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#13. Recommend at least three fanworks created by others.

On this rainy Saturday, let's have some more Saturday-morning cartoons! Even though it's no longer anywhere near Saturday morning. :-) This time: fanart celebrating Dungeons & Dragons (1983-1985). I recommend...
  • ♥ Meet the gang! ♥
    The moment it all begins! Fascinated Diana, worried Sheila, defensive Eric, anxious Presto, anticipating Hank, eager Bobby...
    Digital painting: "Untitled Commission" by [ profile] beagifted

  • Action-packed!
    This teeming panel conveys the headlong story pace. Delighted Bobby, fleeing Sheila, fierce Diana, crouching Eric, Hank in the lead and Presto trying anything...
    Pencil & ink: "Dungeons and Dragons" by [ profile] AllPat

  • We knew invisibility cloaks before invisibility cloaks were cool!
    Is Sheila putting up her hood, or taking it down? Which cliff-face is this, of all they've faced? Yet this must be future-Sheila, with those tattoos and that determination...
    Digital painting: "Sheila from Dungeons and Dragons redesign" by [ profile] RoBs0n

More, more, more! )

Got any favorite D&DC fanart to rec to me?
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My new default userpic icon is a variation on the banner graphic on my journals, a stylized blue-and-black-and-white Toronto skyline (circa 1992-1996), plus the moon that somehow seems always to hang full over FK. I've had this icon on my hard-drive since at least 2011, I see, in my giant file of miscellaneous attempts at crafting userpics.

Until just now, I'd used the same default userpic icon on DW, LJ and AO3 since at least 2007. That previous, long-familiar, blue-and-black image of a sun's corona around a mounted knight came from the logo graphic on my FK fansite, which I must admit to not having updated at all in several years now.

It's occurred to me that I might clean up and reformat my old FK fansite for today's browsers and uses, if only I can find the time (which is always the rub!). And with that came the realization that the site's aging pseudo-3D design would have to go, but that the banner graphic on my journals might yet lend itself to a fresh look, compatible with today's design standards.
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Here are the Forever Knight-related goodies that I saw stuffed into Fandom Stockings this year:

In PJ1228's:In Skieswideopen's:In Blueteak's:In Lightbird's:In Wendymypooh's:In Falcon_horus's:In mine:
  • A highly thoughtful discussion of the series finales of FK and Quantum Leap by Lightbird, incredibly generously referencing an FK essay I wrote all the way back in '99!
  • A hope-filled Nick&Natalie screenshot ("The Fix") by PJ, plus a very kind intention to write a new story with my preferences (so often different from hers!) in mind.
  • A happy FK reminiscence by Twinsarein, which continued through a few chatty exchanges as Twinsarein hunted up FK DVDs and rewatched "Dark Knight" for the first time in a long time.
  • A lovely Nick/Janette New Year's card (first-season promo still) by FalconHorus, featuring my favorite Nick/Janette pose, here with a subtle suggestion that the Raven's lights are holiday lights, plus a sweet promise of a ficlet yet to come. Hmmm, of all FK's characters, whomever might this ficlet feature? ;-)
    Addendum January 24: "Girl With A Book by Johannes Vermeer (c. 1665)" by [ profile] falconhorus
Did I miss any?
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I worked a bit with the CSS for the [community profile] fkficfest/[ profile] fkficfest community header banner/title displays this morning. Whether you'd notice improvements depends on your browser, monitor and font library... but if you happen to notice that I've damaged something, please let me know! :-)

BTW, everyone here knows about the "immajer-FK" Forever Knight title font that JMR created back in the day, right? If you don't have it, want it, and can't download it (or don't trust strange downloads), I'd be happy to email you the file that I use myself.
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If we all worked together, do you think that we might muster a roster of excellent Forever Knight fanart works sufficient for a month as a volunteer recommender on [community profile] fanart_recs? I'll do the writing and posting, if needed, if together we can gather enough worthy graphics.

FK has always been a primarily text-based fandom, in part because its heyday came and went on dial-up modems. We just didn't have the technology to share pictures. We've had artists, though! Dorothy E. painted some oil portraits. Ann L. drew the covers on my most beloved Susan G. zines. Almost every zine had some original art (heck, I inked two mediocre graphics for the Tojours Lacroix zine myself — no, seriously, I did! a Fleur portrait and a silhouetted Lacroix with a rose; I still have my original watercolor of the Fleur portrait somewhere, but goodness knows where). Remember the gentleman who drew the Forever Janette webcomic a few years ago? And Deire contributed an N&N illustration to FKFicFest in 2013!

If we could gather enough compelling art links in time, we could volunteer for the month of May, and perhaps raise interest on the way into FKFicFest sign-ups...? Just a thought.

Addendum: [community profile] fanart_recs "Intro & Rules" and "FAQs"
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[ profile] ani_bester is now selling a number of her paintings and drawings at half their usual prices. Most are fan art creations (Marvel, DC, Harry Potter, etc.) but a few are original fantasy.

Her main art website, from where she sells originals, prints, stickers, bookmarks, etc., is Galactic Dust Bunnies. Naturally, it has a lot more selection than the half-off sale! She's got at least one thing from most major fandoms.

In the 2011/2012 Fandom Stocking, she very generously drew me Cassiopeia from BSG'78. I later bought a full-size print of that black-and-white illustration for myself, and I've several times bought art from her to give as gifts, including once a commission portrait of Adam Lambert for [personal profile] leela_cat. (By complete, bizarre coincidence, a person at my workplace has a print of one of her paintings of Luna Lovegood on the cubicle wall.)

As implied in the subject line of her post, Ani-bester is undertaking this half-price sale to help with pregnancy-related expenses.
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I recently came across a beautiful photograph of Toronto from the green side and wanted to share it with you. It's by a Jason Van Bruggen, who is apparently an activist for the promotion and protection of Toronto's glacial ravine system. As he notes, "over 30" of NYC's Central Park would fit into Toronto's ravines. Someone else called Toronto, topologically, "upside-down San Francisco" (for TO's ravines to SF's hills).

Toronto's ravine system even has a Wikipedia page! Who knew? Okay, yes, those of you who live there... :-)
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Whenever I'm writing a ficathon story, I switch the desktop wallpapers and screensaver images on all my computers, both work and home, to relate to the new story. I like to imagine that this keeps some gear far back in my brain clicking on that task while I'm accomplishing other things.

For example, for last year's [community profile] fkficfest/[ profile] fkficfest, I used Google image search to stock up on images of Tuscany to nudge along that Renaissance Florence story for Batdina's prompt. For this spring's [ profile] rarewomen, I found a recent screenshot of Claire Rankin and a teenager in some horror movie, and manipulated it into a rough representation of Fleur and her daughter to address FalconHorus's prompt. This summer, for this year's FKFicFest, it's Toronto.

What, if anything, do you like to do to contextualize your works-in-progress?
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On reveal night, I posted about the goodies that kind people generously stuffed into my [community profile] fandom_stocking this year (updated this morning, when I found a shiny new HL vignette from Ravenela). Now, I'd like to draw your attention to some of the neat treats that I've found in other people's stockings:

Additionally, there are DS9 and AtS fics, assorted Doctor Who images and narratives, some Trek TOS and AOS, and all sorts of other glittery goodies. I even spotted a M7 story! Go shake the box and see what comes out! :-)

(Separately, anybody else feel like they're not automatically receiving replies to comments in DW this week? I'm resorting to clicking the tracking icon on every one. Is something wrong?)
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The 2013/2014 [community profile] fandom_stocking treats have been revealed, and I'm looking forward to this weekend, when I'll be able to dig through all the stockings that requested my fandoms (and perhaps also read a few more Yuletide and [ profile] hlh_shortcuts stories).

In the meantime, I came home from work fairly late tonight to the happy arrival of these goodies in my own Fandom Stocking:

  • A Forever Knight Nick & the Schankes story (plus Janette, Natalie and Lacroix references!), set before the tag of first-season's "Hunters," but after the climax: "Intrusion" by [personal profile] pj1228 (~1,500 words, gen, G). Highly canon-aware!

  • A Sleepy Hollow Ichabod & Abbie interlude story (with horses!), tucked between the looming cliffs of their adventures: "Two-in-Hand" by [personal profile] st_aurafina (~700 words, gen, G). A classic interlude!

  • A Sleepy Hollow Ichabod/Katrina manip desktop wallpaper by [personal profile] tarlanx, with intriguing symbolism! Gorgeous!

  • Fiction "gift certificates" of various lengths and in various fandoms from [personal profile] sharpest_asp, [personal profile] ravenela, [personal profile] argentum_ls and [personal profile] skieswideopen! Exciting! Yay, things to which to look forward!
    • 01/11/14: Ravenela just fulfilled her "pledge" with the Highlander Duncan/Tessa vignette "Acceptance," coordinating with the "Counterfeit" flashbacks!

  • Recommendations with links to three Person of Interest fanmixes from [personal profile] somehowunbroken! This is a fairly new form of fannish expression to me: interesting!

  • Recommendations with links to four Highlander pic assortments, and also to one page of Highlander filk lyrics, from [personal profile] alexia! (Two of the pic assortments are by JinxedWood.) Amusing!

  • Happy holiday greetings and art from [personal profile] wendymypooh, [personal profile] sjh2009, [personal profile] leesa_perrie and [personal profile] twinsarein! Jolly!

Thank you, everyone! These have been so much fun!

I wrote two short stories, myself, one Forever Knight (Lacroix & Natalie & Nick; thank you for the beta, [personal profile] skieswideopen!) and one Highlander (Methos/Alexa; thank you for the beta, [personal profile] celli!). I also handed out a few fanfic "gift certificate" promises where I'd much wanted to write (more FK! more HL! someone even requested original BSG, but it didn't get tagged properly so I missed it till the end!), but couldn't fit it in. I plan to post about those on the weekend. I need to transfer the two stories from Dreamwidth comments to the AO3, and perhaps sneak in one more polish.

(I'm also reminded that I have at least two stories (both FK) from previous Fandom Stocking years that I never did move into the AO3. I meant to rewrite them, but... [personal profile] leela_cat firmly tells me to archive them and move on, rather than let them continue munching at the back of my imagination as unfinished.)


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