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Recently in FK on my LJ Friends List and DW Reading Page:

Ficathons and Fests

  • Sign-ups for [ profile] oldschoolfic's winter ficathon continue through tomorrow, Tuesday 11/30 (this is the canceled-fandoms community).  Matches go out 12/01; stories are due 01/31/11.  FK and HL are eligible.  I'm playing.
  • [ profile] fandom_stocking is on!  This is a no-commitment game, a bit like a "love meme."  You post a list of things you like; people respond with warm wishes, recommendations, vignettes, icons, whatever.  (Naturally, respond to others if you can!)  The reveal is 01/06/11.  All fandoms are eligible.  I'll play.



  • On 11/15, [ profile] pj1228 announced that Catherine Disher won the Gemini for Best Supporting Actress (Drama) for her work as Maggie on The Border!
  • On 10/31, under lock, someone linked to a YouTube video of the Stratford Peter Pan cast, including Nigel Bennett, doing "YMCA".  (Reportedly, a cast member uploaded the video.)


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The final [ profile] forsaken_fandom Awards (Round 2) went up today!  The official List of Winners and Runners-Up is as good as a list of recommendations by consensus, as is the original List of Nominees.  Congratulations to all the Forever Knight winners and nominees!  Thank you so much for writing and sharing.  And congratulations to all the nominators, readers, voters, judges and the project moderators!  No story is complete until it is read.

For brevity, here is a very condensed -- teaser! -- list of winners in selected categories only.  (Please check out the full list.)  By the by, if you're looking to compliment a nominated FK author on her story but she doesn't have an LJ and you don't have her email address, contact me privately; in most cases here, I can share it.

Short Story The Art Of Deception [ profile] pj1228
Long Story Starwort [ profile] brightknightie
Series FK4 [ profile] greerwatson
Angst Full Circle Amanda B.
Dark Anno Horribilis, Anno Mirabilis   Nancy K.
Ensemble Could They Choose Between [ profile] havocthecat
Fluff Faire Things Elena G.
Friendship Carpe Noctem [ profile] hearts_blood
Holiday Valentine Ghosts Ell H.
Missing Scene   Damages [ profile] tolakasa

Under "own horn, tooting of," as [ profile] wiliqueen posted earlier today, y'all were very, very generous to my stories, and recognized "Starwort" (winner, long story), "Steamer Trunk Space" (winner, past; runner-up, missing scene), "A Delicate Balance" (winner, best characterization), and "Last Minutes" (winner, original plot).  Thank you so much!  I am honored.

For those seeking fresh, exciting, new flavors, the winning and runner-up stories that have never yet appeared on fkfic-l include: [ profile] greerwatson's, [ profile] dknightshade's, [ profile] ithildyn's, [ profile] havocthecat's and [ profile] tv_elf's.  (If anyone wants any advice I can offer on posting to the list, please just speak up!  I'd be happy to see your story there, and many others would, too.)

Again, thank you, all.

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Recently, in FK on my Friends List:

  • Potential Fanfic!  On October 3, [ profile] ithildyn considered the c.1849 flashbacks in FK's "The Code," and how to cross FK with Magnificent 7.  Does the idea of Chris/Janette strike your fancy?

  • Upcoming Ficathon!  On October 3, the [ profile] oldschoolfic moderator confirmed that she is planning an end-of-year prompt-a-thon and story exchange.  (This is the community for out-of-production shows like FK.)

  • New Fanfiction Posted!  On September 30, the current "Back-to-School"-themed [ profile] oldschoolfic ficathon was due, and there are two FK stories this time!  (Naturally, there are also nice stories for other fandoms.)  For FK, we have:
    • "Twenty-Five Minutes" (G) by [ profile] abby82 for the prompt: "the girl in the photo on Captain Amanda Cohen's desk" (~800 words).
    • "Fearful Symmetry" (PG) by me, for the prompt: "In 'Spin Doctor,' Nick says he had some remarkable students; how did he say goodbye to them?" (~7K words).
  • Ficathon! DVDs!  On September 22, [ profile] abby82 mentioned the [ profile] galpalficathon FK prompts (available now, ficathon due November 16), and that the The Border (with CD and NB) is coming soon to R1 DVD.

  • Meme!  On September 17, [ profile] ithildyn posted an FK quotation meme.

Also, voting over at the [ profile] forsaken_fandom awards is open through Monday, October 13 (Rules, FK List, FK Ballot).

I'm Back

Sunday, September 28th, 2008 11:57 pm
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I've been away from here for a few weeks, pouring all my hobby time into my [ profile] oldschoolfic ficathon entry.  (I finally finished the first draft at sunset on Saturday -- due Tuesday -- and hustled it off to my kind beta-readers, who have not yet hit me over the head for giving them no turn-around time whatsoever on a ~7,000-word Nick-vehicle.)  I have popped back through my F-List for the past two weeks, but if I missed anything significant, please do drop in here and point me the right direction.

Now that the story exists outside my brain, I can get back to other things that deserved better than to be put off.  I get to beta-read for a wonderful FK author!  I have a zine to ship to an FK reader.  I need to rustle up October's fanfiction recommendation.  I must read the FK nominees in the [ profile] forsaken_fandom awards, so I can vote before the October 13 deadline.  I must decide whether I dare try the [ profile] galpalficathon event, with its November 16 deadline.  And 101 other worthy FK projects...

This week was Banned Books Week in the US, an annual celebration of books people have historically tried to ban, and a defiance of those who would ever limit access to books.  Is Lacroix's arson of the archive in "1966" his most purely evil act actually shown on screen?  It's in the running, anyway.

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Recently, in FK on my Friends List:

FK on Individual Journals
  • On September 1, [ profile] abby82 posted eight new FK icons (images, some artistic enhancement, no captions).  She also mentioned the [ profile] fk_icons community, of which I hadn't known.

  • On August 26, both [ profile] wiliqueen and [ profile] abby82 posted about the Gemini Awards nominations, which include Catherine Disher's work on The Border and Ben Bass in Would Be Kings.  (I've heard a lot about The Border, but Would Be Kings is news to me.)  Beyond those biggies, [ profile] wiliqueen spotted Nahanni Johnstone (Wendy in "Dying for Fame") among the nominees, and [ profile] abby82 shared photos and links while opining on GWD's and NB's TV work in the eligible period.

Multi-Fandom (Including FK) Communities
  • On September 6, voting opened on the [ profile] forsaken_fandom community for their awards (Rules, FK List, FK Ballot).  Some FK authors didn't approve their nominations; I hope they all got to hear about it and choose.  (It has crossed my mind to not vote, because I do not wish to read, nor endorse by a vote, the "non-con" category.  The rules allow underage voters to leave the "adult" categories blank; perhaps I will ask permission to do the same.  Anyway, it's on my mind.)

  • On August 30, [ profile] butterflykiki linked to the [ profile] whattheficathon community, which is a crossover fiction exchange that could include FK in its next round, if it holds one, but there seem to have been no FK crossovers so far.

  • On August 27, the [ profile] oldschoolfic moderators introduced an optional modified challenge for those who didn't click with any of the original prompts.  Stories are due at the end of the month.  ([ profile] abby82 and I are participating, so we're assured of some FK!)

  • On August 26, the [ profile] galpalficathon community went up.  This is a prompt-based, commitment-free ficathon focused on female friendship (that is, any positive platonic relationship between female characters: relatives count).  Many people are very excited about it, and prompting is open through Monday, September 8, so check it out!  Leave a prompt for Natalie and Janette, Janette and Urs, Urs and Tracy, Tracy and Cohen, the list goes on ).  I have not submitted any prompts yet, but I will (there are as yet no FK prompts there).

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[Cross-posted from forkni-l, edited for LJ.]

There is a last call for author approvals on the [ profile] forsaken_fandom Fanfiction Awards project.  Authors who want their nominated stories included must either respond to that LJ post, or reply to the email they should have received from the project moderators, no later than 9:00 PM Eastern Time on 9/04.  (Reading and voting will be 9/05-10/13 - FK Nominations List.)

Of course if you don't want to approve a nomination, you shouldn't!  Absolutely!  No need whatsoever.  But just so you know, in the order in which they are listed on the nominations page, the nominated FK authors are:  A List Including 2 People on my F-List Who Have Not Yet Approved Their Nominations )

It is a treat to have fresh recommendations (in the form of a nominations list ~g~)!  Some of the nominated stories were never posted to fkfic-l; if you know those authors, and feel the invitation would be well-received, invite them to the email list. :-)

Community Reminders

Saturday, August 23rd, 2008 04:08 pm
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Just a couple of quick community reminders:

  • The prompts in the second [ profile] oldschoolfic ficathon are available for claiming until tomorrow, Sunday, August 24th, according to the moderator's most recent post.  You're committing to a mere 500 words by September 30, if you decide to play.  (Come, do!)  Two of the 15 FK prompts have been claimed so far (by me and [ profile] abby82).

  • The [ profile] forsaken_fandom awards project was put on temporary hold because of a tragedy in the moderators' family.  They're gearing back up now (FK nominees).

And now I'm off to the library for a book on McCarthyism, because the prompt I claimed references the "Spin Doctor" flashbacks.  Mmmmmmmmmm: research. ;-) 

Game Time

Friday, August 15th, 2008 12:11 am
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Today, Friday 08/15, is the last day to submit prompts for the [ profile] oldschoolfic back-to-school themed ficathon for out-of-production fandoms (rules, submissions).  It's also the last day to submit nominations for the [ profile] forsaken_fandom awards project, for selected fandoms that no longer have multiple regular awards of their own (rules, submissions, FK nominees so far).

I gather that today is also the first day of Vividcon.  Have a marvelous time!

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At the end of July, I posted about the [ profile] forsaken_fandom community, and their project to recognize and encourage fanfiction in fandoms (including FK) that no longer have multiple regular award projects of their own.  This week (through Friday 08/15) is the last week they're accepting nominations for this round.  Looking at their FK nominations list, I currently see 31 stories by 11 authors.  Several sub-categories (including slash, erotica and fluff) as yet show no nominations, but all genres are eligible in the overall categories.

Any story originally posted or substantially revised in the past five years is eligible (so: 2003-2008).  They will confirm approval for all nominations with the authors, and the stories must be available online.

If you're interested, see their community profile, nominating rules, award categories, and the nominations post itself (to nominate, you post a screened reply to that post).  Note that there's an eligibility password in the rules.

Please consider checking their nominations to see which contemporary FK authors are missing, and then nominating excellent stories by them.  Please encourage FK authors to write more FK fanfiction!  Nominating them for awards is one good way to show we would like to read more.

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[I will be cross-posting this to forkni-l.  I'm posting it here first this time, though.]

First, a word of caution.  I do not know the people running this project, and neither do the friends I asked.  The moderators of this community are strangers.

That said, there is a project called "The Forsaken Fandom Awards" ([ profile] forsaken_fandom).  Their goal is to encourage fiction in fandoms that have few or no active awards projects of their own.  This includes us: FK fandom.  This is their second round; stories from the past three years [Correction 08/09: five years] are eligible.  In their previous round, few FK authors were nominated, none of whom post to fkfic-l these days, if I'm interpreting correctly (Fenris, Nancy W., and a Mel M. whom I think is not our Mel M.), though a special WIP award went to Lisa S., who posted part of a story to the list.

I learned of the project last week, when someone kindly nominated my "Starwort" from earlier this year.  A moderator emailed me, asking whether I would give permission for them to list the story and link to it on my site; without my asking, they promised not to post my email address and not to repost my story.  I spent the week hoping to find someone who knew them; I failed, but emailed back and gave permission anyway.

As this active awards project includes FK, we can certainly participate.  And it's downright silly for "Starwort" to be the lone FK nomination, which it apparently is at the moment.  Nancy K., Ell, PJ, Jarvinia, Elena, Kristen, and many others have posted excellent new FK fiction in the designated period!

Again, I'm not acquainted with the moderators, and that makes me anxious.  (I'm a Knightie; I angst.)  But encouraging more FK fanfiction is a worthy goal.  So here's their posted schedule:
  • Nominations: July 11, 2008 to August 15, 2008
  • Voting & Judging: August 16, 2008 to September 20, 2008
  • Winners Announced & Banners Posted: September 27, 2008

An overview with links to their rules is on their profile.  You do not have to have a LiveJournal account to participate in nominating or voting, but if you don't, they will verify your email address before counting your contribution.

That's all I know.  If someone else knows more, by all means...?


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