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I presently have 99 works on the AO3. Amusingly, so near 100, that makes the counts simply round into their percentages.

What are your 2 most most common audience ratings?

  • Teen and up (57)
  • General (38)

How many works have you created in each relationship category?

  • gen (75)
  • m/f (27)
  • f/f (2)
What are your top 4 fandoms by number of works?
  • Forever Knight (76)
  • Highlander: The Series (9)
  • Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling (3)
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer (3)
What are your top 5 most-used additional tags?
  • Historical (22)
  • Post-series (18)
  • Grief/mourning (12)
  • Flashbacks (11)
  • Winter (10)
What are your top 4 characters by number of tags?
  • Nick Knight (48)
  • Natalie Lambert (39)
  • Janette duCharme (37)
  • Lucien Lacroix (36)
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How do author replies while anonymous work on the AO3? Is the anonymizing automatic, or do I need to do something? (This is my first time participating in a ficathon that stays anonymous after releasing the stories.)

My recipient kindly commented on my [community profile] myoldfandom story, and asked a question. I'd like to answer, but don't want to break the anonymity.

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On the AO3, you can easily subscribe to an author, to receive notifications whenever that person posts a new story. You can also subscribe to a series or a work, to receive notifications for new installments.

Can you subscribe to a fandom, to receive notifications whenever a new work is posted in that fandom? Of course that wouldn't be practical for the large, busy fandoms, but it could be outstanding for small, sleepy fandoms, especially ones that see only a few stories a year.
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"Resurrection," the V4S premiere written by the much-missed late [ profile] susanmgarrett back in the day, has turned up on the AO3, posted by a [ profile] palaemon on 5/09/12.

She credits it.  She posted it under a lock.  She is apparently not actively trying to plagiarize it, just to take advantage of the AO3's formatting capacity.  However, I still find her action upsetting.  Does the AO3 have a policy on this?  Posting stories by other people? Deceased people?  I believe that [ profile] tonjavmoore is, for all practical purposes, Susan G.'s fannish executor...?

Once that I know of, Susan ran into a person at a con selling copies of one of Susan's online stories made up — without permission, obviously — into a zine.  This brings that to my mind.  (And the formatting here does Susan's work no credit, on top of everything else.)

Addendum: FWIW, I've reported this to the AO3 volunteers.
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As you may know from f-locked posts, the opening of [community profile] fkficfest/[ profile] fkficfest sign-ups has been temporarily delayed by my difficulties in learning to use the AO3 system for two-at-a-time mystery-gift story release (rather than all-at-once), among other things.  My apologies!

With help from Greer, PJ and Hearts_blood, I believe that I've figured it out!  Knock wood and pending final tests by volunteers — it doesn't work precisely the same when the collection's owner submits — I believe that the issue has been that the "moderated" setting conflicts with the "unrevealed" and "anonymous" settings.  That is, when a collection is "moderated," stories submitted to it are visible all over the AO3 except in the collection itself, not veiled as "mystery stories," until the collection accepts them.  So the solutions in need of testing are to either (1) set the collection "unmoderated" or (2) sign up each player as a "member" of the collection.  Neither is hard! Well, now that I know...

(As a side note, FKFicFest won't use the AO3's automated matching system this year.  I'm aiming rather just to consolidate posting and feedback for writers, consolidate queue management for me, enable MOBI downloads for e-reader users, and duck technical difficulties like LJ's DDOS firestorm last year.  Stories will still be announced on LJ/DW (and forkni-l, for that matter), just not posted there.  And I'd be able to release stories in a snap on AO3 first thing on waking up, even if I didn't have time to post the LJ/DW/forkni-l announcements until evening.)

Again, I have AO3 invitations for any and all FKFicFest writers, beta-readers and groupies who do not already have AO3 accounts.  No one will be left behind!  (If someone loathes and shuns the AO3 for some reason, she can post to LJ or DW, as before; we'll work it out. See how easy-going a mod I can be? I know; I'm shocked, too. ~grin~ Need sleep...)
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I recently mirrored my last existing fanfiction (stories and poems) from my own fansite to my AO3 account, and wound them all back to their original dates.  (This has been my main fanfic activity for months! Little reading and less writing, just archiving.)  Now comes the task of mirroring in reverse, because of course I edited as I went.  (I tinker whenever snags reveal themselves.)  It turns out that I have 76 total works from April 1996 to the present, 60 of those in FK and 7 in HL.

Merfilly recently posted her thousandth work to the AO3.  We usually play in different sandboxes, but that gulf did strike me.  I'm not as productive as most people.  (What makes for high-quality prolificity?)

I wonder whether I should tag my '96-'99 pieces "juvenilia."  Someone remarked recently that her early works embarrassed her, which made me wonder whether mine should embarrass me.  Some are indeed green!  (If you do tag for "juvenilia," where do you draw your line, and why?)

The last item I loaded happened to be "Nice to Remember" (PG, ~4K, 2006).  I wrote it for TV-Elf's birthday years ago; it caps this project in her birthday month now.  (It's not one of my best, but TV-Elf said it amused her, so it wins.)  Coincidentally, that story attempted Schanke and Janette interaction, as does my (rather better, I suspect) most recent FK story, "Malicious Mischief" (PG, ~9K, 2011).

Even with all the reverse mirroring to be done, it's time and past for me to be on to new things — in fanfic, and elsewhere.
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The "history" function is working on AO3 again!  Fingers crossed that it lasts.  I don't know about anyone else, but it's been out of commission for me for ages, and I am delighted to have it back (especially access to my "to read later" flags).  There are still only 257 FK works on the archive (1802 HL, 1 YB), but even so, I'd rather not have to page through them in order of archiving (which rarely aligns with actual vintages), trying to remember which are which.  (I look forward to the eventual enabling of the "bookmark author" function. "Subscribe" works as a substitute, but can get spammy.)

Which reminds me: I still have a few unclaimed AO3 invitations for [community profile] fkficfest/[ profile] fkficfest players (see AO3 FKFicFest Collection).  I'll open that up now to FKFicFest beta-readers and feedback-givers, as well.  Just ask.  (I'll try to persuade you to play the next game, of course, but there's no obligation. ~grin~)

Oh, and I have Dreamwidth invitations, too.  If I know you and you'd like one, please just ask and I'll supply.
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I've finished mirroring my non-FK fanfiction on my AO3 account, [ profile] brightknightie:My Forever Knight (54+) fanfic mirroring has a ways yet to go, but most of that is up as well.

I've re-read each story as I've mirrored it, and (inevitably) re-edited.  Newer pieces got tiny tweaks, if any, but some of the very oldest made me blush as I slashed and burned through jungles of extraneous verbiage.  Gracious!  Plot, theme and characterization remain as first posted, however juvenile, but at least I can spare any generous future readers the adverbial overgrowth!  Of course, this means that once I'm done mirroring from my fansite to the AO3, I have to do it all over again in reverse, to reflect those thousand little fixes in the originals.  A potentially never-ending volly... ~wry grin~
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AO3 Search Tips.  [ profile] xparrot shared excellent tips for "Browsing & Reading on AO3."  Among other tools, she addresses the tactic that [ profile] pj1228 requested last week: how to search to exclude rather than include.  (Thanks to [personal profile] sholio for the link.)

AO3 Feedback Meme.  [personal profile] celli promoted a meme (LJ/DW) celebrating that AO3 is fully equipped for feedback and discussion to enhance community feelings and inspire writers.  (Want more stories? Talk to a writer!)  [personal profile] ruuger: "Your challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to go to Archive of Our Own," and: options )

Forever Knight is pitifully underrepresented on AO3 (just 204 pieces by two dozen authors).  Granted, I've mirrored under half of my own FK fic so far; I shouldn't complain.  Still! So few authors! So few old favorites, so few new possibilities.  The best I can offer in the spirit of the meme is to point out the FK works of WiliQueen, Leela and James so far archived there.

Highlander fares more happily, with precisely 1000 works when I looked this morning.  Longer favorites eluded me, but I easily found two all-time-enjoyed shorter HL pieces, which HL fans should check out:
  • "All that Glitters" by Killa (~3K words; PG13; AU; Tessa, Duncan, Methos, Richie). To this, other AUs should aspire: it entirely satisfies, and makes me cry.
  • "Even Better" by Melina (~7K words; PG; Episode-Related; Michelle, Amanda, Duncan, Nick, Connor). When Amanda returned in "Finale," I wanted a mention of Michelle from "Rite of Passage." This pleasingly supplies what canon neglects.

Addendum: The meme strives to advertise the fact that AO3 is not just a writers' archive, but rather that it serves readers and recommenders. (The "bookmark" function is where to find the recommendation option, by the way.)
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I am slowly mirroring my fanfiction on my AO3 account.

I've archived my fanfiction on my own fansite since 1999, and I have not given permission for others to archive my work elsewhere in many, many years.  (Everywhere that I know my stuff is up outside my editing access, I have asked to have it taken down. Please don't rush to tell me where my stuff is still up unless you can get it down or edited. I probably know, and the subject upsets me.)  I fervently prefer to have my fanworks only where I can directly access them for editing typos, updating nom de plumes and so on, and of course that technology did eventually come into use a few years back, but I remained cautious.  After much reflection, and testing the settings, I find that I feel comfortable with the AO3 as I have not with any other collective archive in a long, long time.  It'll be okay.  (Fingers crossed.)

It will take some time to mirror all my fanfiction.  I'm loading old stories with the current date as the publishing date, leaving them that way for a few days so that they get an opportunity to show up at the top of lists, and then winding the publishing date back to their real vintage for the correct progression.  I mirrored my FKFicFest ones first, then HL, then ones that happened to be set at holidays; that's where it rests now.

My own site is still the place with my illustrations, timelines, recommendations, and so on, as well as all my stories. :-)


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