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This wacky train of thought popped up in a conversation about how much money a billion-with-a-b dollars really is.

If you had a huge pile of money that you were to bestow as endowments on academia in honor of FK's characters, how would you distribute it per character?

  • Those I knew immediately, off the top of my head:
    1. anthropology for Nick
    2. biology for Natalie
    3. communications for Lacroix
    4. hospitality management for Janette
    5. botany for Feliks
  • Those I pondered a little:
    1. economics for Schanke
    2. criminology for Tracy
    3. psychology for Urs
    4. history for Vachon
    5. mathematics for Fleur
    6. medicine for Alma
  • Those I pondered more:
    1. sociology for Stonetree
    2. military science for Cohen
    3. philosophy for Reese
    4. nutrition for Screed
    5. business administration for Norma
    6. community studies for Grace
    7. literature for Emily
    8. graphic arts for Marian
    9. women's studies for Sofia & Amalia (different reasons!)
    10. education for Alexandra
    11. theology for Angel
    12. peace and conflict studies for the Inca

Who else? Which other disciplines? ;-D

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Some years ago, when there was a natural disaster or the like, various corners of fandom would organize fundraisers in which people with more time and talent than money would create a new fannish work in "exchange" for a donation to the cause by someone else, often in auction format.

Have you seen any of those for the flooding in Texas?

I have no time recently, but I do have the wherewithal to donate just now, and I haven't yet donated to a charity for this disaster, so I thought that I might join forces with someone and sponsor a fanwork as well and direct my donation to that person's preferred charity, if that sort of thing is still done...?

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It amuses me to imagine that Lisette Beaufort (character profile), the French anatomist illustrator in the second season of Mercy Street (official PBS site), is an ancestor of Highlander's Tessa Noel. :-)
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Do Forever Knight's vampires ever cry blood tears? If so, in which episode and under what circumstances? (Obviously, their tears aren't always blood. We have on-screen saline tears and the usual appearance of their eyeballs.)

This is a worn-out old question, I know! But when [personal profile] dlyt asked me this week, I just couldn't remember for sure. Did blood tears migrate into FK fanfic purely from Ms. Rice's universe? Or is there canonical support that I just can't call to mind right now? I feel it on the edge of memory, for I surely used to know...?!

(I do remember discussing FK vampire physiology on the email lists. I especially remember that M. wanted to believe that FK vampires were completely unlike humans on the inside; his highly unusual theory was that they were sponges for blood, with no organs. My more ordinary stance is that their anatomy doesn't change on the inside any more than it does on the outside, and that how that anatomy may function would differ with a supernatural or a scientific explanation of the state.)

Among all FK's many, massive, dear inconsistencies, each fanwriter should choose what serves each story best! But is this one of FK's inconsistencies? Or a fandom blooper?


Addendum: Thanks to [personal profile] nicholas_lucien for the answer and [personal profile] greerwatson for a screenshot! In "Baby, Baby," Serena cries blood immediately after murdering the man on the tower by draining his blood.
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I'm watching the over-the-air broadcast of the latest episode of Once Upon a Time, and Rumpelstiltskin just said:

spoiler )
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Years ago, to shorthand my fannish interpretations and preferences, I used to say: "I'm a canon-based lifeform." ;-)

Many people love total AUs and flat-out "canon? what canon?" denial, and that's great! I'm different. When I care enough about a story world to engage fannishly, I can't usually, happily, simultaneously disengage from it that way. Conscious divergences from canon ("What if?"s) are all joy and delight; and hidebound fidelity that cannot forge anew is pointless, of course; yet there must be awareness of the raw material, tribute to the superstructure.

I'm a foil fencer (not epee, not saber). If you know modern sport fencing, that sums up my fannish tendencies even more pithily: I freely choose and celebrate the weapon — ~cough~ I mean, "sporting equipment" ~cough~ — with all the intricate, infuriating, beautiful rules meant to make you behave in the ways that would be wise if it were sharp, which it's absolutely not and shouldn't be. :-)

A happy US Thanksgiving to those celebrating today! Good luck to those working on fannish events like HLH_Shortcuts, NaNoWriMo, and Yuletide! Best wishes to those hunting Ditto in Pokémon Go! Comfort and strength to all people of good will. ♥
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Sunday's New York Times included a powerful essay titled "How to Write About Trauma" by Saïd Sayrafiezadeh.

The essay is not in the least fannish. I'm mentioning it here because I think it's potently resonant for writers, for storytellers, which many of us are, in conveying how and why "sometimes trauma alone does not a story make," and that a writer should know, about the trauma in her story, "what was significant about this experience," and should consider how to "make it emblematic of something larger" to thus "turn it into a story that someone would want to read."

However, the essay may be triggery. If that concerns you, skip it and skip the rest of this paragraph, please. This resonant lesson for storytellers comes with "trauma" indeed, and with monsters, and with gruesome silence. Lessons for all, not only for writers. As the author reveals bluntly in the first sentence — not the last, note; it's the exposition, not the climax, of the essay; a point is made about structuring and storytelling, from non-fiction to fiction — as a small child, the author was raped.
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[personal profile] skieswideopen has very generously been helping me brainstorm for my [community profile] fkficfest/[ profile] fkficfest assignment. We've bumped into a few FK flashback ponderings that I think I can open up generally to everyone. I think that these won't reveal which prompts I received (or what I might do with them; I don't yet know, myself!).

If these inspire you to a story, in or out of the fest, please do write away! The more, the merrier!

Think over some FK history questions with us? :-)

1) Why London during the Blitz? )

2) What followed Lacroix wanting to abandon Janette? )

3) When did they become middle class? )
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For those of you who have seen (and recall) Highlander: The Raven, does it have any Rebecca appearances or references? Celli requested a fic with Amanda learning about swords and fighting from Rebecca. I know the Highlander: The Series canon very well! I don't want to accidentally violate Highlander: The Raven canon.

(I saw the first few episodes of Highlander: The Raven when they aired, but it was an unsettled time in my life, and those first few episodes didn't happen to capture my imagination. The series didn't re-run; I never got around to buying the DVDs; it's not available for streaming.)
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I rewatched both the Region 2 and Region 1 versions of "Dark Knight, the Second Chapter" (S102).

While the Region 2 DVDs stitch the two halves of "Dark Knight" (S101 & S102) together seamlessly, where the Region 1 DVDs separate them as aired, there is otherwise essentially no difference between the two regions for DK2 (S102)! Where the Region 1 DVDs present a version of DK1 (S101) that's distressingly full of holes, lacking many scenes that originally did air in Canada, those same DVDs present an uncut version of DK2 (S102). Even scenes that didn't always air in North America (like the "I shall repay you" flashback, and Fenner cutting the brake line with Nick hearing his keys) are right where they should be on the Region 1 DVD.

I don't know why the two regions treat the two halves of the one premiere so differently. You know FK. :-)

some thoughts on DK2 )

What do you think? :-)

Next week: "For I Have Sinned" (S103)


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