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Today, [personal profile] pj1228 generously gifted me a new Forever Knight story! It's "Old Customs Reinstated" (~800 words, Nick/Janette, G). Making a veritable gift sampler of things I enjoy, she included a lesser-known holiday, a touch of history, an early first-season setting, canon references, and, of course, Nick/Janette.

(Technically, this is a FandomStocking fill, a la Yuletide amnesty. But FandomStocking is free! No penalty, no amnesty, just delight.)

Thank you, PJ!
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I received a late-breaking FK-themed [community profile] fandom_stocking stuffer this weekend:
"Girl With A Book by Johannes Vermeer (c. 1665)" by [ profile] falconhorus (817 words; Nick, Janette, real historical figure; references to Lacroix, Fleur)

Thank you, [personal profile] falcon_horus!
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Here are the Forever Knight-related goodies that I saw stuffed into Fandom Stockings this year:

In PJ1228's:In Skieswideopen's:In Blueteak's:In Lightbird's:In Wendymypooh's:In Falcon_horus's:In mine:
  • A highly thoughtful discussion of the series finales of FK and Quantum Leap by Lightbird, incredibly generously referencing an FK essay I wrote all the way back in '99!
  • A hope-filled Nick&Natalie screenshot ("The Fix") by PJ, plus a very kind intention to write a new story with my preferences (so often different from hers!) in mind.
  • A happy FK reminiscence by Twinsarein, which continued through a few chatty exchanges as Twinsarein hunted up FK DVDs and rewatched "Dark Knight" for the first time in a long time.
  • A lovely Nick/Janette New Year's card (first-season promo still) by FalconHorus, featuring my favorite Nick/Janette pose, here with a subtle suggestion that the Raven's lights are holiday lights, plus a sweet promise of a ficlet yet to come. Hmmm, of all FK's characters, whomever might this ficlet feature? ;-)
    Addendum January 24: "Girl With A Book by Johannes Vermeer (c. 1665)" by [ profile] falconhorus
Did I miss any?
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A happy St. Nicholas Day (Nick's name day) to all, and a happy Hanuka starting soon! This reminds me to set out my beloved Forever Net Before Christmas zine so that I can reread its holiday FK stories as part of my Advent joys. (If you don't have the zine, try my "trope:holidays" tag? Over the years, I've linked to as many of its stories as I've found online, and many other FK holiday tales besides).

Now, to business! For the month of November, in my corners of social journaling, here are the Forever Knight items that I happened to see:

Ficathons, fests and communities that welcome FK

  • All the various [community profile] yuletide/[ profile] yuletide activities and efforts continue!
  • [community profile] fandom_stocking, the annual no-commitment, multifandom, treat fest, is taking sign-ups through 12/14 and fills through 1/05/16. (There's a "Characters" field in the template, to go with the "'Ships" field, for the first time this year!) Here're the stockings wishing for FK.
  • [community profile] genprompt_bingo, a multifandom fic bingo challenge with gen prompts (but not necessarily gen fills), has opened a new round, lasting through March 2016.
  • [community profile] galentinesday, a multifandom exchange ficathon for female characters' relationships, is taking sign-ups through 12/09. The submission deadline is 2/06/16.
  • Recommendation communities that would welcome you posting about your FK favorites include: [community profile] fanart_recs, [ profile] het_reccers, [community profile] gensplosion and [community profile] recshelf. (Know more FK-friendly rec communities? Tell me about them!)

Archive of our Own (AO3) Summary
2 of the 631 FK stories on the AO3 show posting dates in this period:

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[community profile] fandom_stocking released on Wednesday night. I haven't yet had a chance to look through other people's stockings, see all the goodies, and discover recommendations worth making, but I can tell you what wonderful things people generously gave me in my stocking, and what few things I managed to create myself.

Gifts I received

Gifts I gave

  • To [personal profile] falcon_horus, who requested Fleur, a medieval Forever Knight ficlet titled "Ad Festivum Ignem," from Fleur's perspective. Fleur encounters a different midwinter tradition in her new husband's demesne. (<1K words, G)

  • To [personal profile] wendymypooh, who requested Nick/Natalie, a fluffy Forever Knight ficlet titled "When the Nat's Away," from Sydney's perspective. Sydney decides that he's had enough of Nick. (<1K words, G)

  • To [profile] bethskink, who requested Lacroix & Schanke, a simple Forever Knight drabble titled "The Real Thing," from Lacroix's perspective. Lacroix bumps into Schanke at the DMV. (100 words, G)

  • To [personal profile] pj1228, who requested Nick/Janette, a genre-muddled (romance/angst/humor) Forever Knight short story titled "Designed to be Seen," from Nick's perspective. Nick finds Janette's very fashionable dress very difficult to remove. (>1K words, PG-13)

  • To [personal profile] skieswideopen, a pledge to write a Janette + "outsider perspective" OC story this year.

  • To all the nice people who requested Duncan/Tessa, Richie or Angie from Highlander, expressions of agreement with their excellent taste, and solidarity in wishing for more stories exploring these characters! Maybe next year... maybe this year.

Thank you, everyone!
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Three days of "stocking hanging" remain at [community profile] fandom_stocking, but most are up!

Here are the stockings that I've spotted belonging to people I know: mine, Skieswideopen's, PJ1228's, Argentum LS's, Sholio's, Falcon Horus's, Sharpest Asp's, Juniperphoenix's, James's. (If I missed yours, please clue me in!)

Stockings by pertinent fandom tags:
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Happy Saint Nicholas Day! :-)

The stockings are going up over at [community profile] fandom_stocking. They'll continue appearing through December 15.

My own isn't up yet, but here are the tag-filter links for wishes in Forever Knight and Highlander. At the moment, the elves seem to have the original Battlestar Galactica mixed up with the new one as both battlestar+galactica and bsg tags; I'm sure they'll untangle them (and if they don't, we BSG78 fans can figure it out).

(Speaking of BSG78, have you heard about the new "definitive collection" recently listed for pre-order? 3 hours of deleted scenes!!! I, uh, may have pre-ordered it for myself already to take advantage of the huge markdown in price on Amazon today. It won't be available until May. Thank you, Santa... um, Easter Bunny... um, my employer!)

As you know, you don't have to "hang a stocking" yourself in order to gift someone a recommendation, story, illustration, warm greeting, and so on (or vice versa!). This is a completely no-obligation opportunity to do some small nice thing, whatever your talents and interests.
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Back in 2011's [community profile] fandom_stocking/[ profile] fandom_stocking game, I ambitiously posted six little stories, one to every stocking that had wished for FK that year. Four of these pieces, I shared on fkfic-l and archived in the usual way. The other two went into a kind of purgatory; each had a unique challenge that I discovered through audience responses, and each I thought I should rewrite, recast, recreate to address its challenge. I never did.

[personal profile] leela_cat once advised me to formally tie off those two, the better to stop thinking of them as eternally to-be-done. I finally did that this weekend, archiving them to the AO3 with only a wash and wax, not a new transmission. I backdated both to Epiphany 2011:

  • "Getting Involved" (1.2K words, PG, Janette and Erica, canon-divergent)
  • "For a Song" (900 words, G, Lacroix and Janette, canon-compliant)

My thanks to the kind people who played Fandom Stocking that year, giving me an opportunity to explore these characters and learn valuable storytelling lessons!

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I've previously posted about the nice things that I received in my own Fandom Stocking this year, and about the neat things that I spotted in other people's Fandom Stockings, so tonight I thought I'd point out the items that I stuffed into some Fandom Stockings myself. I didn't create as widely or well as I'd have liked, but I did have fun writing:

  • Highlander: "Lazarus Heart" (Methos/Alexa, 918 words, G) (beta-read by [personal profile] celli!) for [personal profile] beccadg's wish
    I'd never tried Methos/Alexa before, but the attempt turned out surprisingly satisfying for me. I hope that it works as well for readers, and doesn't bog down when I poke around inside Methos's head for a bit in the middle.

  • Forever Knight: "In Pursuit of the Paladin" (Lacroix & Natalie with Nick implied, 991 words, PG) (beta-read by [personal profile] skieswideopen!) for [personal profile] pj1228's wish
    This led me to a new approach to the ever-vexing problem of how to write for fellow FK fans who personally prefer "dark" takes that I can't support, myself. Here, I imagined a "bright" scenario that I'd love, but told it from Lacroix's perspective. It worked better for me than some past, straining attempts to approach "dark" prompts, but I don't know whether it really bridges the problem of sufficient respect for preferences I can't share. Maybe it's better not to try? There are so few of us! Are mismatches better than no matches, or not?

  • A handful of fanfiction "gift certificates" in FK and HL for stories to be posted to the AO3 sometime in 2014
    (Four have been redeemed/accepted so far. Coincidentally, that's the same number I still owe from the last time I tried this — you know who you are. ~grin~)
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On reveal night, I posted about the goodies that kind people generously stuffed into my [community profile] fandom_stocking this year (updated this morning, when I found a shiny new HL vignette from Ravenela). Now, I'd like to draw your attention to some of the neat treats that I've found in other people's stockings:

Additionally, there are DS9 and AtS fics, assorted Doctor Who images and narratives, some Trek TOS and AOS, and all sorts of other glittery goodies. I even spotted a M7 story! Go shake the box and see what comes out! :-)

(Separately, anybody else feel like they're not automatically receiving replies to comments in DW this week? I'm resorting to clicking the tracking icon on every one. Is something wrong?)


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