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I got to sleep in luxuriously this Saturday morning, and when I did at last wake up past nine, it was to compelling thoughts about a scene for that specific Nick/Urs story that I've been wanting to write for almost two years, but never finding the time. It's not the sort of thing that people (other than me) request in ficathons. :-)

And I can't work on it now, because I signed up for the HLH_Shortcuts exchange. Which is a good and worthy endeavor! HL is my second-favorite all-time television series, after FK. (I love HL's early seasons fiercely, and have a fraught but respectful relationship with its later seasons.)

Will I ever get to this Nick/Urs story? Perhaps it needs a title. Stories with titles seem able to use the title as a bridge from my imagination to the page...

Addendum (3:27 PM Pacific): Clarification: This is the same specific plot diverging at NiQ that I've been discussing with some of you for two years now. While there are many wonderful Nick/Urs stories to be told, I'm not seeking to replace or redefine this one at this time. I apologize for any misunderstanding.
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Lately, I haven't had the time I'd love to spend on hobbies, but I do amuse myself occasionally thinking about that Nick/Urs story I hope to write.

One thing that has crossed my mind as I try to find this hypothetical story's true shape and scope is that this tale, as it first occurred to me, doesn't come anywhere in the vicinity of passing the Bechdel Test. While that's acceptable for a drabble, vignette or short story, the acceptability diminishes with every step out of the realm of miniature tales. If this is growing toward novella-ness, it must include two female characters interacting with each other about something other than a male character.

Except for being murdered by Divia, Urs never interacts with another recurring female character on screen. I've written her scenes with Natalie and with Tracy before, and I've forever meant to get her a story with Janette, but this isn't that story. This is Nick/Urs defeating Lacroix, blowing up third season and living happily ever afterish. And any interaction between Urs and Natalie, or Urs and Tracy, is almost necessarily about Nick, as he's their sole point of interface ... well, Vachon, too, in Tracy's case.

I could suppose that Alma or Brianna didn't leave before third season, but then their point of interface with Urs is employment by Lacroix. That's no better. Sofia and Serena aren't coming back to Toronto that winter. Janette is, but... And I've already written my version of Urs interacting with Jacqueline after "Hearts of Darkness."

An original character would seem to be the answer. But recurring characters go down more smoothly, as a general rule. Round and round. Just thinking!
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Do any particular songs put you strongly in mind of FK's Urs? Which? Link me! (I can listen on Google Play Music and Amazon Prime Music, as well as YouTube and the wilds of the 'Net.)

For comparison, I've mentioned before that "Rebel Son" by Survivor is a Nick anthem to me, and "You Love the Thunder" by Jackson Browne sings Janette to me.

Urs is a rare and challenging character. We — fandom in general — usually prefer our heroines bright, witty and strong... everything with which Urs isn't initially endowed. I've found some sister characters for her in George Eliot's novels, but, really, very few patterns for depicting someone like Urs as she begins, and then helping her grow into herself (not into someone more conventional).

So, I've been thinking... playlist to ponder?
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As my hopes rise that the season of "crunching" through 16-hour workdays may be ending for at least a little while, I've begun thinking again of that Nick/Urs story idea that occurred to me shortly before the FKFicFest matching.

It would be a "just because" story in the old-fashioned way, written not for any fest, ficathon or game, but just because it appeals to me, and apparently I appeal to it, as it seems to have hung on in my imagination this long, gently suggesting that I write it after all. I have no idea how long it will take with no deadline pressure on — I don't even have a proper plot outline yet, just two indelible scenes in my mind — so it could be years. And I have no idea whether anyone but me will even be willing to read a Nick/Urs story these days. Would you?

(I know of only a handful of Nick/Urs stories ever written. I despise the incident in Ophelia5's famous "With Flowers" series, as much as I admire Ophelia5. I adore Leela_cat's "Theory of Lost Things," which she wrote for me in the first FKFicFest. And Hearts_blood wrote "Warmth" for me! I wrote "Chante à Nouveau" and "Kindred Spirits," myself, although they're so unrequited they don't really count.)

For me, personally, anyway, the unrealized, unexplored possibilities of Nick/Urs appeal massively. I hope that the characters could be stronger together, each giving the other something missing while also having much in common, that Nick's instincts engaged on Urs's behalf could manifest healthily instead of unhealthily, that Urs's longings drawing on Nick's instincts could become growth instead of diminishment. I hope that their coming together could re-route third season — or any earlier time one wanted to set a story — restoring the brilliance of first season in themes, striving and hope, and avoiding the end we received.
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The story that I wrote for the 2015 [community profile] fkficfest/[ profile] fkficfest released very early in the game. (Thanks to [personal profile] lastscorpion for the lightning beta!) I'd love it if you read it! If you do, please consider letting me know what I should learn from this one to make the next more interesting and satisfying.

First, though, please check out all the other stories! There's something to tempt every FK taste.

  On the AO3: "Wake the Morning After
  Length: 14,995 words
  Date: August 2015
  Rating: PG-13
  Characters:  Natalie, Nick, Schanke, Urs, Lacroix, Lili; original characters; "off screen" Serena, Feliks, Enforcers
  Setting: ~2015; divergent reality; branched from canon in the hiatus between the first and second seasons
  Summary: Back in the day, Natalie cured Nick's vampirism; they got married. Two decades later, something has gone terribly wrong.
  Quotation: "Yet Nick had never stopped looking over his shoulder, never stopped expecting an ambush by the existence he’d left behind. Nick had told Natalie about many such dangers — his resentful surviving converts; hunters of vampires; cronies of Nick’s deceased “master,” Lacroix; and, first, foremost and always, the Enforcers, who kept the vampires’ secrets."

Reflections on writing this story, with spoilers )
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I'm sure this is not a new thought, but I haven't been able to turn up a memory of bumping into it before, and I enjoyed toying with it, so I'm sharing.

Have you ever noticed that "Hearts of Darkness" introduces Urs in a manner paralleling how "Dark Knight" introduces Nick? (Of course Urs first appears in "Black Buddha;" by "introduce," here, I mean a wider view accompanied by the night-I-came-across backstory.) That is, in both DK and HoD, the audience is supposed to suspect the protagonist of a murder — Nick, the guard; Urs, Eckhart — until fairly late in the story. (Steeped in canon, we know better; it's easy to forget to suspect them! But the episode texts pile suspicion on them.) In both, the actual murderer is hidden/off-screen, a character whom the dialogue asserts ought not be present: in DK, Janette says it can't be Lacroix, and in HoD, Natalie says it can't be Ellen.* Both episodes end with remarks about the ones who died being "the lucky ones" (DK2 Nick to Natalie about Lacroix and Alyce; HoD Urs to Nick about Ellen) and with ruminations on the ongoing difficulties of the protagonist's state (DK2 Nick to Natalie; HoD Urs to Vachon). And to take the parallel much too far, just for fun, that twitching toe at the end of HoD could be said to align with Lacroix's reappearance at the end of "Love You to Death" (that is, the murderer is not dead after all).

* Structurally, DK is superior for (among many other things) introducing Lacroix early, in dialogue and flashback, even while denying his present presence. HoD stoops nearly to the evil-twin trope basement by suddenly dropping in a third personality in defiance of all that had been previously known of FK vampires. Mystery audiences deserve fair and sufficient clues to figure out whodunnit (even if they can assemble those clues correctly only in retrospect).
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In December, [ profile] hearts_blood offered "Kiss-Fic."  I requested "Forever Knight, Nick/Urs, the twelve days of Christmas, '95-'96."

Late last week, she treated me to an untitled ficlet (G, ~600 words) in reply.  "He let Urs sleep in his loft sometimes, when she got tired of the Raven."  I think I may be the only Les Miserables (i.e. Nick/Urs) partisan, so I am triply gladdened when generous people not only write FK, and for me, but with my favorite rare pairing!*  I am tickled by her tucked-in answer to how Urs, in "Ashes to Ashes," has Nick's door code.

(She also wrote a Nick/Natalie ficlet (G, ~300 words) for MysticalCat7.)

* Have you read Leela's spectacular Nick/Urs "Theory of Lost Things" (PG, ~3K words)? Go! Do! ♥
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According to the preview following last night's Castle, Kristin Lehman (FK's Urs) will guest-star on next week's episode: "Eye of the Beholder" (#4.5, 10/17/11, ABC).  This appearance isn't in IMDB yet, but... that's her.  Castle viewers, expect a treat; she's more brilliant than FK, unfortunately, ever made use of.
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I know that I said that I wouldn't do a "personal favorites" list from [ profile] fkficfest, and would stick most sincerely with urging everyone to check out the masterlist and tags to find the stories that will inspire and enthrall your unique FK imagination.  The ficathon game was privileged to see loads of gen and N&N, some IB and Seducer, a dash of UF and Nanette, and more...

But may I make just one exception?  I would like to commend to your enjoyment the beautiful "Theory of Lost Things" (PG-13, 3000 words, Nick/Urs, flashback Janette) that [personal profile] leela_cat wrote to match my very own [ profile] fkficfest prompt.  Her story is well-written, thoughtful, canon-aware and lovely, building a rare pairing with delicacy, grace and realism.  It also immensely satisfies me, personally, reconnecting me with a possibility that once shone in my love of FK, but which became tarnished through no fault of its own.  I don't expect that this pairing calls to many the way it calls to me.  I do think that the story makes its own striking case for a choice that could have broken free of third season just in time to earn all the characters a different chance at happier fates.  The story filled me with enthusiasm for what could have been.

Nominally, Nick/Urs is the "Les Miserables" couple faction.  Some Thoughts on Nick/Urs, in Canon and Out )


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