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Recently in FK on my LJ F-List and DW R-Page:


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Meta (Discussion and Essays)

  • On 04/23, [ profile] gnosticdiva surveyed on interest in her writing N&N "deleted scenes."
  • On 04/15, someone under lock said she is nearly done writing a new FK story, and betaing one for someone else.
  • On 04/07, [ profile] gnosticdiva remarked on disparities between history and canon in the Brabant family tree.


  • On 04/26, under lock, someone noted that GWD's latest fanclub newsletter includes articles on last year's Stratford performances and on the "real" Black Harbour.
  • On 04/23, under lock, someone related a dream of visiting Stratford and meeting GWD and NB.
  • On 04/20, under lock, someone noted that it was GWD's birthday.
  • On 04/13, under lock, someone said that GWD as King Arthur from Camelot will be on the cover of all the 2011 Stratford Shakespeare Festival's paper promotional materials. Also, the DVD release of last year's performance of The Tempest with GWD will come in July, not April; the change is due to a typo'd shipping date, not a delay.
  • On 04/09, [ profile] pj1228 recounted, with photos, how the boatyard from Black Harbor, which featured GWD, has been demolished.
  • On 04/06, [ profile] endaewen mentioned Ben Bass's guest turn on SG1.

Airings & Releases: Chiller is not showing FK in May.

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Recently in FK on my LJ F-List and DW Reading Page:

Ficathons and CommunitiesFictionPublic Susan G. Memorial Posts
  • Airing. Chiller will air FK from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM on 09/01. Reminder: They're airing the CBS cuts (mostly just shorter than the DVDs, but with a few snippets of different footage).
  • Meme. On 08/13-15, [ profile] ithildyn mentioned FK here and here in a five-things meme.
  • Actor. On 08/11, [ profile] gnosticdiva spotted John Kapelos in Category 7.
  • Actor. On 08/09, someone under lock shared news that Stratford's Do Not Go Gentle starring Geraint Wyn Davies will have three performances at the Bratton Theatre, Chautauqua Institution, New York. Dates, Times, Prices )
  • Meme. Under lock, someone has been playing a "30 Days of FK" meme, customized from the "30 Days of TV" meme going around. Questions List )
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Today, Monday 08/23, is the final day to claim an initial prompt on the 2010 [ profile] femme_fic / [community profile] femme_fic game, according to the posted timeline.  I forgot about the deadline; I just went and staked a claim myself at lunchtime.  I hope it's not too late to remind others interested in playing.

There are three remaining unclaimed FK prompts (Natpacker and Nanette on LJ, Urchin on DW), one HL (Tessa on LJ), and of course many prompts in a multitude of other fandoms.
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Today, Monday 08/16, is the final day for contributing prompts to the 2010 [ profile] femme_fic / [community profile] femme_fic game.  You may submit up to three prompts; submitting a prompt is not a commitment to play (though of course they hope that many will play).

At this time, I see 3 [ETA: now 4] FK prompts:  list with links )

There's also one HL prompt, and over 60 in other fandoms, including some crossovers.  Claiming of prompts will run 08/17-08/23.
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The 2010 [ profile] femme_fic / [community profile] femme_fic game is on!  As always, that community celebrates female characters (gen, m/f, f/f).  However, several rules have changed.  Most significantly: (1) there are no longer limits on eligible fandoms, and (2) it is no longer an exchange/assignment approach, but instead takes a prompt-claiming approach.  This means that instead of receiving a slate of prompts assigned individually, players pick prompts for themselves (up to two) from the full list available to everyone.

Rules and Prompts on LJ / Rules and Prompts on DW
  • Submit Prompts: 08/10/10-08/16/10
  • Claim Prompts: 08/17/10-08/23/10
  • Stories Due: 10/15/10

  • Anyone may submit up to three prompts.  Submitting a prompt is not a commitment to contribute a story, so this is a good opportunity to request a story that you've always wanted to read (starring a female character) but can't write yourself, and then see if someone else's request strikes a chord with you as a writer.  (Please put the fandom in the subject line, and post only one prompt per comment.)

    For myself, I plan to submit prompts, and to write if there's a prompt that I can do justice to.  Something gen in FK or HL would be my first instinct.  But in this format, you never know what idea might raise its hand.
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    Because of [ profile] fkficfest, it's been twice as long as usual between these round-ups.  My apologies!  Recently on my LJ Friends List and DW Reading Page:

    FKFicFest.  The [ profile] fkficfest game was wonderful!  Please check out the master list and community tags to find stories that you will enjoy reading!  (I won't recap every step of the game here; if you have questions, please ask.)

    Ficathons and Fanfiction Communities (Besides FKFicFest)
    • On 06/03, the [ profile] femme_fic mods asked about interest in a new round, announced mirroring LJ/DW, and alerted us to be on the lookout for a fandoms poll.  (This is the ficathon for celebrating female characters.  Please vote for FK to be included!)
    • On 06/03, [ profile] innogen asked for volunteers to maintain [ profile] fk_fanfiction and help set up prompt-claiming tables.
    • On 04/16, [ profile] oldschoolfic sent the assignments for their spring/summer ficathon event.  (This is the ficathon for celebrating canceled series.  FK is always eligible.)
    • On 04/13, [ profile] gnosticdiva mentioned [ profile] vampirebigbang, for which she's writing FK.  Sign-ups remain open through 06/20.  See her follow-up post on 05/17.

    Fanfiction (Posted Elsewhere Than FKFicFest)
    • On 06/10, under lock, someone shared that Geraint Wyn Davies is participating in an open-to-the-public "Meet the Festival" session at Stratford on 07/07.
    • On 05/27, [ profile] pj1228 reviewed Backbencher, a radio drama featuring Nigel Bennett (CBC podcasts).
    • On 04/14, [ profile] abby82 shared that Blu Mankuma has a Facebook page, and that he posted spoilers there for his guest appearance on the 04/23 Smallville episode.

    • On 06/03, [ profile] malinaldarose mentioned "Partners of the Month" as contributing to nightmares.
    • On 05/22, [ profile] gnosticdiva had a brief panic as she lost (but then found!) two in-progress FK stories.
    • On 04/16, [ profile] wiliqueen mused on the music she used to listen to when FK was on the air.

    AiringsChiller has scheduled their next FK marathon for 06/30 (9AM-5PM, mixed first and second season) and then another on 07/18 (8AM-2PM, first season only).  As a reminder, they're showing the CBS "Crimetime after Primetime" first-season cuts, which differ from what's on the DVDs; they're all shorter but, even so, some boast snippets of alternate/extra footage.

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    The [ profile] femme_fic queue is released!  This is the "We Love Female Characters" ficathon, with a wide mix of fandoms and genres.  There are unfortunately no FK stories this time (only [personal profile] falcon_horus and I submitted FK prompts), but there are over fifty stories celebrating female characters!  Take a glance at the catalogue post, and you're likely to see something in one of your fandoms.

    I received a Buffy the Vampire Slayer Jenny Calendar prompt imagined by [personal profile] havocthecat, and wrote "Fortune Prove" in response.  Of the prompts I submitted, [ profile] pervyficgirl picked my Marvel Comics Scarlet Witch prompt, and wrote "Magic Mirrors Looking at People Who Belong to Us," which indulges me by crawling into the canon space after issue #12 of the second V&SW limited series (which they should reissue now).

    It will take me weeks to read my way through the ficathon, but I want to note up front that there are new stories by [personal profile] havocthecat, [personal profile] amilyn and [personal profile] falcon_horus from my DW Circle (did I miss anyone?), and that I had the privilege of beta-reading for [personal profile] amilyn and [ profile] seshat_maat.  I'd also like to thank my own generous beta-readers: [personal profile] amilyn, [personal profile] batdina, [ profile] much_madness and [ profile] wiliqueen.

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    Sunday, May 3rd, 2009 12:16 am
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    I've spent all my hobby time for the past several weeks on my [ profile] femme_fic story.  One kind beta-reader has already looked at it and, because of the grace period, it will get another scrub.  Here's hoping it will be at least the sum of its parts.

    It's not FK, which is why I haven't been posting.  (Well, that and life... you know the drill.)  I've written outside FK before, of course, but this is my first go at this particular fandom (BtVS), and it's also my longest story yet outside FK.  I noticed that given an FK prompt, I tend to rewatch one relevant episode many times, but given a non-FK prompt, I tend to try to review (literally, re-view) all remotely relevant canon.  I think perhaps I must adjust my scale the next time out, as [ profile] much_madness often tells me. :-)

    This second [ profile] femme_fic event marks the first anniversary of my ficathon participation.  They're a lot like list challenges, but the exchange aspect and the deadline are key differences that really ramped up my production.  I just wish I had more hobby time to go around!

    One Last Nudge

    Saturday, February 28th, 2009 09:56 am
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    Today, the last day of February, is the last day to sign up for the [ profile] femme_fic 2009 ficathon event (I've signed up) or to contribute to [ profile] falcon_horus's Fleur Mini-Ficathon (I'll post today). 

    An exchange-style ficathon can be a great opportunity to ask for a story that you've always wanted to read, but perhaps can't quite manage yourself; perhaps your ficathon match will have just the right background or inspiration to bring it to life!  ([ profile] butterflykiki wrote me an outstanding HL story starring Methos and Tessa in that line last year.)  Okay, okay, enough with the nudging... :-)

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    Have you been waiting to see what's on offer before signing up for the [ profile] femme_fic ficathon?  (As a reminder, this is the multi-fandom story exchange starring female characters.)  We are now heading into the final week (sign-ups close February 28) and you can see all the requests and offers in detail on the sign-up post.  And you can see my own sign-up here, and [ profile] havocthecat's here, and [ profile] amilyn's here, and [ profile] falcon_horus's here... did I miss anyone on my f-list?

    For your convenience, I've compiled the requests and offers.  Here are the fandoms in which people hope you are willing to write: List ).  And here are the fandoms in which people will be happy to write if you ask: List ).

    Even if you're not playing yourself, consider perhaps passing on the link to the game?  Spread the news?  It looks like a nice line-up, but it could use a lot more Forever Knight! :-)  (Or, you know... how about HighlanderYoung Blades?)


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