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I recently mirrored my last existing fanfiction (stories and poems) from my own fansite to my AO3 account, and wound them all back to their original dates.  (This has been my main fanfic activity for months! Little reading and less writing, just archiving.)  Now comes the task of mirroring in reverse, because of course I edited as I went.  (I tinker whenever snags reveal themselves.)  It turns out that I have 76 total works from April 1996 to the present, 60 of those in FK and 7 in HL.

Merfilly recently posted her thousandth work to the AO3.  We usually play in different sandboxes, but that gulf did strike me.  I'm not as productive as most people.  (What makes for high-quality prolificity?)

I wonder whether I should tag my '96-'99 pieces "juvenilia."  Someone remarked recently that her early works embarrassed her, which made me wonder whether mine should embarrass me.  Some are indeed green!  (If you do tag for "juvenilia," where do you draw your line, and why?)

The last item I loaded happened to be "Nice to Remember" (PG, ~4K, 2006).  I wrote it for TV-Elf's birthday years ago; it caps this project in her birthday month now.  (It's not one of my best, but TV-Elf said it amused her, so it wins.)  Coincidentally, that story attempted Schanke and Janette interaction, as does my (rather better, I suspect) most recent FK story, "Malicious Mischief" (PG, ~9K, 2011).

Even with all the reverse mirroring to be done, it's time and past for me to be on to new things — in fanfic, and elsewhere.
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In honor of [ profile] tv_elf today, here are six brand-new Don Schanke userpic icons up for grabs.  (If you'd like one for your very own, tell me and I'll delete it so no one else can pick it up.)  Enjoy!

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It's still November where I am, honest!

What's Good?  November's recommendation was "Soaring" (2005) by Kristen F., a canon-careful N&N friendship interlude, and a broad-brush illustration of the storytelling efficacy of the right perspective.
        Natalie blushed, her heart rate increased, and she dropped her eyes before she gave him an evasive, "Oh, just meeting up with a friend."  She started shuffling papers, refusing to meet his eyes.
        Nick frowned...

What's New?  In October, fkfic-l saw three new stories by three different authors:  list with links )

Sekrit Message to [ profile] tv_elf: A year already. Miss you.

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Thursday, November 5th, 2009 07:25 am
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Happy birthday, [ profile] tv_elf.  I miss you.
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Recently, in FK on my LJ Friends List:

  • [ profile] abby82 shared a new T+V vid to the song "Almost Lover" on December 17; this is one of precious few Tracy vids I've ever seen.  She also posted a new N&N story titled "Flight of the Imagination" (Rated R) on November 16.  (It has not yet appeared anywhere else.)  And on November 11, she posted about her works in progress, several of them FK, including a crossover with The Border.

  • [ profile] dj_clawson mused on vampirism and abstinence in FK and Twilight on November 23.

  • [ profile] amilyn added a link to her fanfiction to her LJ sidebar sometime before November 30 -- at least, I think she added it.  I think it was not there when I'd looked previously, but I'm not always alert to these things.  In any case, she's got five FK pieces and one FK/BloodTies crossover there, none of which, I believe, are in the usual FK archives.

  • [ profile] ithildyn, challenged to list all her holiday fanfiction, noted her "A Ghost of Winter's Past," with FK's Lacroix and HL's Methos, on December 8.  And on December 4, she recalled meeting [ profile] ninjababe on IRC in the FK channel, back when.

  • [ profile] endaewen talked about updating her fanfiction site on December 13, with the Forsaken Fandoms award she won for her "Faire Things" (Best Fluff), and a new FK crossover ficlet with Highlander: The Raven, titled "The Raven In The Raven."

  • [ profile] pj1228 posted her episode-like second-season novella "Disclosures" on December 17.  I had the privilege of beta-reading this one, and she has said she is thinking of a possible sequel.

  • There have been many wonderful memorial posts about [ profile] tv_elf, some of them mentioning her FK fandom.  Thank you to everyone who has shared memories of her!  If you posted only to your own LJ, please consider cross-posting or linking your memorial post on the Horsechicks' memory post; that specific URL has been shared with her family and non-fannish people who love her and miss her.  (They're hard posts to make, I know. I keep crying when I try. I got to be at her memorial, though; the Horsechicks, bless them, characteristically dubbed it "Abby-Con," and that's amusing her no end, I'm sure.)

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On Friday night, I emailed an author to ask permission for December's fanfiction recommendation.  New boxes keep opening on the calendar, as much as I want to pause it.  I think Abby ([ profile] tv_elf) would not be pleased if I missed a month for the first time due to something she considered as predictable as her death.  (I didn't consider it predictable, but then I am too easily surprised, and she knows that.)

So the recommendations project will be late this month, but it's not on hiatus.  And I'm considering revising the rule that requires authorial permission for each recommendation: perhaps an exception for deceased fans.  Like Abby, just now.  Lynne Ackerman in April.  Mary Lou Manzie and Christy Stillman in 2006.  Fran Glass -- 2002?  And others...  But it might be a poor idea; after all, there are people who genuinely don't want their stories recommended, which is why the rule exists.  I'll think about it.

Abby beta-read a quarter of all my Forever Knight stories.  I counted this morning (beta credits wind up every endnote, if you're curious).  She made so many of them better, but I particularly remember how she examined my one FK/HL crossover on a New Year's Eve, and phoned me her advice, so I could post it on the holiday on which it was set.

When we got together for her birthday a month ago, she said she was writing a new FK story for my birthday this year.  It was to have been a surprise, so I don't know what it would have been about.  I do know it would have been different from anything ordinary, a precious new angle proving the FK universe is far from tapped out, something creative and quirky I could never imagine alone.  Because that's what it's like with Abby.

The quotation of the month on my site was going to be Tracy's line about family and holidays from "Strings" this time, but instead it is an enduring favorite: "I loved it. I mean, I know it was all about death, but I thought it was very life-affirming at the same time." -- Natalie, "Last Act."  Sums up FK.  Abby might prefer a Schanke-ism, but she'll know what I'm getting at.

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[Cross-posted from forkni-l, where I first met Abby all those years ago.]

I'm on digest, so I don't know whether someone else has announced this here already.  [ profile] tv_elf, dear friend and FK fan (Merc and FoD), died peacefully on Sunday afternoon.

My world is smaller and sadder without her in it now, but she first made it much bigger than it might otherwise have been.  I can't yet begin to say my fraction of all the good and funny and wise things that she deserves to have said of her.  Give me a couple days to stop typing through tears.

I want to run away to the virtual Toronto of the fkfic-l Wars -- circa War 7, the last time she and I both played -- show up at the loft with my duffle and sleeping bag, and wait for the rest of you to turn up on your own characters' doorsteps, because it is the only place I know we could all get together to hold a memorial for Abby and comfort each other on the scale merited.  I'm sure Janette could be persuaded to let us use the Raven -- I know some very persuasive Ravens and Ravenettes.  And Lacroix could be lured away from CERK so we could broadcast Abby's favorite Broadway musical soundtracks; if the Cousins wouldn't do it, the Mercs would charge reasonable fees to pull it off.

Her blog is here.  Some of her friends have suggested donations to the Muscular Dystrophy Association in her memory, if you're of a mind; she was a poster child for them many years ago.  If anyone is interested in writing FK fanfic in her memory, she always loved to see Schanke and Janette in scenes together, and she liked fluff -- not PWP, but happy, lighthearted, stuff.  Yes, even in FK.

By her theology and mine, she is fine now, dancing and singing.  It's only those of us left who hurt.  Nick would understand.

After-List-Post Addendum: There's a "memory post" for her in the Horsechicks community.

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[Cross-posted from ForKni-L.  And if you're on a Horsechick's f-list, you've doubtless seen the news there.]

Good friend and FK Fan [ profile] tv_elf, whom you'll remember as a Merc and a FoD from the old days, and whom you may have met at Bridging the Knight or any Vividcon, or perhaps from her most recent FK fanfiction, has been in the hospital since Friday night.

We are not yet ready to lose her, not by a long shot.  If you're inclined to pray, please include her now.  Please.

Thank you very much.  I've never before gone the prayer-request route on forkni-l, but needs must.

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What's good?  For February, the recommendation-of-the-month project features [ profile] tv_elf's inventive, amusing "Things Unsaid" (2007), set circa 2011, in a reality unlike any other I've ever seen trying to cope with the aftermath of third season.

(For those playing along at home, this is not the story I originally requested for February, with no slight to either author, as I would be happy to recommend either story in any month.  I was simply unable to reach the other author, and by the project rules in force since 1999, recommendations are by permission only.  Thus, late recommending this month.  Apologies all around!)

What's new?  In January 2008, fkfic-l unfortunately did not see any stories posted.

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I did not participate in any story exchanges this year, but [ profile] tv_elf generously wrote me a gift story anyway.  Brand new, not yet even posted to fkfic-l, her "Things Unsaid" is that shining brilliant thing twelve years past cancellation called a new scenario.  Its characters include Nick, Natalie, Jenny Schanke and more I cannot name without spoiling things.  Please give it a try, and let her know you did so.

[ profile] tv_elf, thank you!


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