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#13. Recommend at least three fanworks created by others.

On this rainy Saturday, let's have some more Saturday-morning cartoons! Even though it's no longer anywhere near Saturday morning. :-) This time: fanart celebrating Dungeons & Dragons (1983-1985). I recommend...
  • ♥ Meet the gang! ♥
    The moment it all begins! Fascinated Diana, worried Sheila, defensive Eric, anxious Presto, anticipating Hank, eager Bobby...
    Digital painting: "Untitled Commission" by [ profile] beagifted

  • Action-packed!
    This teeming panel conveys the headlong story pace. Delighted Bobby, fleeing Sheila, fierce Diana, crouching Eric, Hank in the lead and Presto trying anything...
    Pencil & ink: "Dungeons and Dragons" by [ profile] AllPat

  • We knew invisibility cloaks before invisibility cloaks were cool!
    Is Sheila putting up her hood, or taking it down? Which cliff-face is this, of all they've faced? Yet this must be future-Sheila, with those tattoos and that determination...
    Digital painting: "Sheila from Dungeons and Dragons redesign" by [ profile] RoBs0n

More, more, more! )

Got any favorite D&DC fanart to rec to me?
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#12. Discuss what makes you fannish.

I love stories, and media fandom is story-love shared. It's the black-sheep, back-alley cousin of humanities academia. We tell and retell stories, and deconstruct and reassemble what stories mean for us as individuals and our culture as a whole, with certain broadly common values of enthusiasm, loyalty, creativity and compassion.

That probably covers "fannish" as an intrinsic inclination. :-) But I'll say a few more words about what makes the inclination manifest in different ways in my life. Read more... )
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#10. Recommend a fannish reference resource.

In Dungeons & Dragons (the '80s cartoon!), I heartily recommend the astounding Dungeons & Dragons cartoon encyclopedia! It's everything I ever wanted to do for FK non-fiction, and more and better. If you ever loved this show, it's easy to get lost in delight there, link to link, script to script.

In Battlestar Galactica (the original series!), I rely on The Battlestar Wiki for anything I can't remember where to find in canon (and for what's beyond canon). It has a few blind spots, connected (I presume) to certain Real Life situations (e.g. Serina isn't in the recurring character list, though several less-frequent characters are).

As you probably know, in Forever Knight, I assembled my own reference materials back in the day, including a script-based flashback timeline (a variation on [ profile] wiliqueen's phenomenal costume-based flashback timeline, and building also on Dorothy's version), a Crusades/FK chronology alignment, and 7 character FAQs (mainly the S3 characters). I started, but never completed, lists of all named FK places and things and FK characters, and an FK quotation concordance. To this day, I keep print-outs of my timeline and aired-order episode list on a bulletin board above my desk at home.
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#9. Set some goals for the new year.

As I said back in #1 of this meme, my fannish goal for this year is to engage more with y'all, to contribute to and enjoy the delights and trials of fandom. That's why I'm playing this meme! :-)

And of course if we play FKFicFest this year, then my goal for it is to help as many players as possible have as much fun as possible (without negatively affecting my job or health).

Outside any ficathons, I'd like to fulfill at least a good chunk of my outstanding fanfiction "gift certificates" by the end of the calendar year. list )

And — while I'm dreaming big — I'd really like to write at least one just-because, for-me-first, fanfiction-o'-my-heart. Either the Nick/Urs story that I've nattered about from time to time since last spring, or a certain story titled "Amaranth" that I began in 1997. Or something wholly new that will strike my imagination like a quickening.
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#8. Interact with someone new.

Yesterday, I posted a brief reply to the anonymous moderator of the brand-new [community profile] myoldfandom ficathon, which is gearing up for its first event. ("Old" = no new canon after 2005.) So far, it sounds like an update of [ profile] oldschoolfic, which I enjoyed a lot. But I really know nothing at all about [community profile] myoldfandom or the people behind it (and I'm just a little nonplussed by the modly anonymity).

All my own dearest fanficly fandoms qualify, of course. FK, HL, YB, BSG78, D&DC. Probably even the Buffyverse qualifies, although the comics do purport to be canon. It's not that I don't watch and enjoy new series! I'm all over Agent Carter, Once Upon a Time, Person of Interest, Poldark, Call the Midwife, etc. I loved Forever while it lasted, and Grimm and Sleepy Hollow before they jumped their sharks. But of course they aren't — for better and for worse — the same as stories loved long and long and long.

I wonder whether [community profile] rarelywritten is planning a round this year. If so, I wonder whether the schedules will conflict or complement.
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#7. Share a beloved item of canon.

In FKdom, we often talk about the episodes that "brought us across," that converted us from viewers to fans. These aren't always (or even often!) our favorite episodes in the long run, but they do always have some special combination of timing and resonance that imprints, snuggling up with our imaginations and never letting go.

Over in Marvel Comics, I can narrow it down to not just one story, but one page. Maybe even one panel. It's in Marvel Team-up Annual #5 (1982) (page 11), by Mark Gruenwald. These days, you can get it inside the compilation Thing: The Serpent Crown Affair (page 91). The Scarlet Witch and her husband, the Vision, are out at a movie theater. They're in civvies; it's date night. Suddenly, from the big screen, comes a mystic apparition of evil, a premonition of the vile artifact known as the Serpent Crown, and only Wanda can see it! Wanda heads for the lobby; Vision goes after her. Donning her costume, she explains, and promptly heads off to save the world. Vision had offered to join her, of course, but this is a job for the Scarlet Witch. She sends him back inside to enjoy the rest of the movie (and of course to come running with the rest of the Avengers if he doesn't hear from her within 24 hours).

Little-girl me fell head over heels. The Scarlet Witch has been my favorite superhero ever since. And Vision/Wanda has been my only OTP.
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#6. Issue a challenge.

This #6 stymied me for a while. I've given it much thought. Really, [community profile] fkficfest/[ profile] fkficfest is in and of itself all the challenge I can handle issuing each year! (The annual pre-game planning poll will come in February.) But I do want to fulfill the spirit of the Snowflake event.

Musing on fanwork challenges )

In the end, I decided to launch an Out-of-production Rewatch Project, and to challenge you to join me! Once a week, I'll re-watch one episode from an out-of-production TV fandom and post a few thoughts about it. I'll go in order through a season, so that you can easily join in the re-watching if you like! (I won't necessarily go through a whole series, though; I'll probably switch series between seasons. So many beloved out-of-production fandoms!)

You can play along by re-watching, and/or commenting on my posts, and/or posting yourself! You can join in my re-watch choices, or you can choose an entirely difference season or series.

I'll start with first-season Forever Knight, my favorite! And because it came up in conversation recently, I'll back up all the way into the original pilot Nick Knight for kick-off. I'll plan to watch and post this weekend; I'll promise no later than next Friday night.
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#4. Create a fanwork.

I was originally going to count my 2015 HLH fest recommendations list as the fulfilling fanwork, but I would have made that list anyway. Perhaps that's not really fulfilling the challenge properly, not letting it do all it can?

That itched away at me for a bit, so instead I made this brand-new, off-the-cuff, Doctor Who drabble (exactly 100 words) tonight. Spoilers for 'The Husbands of River Song,' among other things )

#5. Leave feedback on a fanwork.

I considered claiming this fulfilled because I commented (either on LJ or AO3) on every story that I read-to-the-end in the 2015 HLH fest, which for me overlapped this challenge, but, again, I would have done that anyway.

So I opened an OUaT story that I'd bookmarked a while back on the AO3, where I'd left a kudo but no comment. I've now remedied the lack of comment. This particular author doesn't reply to her comments, so perhaps she doesn't care, and perhaps I should have picked another, but I have reread that clever, grim story more than once since I first saw it in a RareWomen (now RarelyWritten) fest.


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