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Amy R. ([personal profile] brightknightie) wrote2017-07-10 11:00 pm
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most important gym rework fact

Update 30 July 2017: This was a bug. All pokemon now lose motivation at the same rate. Read my post about the change. Or read the original post below:

Fellow pokémon trainers! Just in case you haven't heard or figured this out yet: in the recently renovated gym system, the motivation of 3000 CP and higher pokémon degrades 10 times faster than that of 2999 CP and lower pokémon as gym defenders. (As widely reported, the APK mines show ~10% CP loss per hour for 3K and up, versus ~1.1% for under 3K CP.)

It's not that your teammates are feeding berries only to the weaker pokémon, as I initially wondered, myself. It's that the stronger pokémon are 10 times hungrier.

While at first this felt like nothing but a vile nerfing of our best defenders, I now see two ways it can be useful. First, in the new gym defender prize system, a trainer receives 1 coin for every 10 minutes defended, up to 50 pokécoins per day, received when the pokémon returns home. So if your goal is to maximize your pokécoins to spend (rather than your time-in-gym for your gym badge bonuses), you may want your pokémons' motivation to degrade faster, so that they will return to you promptly with those coins! Second, if your goal is precious, precious stardust, then a hungry 3K+ CP pokémon in a handy gym could give you more total opportunities to redeem berries at 20 stardust per berry.

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