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LisaMcD has reversed the FKFic-L War (round-robin team fiction game) rule prohibiting all crossovers. She rolled it back to the standard FKFic-L rule limiting crossovers (no crossing with "print-published media" of any vintage, Disney-owned anything, etc.) and encouraged listmembers to simply keep the focus on FK.

Good for her. I'm impressed.
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FKFic-L, the FK fiction mailing list, is presently playing FKFic-L War, an elaborate, round-robin fiction game in which the players descend on FK's fictional Toronto (as themselves), and work (in faction teams) around, with and against each other and FK's characters in pursuit of a goal (usually, some sort of scavenger hunt). I believe this is War XV, but I lost count a long, long time ago. (I actually played live only in War VII... but that was the most important one, right? ~grin~)

Anyway, Lisa McD made an unfiltered (non-War) admin post this morning, in which she wrote: "One of the list's rules is no crossovers..." That was news to me! The last time Don F. posted the fic list rules to the fic list (granted, over a year ago, now), they still said: "3. FK may be crossed only with movies and television shows. the rest of this lengthy rule )."

I've emailed Lisa and asked for clarification. I'll pass on whatever I learn.

Addendum 2:00PM Pacific: Good news! Crossovers are still permitted on FKFic-L in general, and just not during War games.

On Posting to FKFic-L

Saturday, June 5th, 2010 11:39 am
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Three people have posted their [ profile] fkficfest stories to fkfic-l so far!  Congratulations, guys.  I'm confident that the list is enjoying your work!

It's been years since I posted the FKFic-L rules, and I never did get around to publicly sharing my personal favorite FKFic-L posting tips.  This looks like a useful time!

What is FKFic-L? )  The Listowners )  The List Rules )  Some Tips )


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