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I learned from [personal profile] greerwatson (post) the sad news that Sandi Ross, who played lab technician Grace Balthazar in the first two seasons of Forever Knight, died on August 31.

Here's an obituary/appreciation in NOW Toronto, written by a friend. And here's an interview with her from when she was named ACTRA's 2012 Woman of the Year. We here know her acting from FK, and perhaps other stories. She was also an activist for non-traditional casting on Canadian stage and screen.

Thank you, Ms. Ross. And goodbye...

Addendum: My personal favorite Grace fanfic is [personal profile] lastscorpion's "Full of Grace." What's yours?
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What's Good?  Opening a new year, I'm pleased to get to spotlight [personal profile] lastscorpion's "Full of Grace" (2011, PG, ~7K words) in the recommendation-of-the-month project.  I try not to plunder [ profile] fkficfest/[community profile] fkficfest for recommendations; we've all just recently read those!  But last week, I chatted with someone who had never read a rich Grace Balthazar story, and this fantastically canonical epistolary tale from FKFicFest '11 not only shapes a rounded life for Grace, it builds an arc of her relationship with Natalie, and explodes into its climax.

Dear Mom,
        Something terrible has happened, something unbelievable. I'm going to need to tell you the whole story in writing, so I can get it clear in my head. Then I'll call you in a couple of days, when Natalie's well enough to travel, and ask you if I can please take her home to you and the family for a while.

What's New on FKFic-L?  December saw no stories on the email list.  January so far has seen one (the shorter of the two FK Yuletide pieces).

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I wrote "Malicious Mischief" for [personal profile] sholio's prompt in FKFicFest 2011.  This is the one in which a murder at the Raven defies Janette's cover-up skills, Nick is away pursuing the Abarrat, and Schanke and Janette are both quitting smoking.

Thanks to [personal profile] batdina and [personal profile] lastscorpion for beta-reading!  Thanks to [ profile] wiliqueen and [personal profile] leela_cat for brainstorming!

  Available: The Ficathon | My Fansite | The AO3
  Length: ~9,100 words
  Date: FKFicFest 07/16/11
  Rating: PG
  Summary: While Nick is out of town, Schanke and Janette must cooperate to solve a crime at the Raven.
  Characters:   Schanke, Janette, Nick, Natalie, Miklos, Alma, Grace
  Quotation: "The woman herself was ebony-and-ivory gorgeous as always, pale skin revealed by a black evening dress in all the right places as she leaned back in her chair, shining dark hair twisted up behind her head. But her eyes were tight, and her fingers twitched toward the crystal ashtray that was no longer there."

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I wrote this vignette for [ profile] wiliqueen in the 2010/2011 [ profile] fandom_stocking event.  On her wish list, she said that she likes to read "women being awesome," "friendship," "supporting characters," and "irreverent humor... in the face of catastrophe."

•  Title: "The Book Club Auxiliary" (also on AO3)
•  Length: ~1,000 words
•  Date: Fandom Stocking 01/06/11, FKFic-L 03/31/11
•  Rating: G
•  Summary: Grace visits Natalie in the hospital.
•  Characters:   Grace, Natalie, Other
•  Quotation: "Grace read a chapter of the new Weiss novel aloud, and then another, and then put in a bookmark and excused herself for a trip to the washroom while the nurse checked Natalie's vital signs and necessities."

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I've encountered much news coverage of a recently-released study of the state of the medical examiner and coroner systems in the US.  As summed up by Scientific American magazine, the investigative journalists discovered that "only about 20 percent of coroners have forensics certification, and most face limited resources and large workloads."  Of course this is across the border as well as across the years from our favorite fictional Toronto Medical Examiner, but the reports share diverse information and anecdotes about real life in the profession, and I thought perhaps someone might be inspired by the reporting -- besides helping address the Real Life issues, if that's within your sphere, of course! -- to write a new FK fanfiction focusing on the Coroner's Office side of the story, perhaps starring Natalie or Grace.

(In "Cherry Blossoms," Natalie says: "I'm sorry, Nick. It's been a bad day. They've cut my budget all to hell. I've got to lose two of the attendants from my shift, and they've all got families. Worst of it is, they've got nothing to go to. Working in a morgue doesn't really qualify you for anything else.")

The extensive Scientific American article is "Real CSI: Patchy U.S. Death Investigations Put the Living at Risk" by A.C. Thompson, et. al. (February 1, 2011).  The PBS Frontline documentary is now available online.  And NPR has broadcast numerous reports, including "Autopsy Cutbacks Reveal 'Gray Homicides'."
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What's Good?  For March, I'm delighted to get to point out Cindy I.'s "Mortal Ties" (2000, PG).  This pre-"Dark Knight" novella lays a baseline homicide case plot, and then overlaps motifs in a family tragedy for Natalie and a flashback struggle for Nick.
     With a faint sigh, Nick silenced the nagging doubts.  Now was not the time to worry about his own moral dilemmas.  Tonight, Natalie's pain took precedence.  Despite his resolve not to get involved, he'd found he couldn't stand by while she faced this night alone.

What's New on FKFic-L?  In February, the fiction list saw one new story, "The Macedonian Vampire in New Mexico" (8 posts, 344KB) by [ profile] dj_clawson.  It isn't online just yet, but I'm guessing it will join its series soon.

Oh! Don't forget!  [ profile] fkficfest sign-ups are open through March 18.
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What's Good?  For February, I am excited to finally get to recommend [personal profile] leela_cat's novel "Broken Promises" (1996, NC-17)!  My recommendations project's rules require that I get the author's permission before spotlighting a story; I first asked after this one in '00.  "Broken Promises" links Nick and Vachon's pasts to produce fully-integrated present-day action.  Many minor canonical characters turn up along the way, including the rarely-seen Larry Merlin.
     "Damn it, Javier!" Laine began to retort, but stopped when she heard footsteps coming up the stairs. Just great. Now she'd never persuade Javier. She glared at the vampire who entered the attic.
     "Vachon..." Nick's voice faltered as he caught sight of Vachon's guest. "Who...?" Doubt, hope, denial. All of them were visible on his face. "I know you. Don't I?"
What's New?  In January, fkfic-l saw three new stories by three authors.  list with links )
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On Friday, [personal profile] havocthecat wished for picspam of "awesome women."  In response, I made this batch of new userpic icons featuring female FK characters together.  The exercise brought home how rarely the women are on screen at the same moment, even when they are the only two characters in the scene; typically, FK's camera moves back and forth, from one character to the other, instead of showing them together.   (Cohen with Natalie was harder to run down than I expected, and of course the only recurring female character with whom Urs ever shares a shot is Divia.)

Available if you would like them:

01. Natalie and Grace 02. Natalie and Janette 03. Brianna and Janette

10 More )

The original screenshots for most of these come from Nancy T.'s Knight Watchman.  I tried to drop by Kristen H.'s Knight Vision, too, but it's gone!  This of course means I've let my links go way too long unchecked, and I should run backward through forkni-l digests until I learn what happened.  (If I heard of this and forgot, I shall be covered with embarrassment, but don't let that stop you from reminding me. ~g~)

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I have typed "Nanette" (Natalie/Janette or Natalie&Janette affiliation, you know) three times this morning. This may be the first time in years I've used the word, and suddenly it's everywhere. :-)

I have a few little questions that have cropped up recently, but I've been too busy to catch up and take them home to forkni-l, where I'm sure the answers are known, so:

  • Do you remember whether anyone ever seriously named an Aristotle affiliation?  [ profile] dj_clawson wondered.  I thought one had been named, but I could so easily be confused -- of course the fancy that Susan's unforgettable Dorian has a faction called the "Archivists" could help confuse me on that (as if the confusion needs assistance).

  • You remember the "Center Stage Challenge," yes?  The '95ish fkfic-l challenge in which stories were written from the perspectives of the minor characters, such as Elisabeth's Feliks and Miklos stories?  Well, I would like to track down the Grace story, but I can't remember either the author or title.  I seem to remember it making Grace a fully-rounded character, with a complete set of connections and obligations beyond Natalie and the morgue, including a date and community involvement.  Can you place it?

  • And while we're on the "Center Stage Challenge," what other minor characters were written specifically for it?  I was a newbie on the lists then, and I remember only Elisabeth's stories and the Grace one.

  • Finally, does anyone remember the collective term for Nick, Schanke and Natalie that is the equal and opposite of "Fang Gang" for Nick, Lacroix and Janette?



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