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Amy R. ([personal profile] brightknightie) wrote2016-02-06 09:20 am

What questions should the '16 FKFicFest planning poll ask?

The annual pre-game planning poll for [community profile] fkficfest/[ profile] fkficfest is coming soon! Certainly by the end of President's Day weekend. What questions should it ask? What improvements should we make?

  1. Should we play FKFicFest in 2016, or should we skip a year?
  2. Would you write in FKFicFest 2016?
  3. Would you read in FKFicFest 2016?
  4. What should be our minimum and maximum story lengths?
  5. At what rate should our stories release?
  6. Should we play an exchange or a challenge?
  7. How many players (minimum) would we need for a successful FK exchange?
    (Addendum 6:27 PM, per LJ thread: That is, given the diversity of FK preferences, how many players are needed for mostly satisfying matching in an exchange-style game? This is irrelevant to a challenge-style game. The 2015 minimum was 9.)
  8. Must we continue cross-posting on both DW and LJ, or can we go DW-only?
  9. What's the best duration for writing?
  10. What's the best month in which to have this year's stories due?
  11. What's the worst month in which to have this year's stories due?
  12. Will you actively help spread the word about this year's FKFicFest?

(I'm taking it for granted that we will allow crossovers and invite visual artists again. If those aspects should be in question, please let me know.)

I'm a little concerned that our recent game release dates in late August won't work well for me this year. I expect August and September to be the craziest, busiest months of the year at my new job. I'm wondering whether there's any enthusiasm for July or June. (The very first FKFicFest was in May, for the LK anniversary.) We shall see!
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+cheers you on+
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"(The very first FKFicFest was in May, for the LK anniversary.)"


Also an anniversary.
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I agree this year with August not being the best month for the stories to be due. Although I had voted for that month myself last year, I discovered that I had too little time for as much commenting and recommending as I would have wished before leaving on my September vacation.

As I plan to be on vacation again in September this year, I would opt for an earlier release date so that I'll have at least August for reading and commenting.

(Anonymous) 2016-02-08 09:22 pm (UTC)(link)
Almost any date will be inconvenient for someone.
Early is ok by me.