites of our own HL work, and reminds us to use tags (list), warnings, and headers template ).
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AO3 Search Tips.  [ profile] xparrot shared excellent tips for "Browsing & Reading on AO3."  Among other tools, she addresses the tactic that [ profile] pj1228 requested last week: how to search to exclude rather than include.  (Thanks to [personal profile] sholio for the link.)

AO3 Feedback Meme.  [personal profile] celli promoted a meme (LJ/DW) celebrating that AO3 is fully equipped for feedback and discussion to enhance community feelings and inspire writers.  (Want more stories? Talk to a writer!)  [personal profile] ruuger: "Your challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to go to Archive of Our Own," and: options )

Forever Knight is pitifully underrepresented on AO3 (just 204 pieces by two dozen authors).  Granted, I've mirrored under half of my own FK fic so far; I shouldn't complain.  Still! So few authors! So few old favorites, so few new possibilities.  The best I can offer in the spirit of the meme is to point out the FK works of WiliQueen, Leela and James so far archived there.

Highlander fares more happily, with precisely 1000 works when I looked this morning.  Longer favorites eluded me, but I easily found two all-time-enjoyed shorter HL pieces, which HL fans should check out:
  • "All that Glitters" by Killa (~3K words; PG13; AU; Tessa, Duncan, Methos, Richie). To this, other AUs should aspire: it entirely satisfies, and makes me cry.
  • "Even Better" by Melina (~7K words; PG; Episode-Related; Michelle, Amanda, Duncan, Nick, Connor). When Amanda returned in "Finale," I wanted a mention of Michelle from "Rite of Passage." This pleasingly supplies what canon neglects.

Addendum: The meme strives to advertise the fact that AO3 is not just a writers' archive, but rather that it serves readers and recommenders. (The "bookmark" function is where to find the recommendation option, by the way.)

Enjoying Recent HL Gen

Wednesday, May 11th, 2011 02:43 pm
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I don't talk about it as often, but I am very much a Highlander fan, too.  These days, I read HL mostly via the [ profile] hl_flash bulletin.  Here are some gen pieces from there that I've enjoyed recently:

  • "Fight Another Day" by [personal profile] sholio (PG, ~1K words, Duncan and Methos and Amanda).  Duncan loses a hand (as Xavier St. Cloud did) and holds on to his honor.

  • "Watcher" by [personal profile] elistaire (G, 320 words, Joe, implied Duncan/Tessa).  It's the '80s.  As Joe watches Duncan, he also gets to know Tessa.

  • "Next Time, Buy a Ferrari" by [ profile] medie (PG, ~2K words, Methos and Connor and Heather, implied Connor/Heather).  What if Methos, rather than Ramirez, had taught Connor?

  • "Convent Mouse" by [personal profile] elistaire (G, ~2K words, original character, Methos, implied Methos/Alexa).  This predator and this prey... are both survivors.

  • "Spring" by [ profile] devohoneybee (G, 69 words, Methos).  A poem.
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I've finished my reading in the Highlander [ profile] hlh_shortcuts 2010 exchange fest, and these are the stories there that most impressed and satisfied me, personally:
I must also nod to "Truffes noires d'hiver" by [ profile] unovis_lj (PG; 1800w; Methos, Darius, historical figure), which is very good, but creeps me out in at least three ways.  rec )

It's amazing to have so much new HL all at once!  With thirty stories, many different genre tastes are served, including action (e.g. "Dirt Road Blues" by Mackiedockie), capers (e.g. "Fencing" by Merriman) and sci-fi (e.g. "From Out of the Wilderness" by Morgynleri).  From a whole-series perspective, Methos is perhaps overrepresented; Richie, Charlie and Tessa are underrepresented; and there's a surprising plenty of Rebecca.  Take a look?
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The [ profile] oldschoolfic ficathon has been released from its moderated queue!  It looks as if my "A Delicate Balance," written for [ profile] amilyn's Natalie prompt, is the only Forever Knight story in the batch, unfortunately.  But there's BtVS, ST:TNG, HL, B5, VM, Farscape, original Battlestar Galactica, and more out-of-production series.  (As usual, it will take me a while to read my way through.)

Next round, we really must muster more FK prompts and players!  (Yes, I'm looking at you!)  I did submit one, but [ profile] butterflykiki wrote my HL Methos and Tessa prompt instead, and as her "Fly Away Home" turned out so marvelously, I can't even wish she'd chosen otherwise.  Both, sure.  Otherwise, no. ;-)


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