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For the month of January, in my corners of social journaling, here are the Forever Knight items that I happened to see:

Ficathons, fests & communities that welcome FK

FK fanfiction & other fanworks
Archive of our Own (AO3) Summary: 11 of the 966 FK works on the AO3 show a posting date in this period.

FK news & conversation

  • 2/10: [personal profile] sharpest_asp listed 16 Fandom Stocking drabbles, including 1 FK. Read more.
  • 2/03: [personal profile] pj1228 shared that Nigel Bennett currently has recurring roles in 2 TV series. Read more.
  • 2/01: [personal profile] nicholas_lucien relayed John Kapelos's announcement that he'll be performing his album live in California in March. Read more.
  • 1/20: [personal profile] pj1228 listed Fandom Stocking gifts given and received, including FK icons and 5 FK stories. Read more.
  • 1/09: [personal profile] pj1228 listed 7 FK stories written in 2018, plus thoughts on future projects. Read more.
  • 1/05: [personal profile] nicholas_lucien reflected on 8 FK stories written and received across 2018, and also thoughts for the new year. Read more.

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Putting together February's "Recently in FK" post, I noticed a new game's announcement that seems particularly relevant to many of us:

[community profile] waybackexchange is an exchange game for canons that ended 10+ years ago. Nominations run 2/13-2/20, and sign-ups 2/23-3/02, with assignments sent 3/09, and works due 5/10. Players must offer/request at least 4 canons. Stories must be at least 1K words.

Here's their FAQ post and eligibility post.

I don't know who's running it or what's behind it, but perhaps it can help fill the void left by certain exchanges that used to highlight older fandoms! I doubt I have time to play, myself, but, boy! I'd love to: FK, D&DC, YB, HL, BSG78...

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Those of you who enjoy bingo-style challenges, might you tell me a little about what you enjoy (and don't) about them? Do you feel community engagement through the game? Do you feel quite independent? Do you read other stories written for the game? Do other players read your stories? What does the bingo-style do for you...?

I'm thinking mainly as a fanwriter who would like to write more and better herself!

I'm also thinking about ways to make FKFicFest work better, easier, more smoothly, more fun for more people. We've always done exchange-style, in a manner that was customary a decade ago. Things have since changed in fandom practice and expectation. And with only 8 players last year, the logistics of matching are both easier and impossibly harder, under the old model's expectations. (I'm entertaining as many notions as I can gather, but am really thinking more of a "use any 2 of these 3 prompts" challenge than a bingo card.)


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Happy new year! For the month of December, in my corners of social journaling, here are the Forever Knight items that I happened to see:

Ficathons, fests & communities that welcome FK

  • [community profile] fandom_stocking (open gifting) stuffing continues through 1/05, with reveals on 01/06. Update: Extended through 01/19!
  • [community profile] snowflake_challenge (journaling challenge) posts prompts through 01/15. Fills are open-ended.
  • [community profile] fandomweekly (fic challenges w/voting) relaunched on 01/02.
  • [community profile] middleagedships (comment-fic challenge) is ongoing (no deadlines).
  • [community profile] historium (discussion) is for "all historical fandoms." FK doesn't quite meet their requirements, but might slide through in context.
  • [community profile] meta_warehouse (discussion/analysis) is a new community.
  • [community profile] 100prompts (fic challenges) is a new community.
  • [community profile] consentevent_comm (prompt challenge) is a new event highlighting consent. It opened 01/01.
  • [community profile] fandomtrumpshate (charity) is a fanworks auction with proceeds going to progressive causes. Sign-ups run 01/06-02/01. The auction runs 02/26-03/01.
  • [community profile] story_works (challenge) is a challenge on the theme of "change." Open until 01/31.

FK fanfiction & other fanworks
Archive of our Own (AO3) Summary: 5 of the 956 FK works on the AO3 show a posting date in this period.

FK news & conversation

  • 12/23: [personal profile] nicholas_lucien detailed Geraint Wyn Davies's upcoming participation in 2 of this year's Forum events at the Stratford Festival. Read more.
  • 12/01: [personal profile] pj1228 declared intentions to fill all FK Fandom Stocking wishes. Read more.

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All 20 works in this year's [community profile] hlh_shortcuts are now revealed! All are still anonymous, pending this fest's traditional author guessing game. (I haven't yet read 6, including the 25K-words one. Sorry!)

May I commend to you the story written for my prompt/match?
"Paris, 1978" (gen, G, 2K words)

The story begins with a pleasantly cheeky little preface in which young Tessa crosses paths with several immortals we know, in various ways, without effect. The story then moves into an encounter with effect: between young Tessa, bursting with inspiration, determination, and energy, and an original character who is weary, without inspiration, perhaps without purpose. Each gives the other something needed from her or his plenty.

I like it very well! And if it's not just happy coincidence, the author put some generous thought into carefully including story elements I enjoy, not just the character and tone, but things like reasons to live and things to learn.

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I see no FK, BSG78, YB, or even D&DC in Yuletide this year. Also nothing for books by George Eliot or Walter Scott. I'll take that as a pointed reminder to make time to write what I want to read.

However, there are 2 stories for The Age of Adelaide, 2 for Dead Poet's Society, 2 for The Lion in Winter, and 1 for The Princess Bride.

You can find your favorite fandoms in this year's Yuletide. Very good luck to all!

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[community profile] hlh_shortcuts 2018 has released 15 stories so far: see them on the AO3.

Currently, only 1 remains in queue to be released, but I believe that there are least 2 more outstanding, perhaps with pinch hitters.

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[community profile] hlh_shortcuts 2018 has released 6 stories so far: see them on the AO3.

I was mistaken about the release schedule! It's 3 per day from the start, not 3 for the first 3 days. So far, it looks like lots of Amanda and Methos, followed by Duncan, Richie, and Joe, for most tagging instances fest-wide.

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Reveals have begun for [community profile] hlh_shortcuts 2018. See the works list on the AO3.

Three stories have released so far (one lists Angie as a character; I'm extra excited to read that! tomorrow?). If I understand the mod's note correctly, these three should hold us until Sunday, when she'll release more.

I did play this year, so the story I wrote and one written for my request are both in the queue. More importantly, there are new HL stories all around! I hope we'll see a wide variety to make many different readers happy.

Update, Saturday morning: I was mistaken about the release schedule. It's 3 per day from the start! 6 stories are now revealed.


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