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Recently in FK on my DW Reading Page and LJ Friends List:

On the Air!
On 11/22, [ profile] abby82 alerted us to Chiller's exciting US Thanksgiving marathon events, in which Geraint Wyn Davies will host "his favorite episodes" of FK!  These air 11/24-11/25 and again 11/28-11/29!  And what are GWD's favorite episodes?  Season one: 5. Season two: 11. Season three: 0.  [I expected BM, which he directed, but I was surprised to see BMV on his list.  Interesting!]

In the News!
Cast and Crew!
  • On 11/23, [ profile] abby82 pointed out another new interview with GWD, this time on Chiller's blog.  Among other fun things, there's currently a bulletin-board graphic with the text of a Ribena label on it.
  • On 11/23, [ profile] abby82 let us know that Sci-Fi TV Zone has a twelve-minute audio interview with Geraint Wyn Davies, in which he talks about the Chiller marathon, his current one-man play in New York, and other fun, current things.
  • On 11/19, [ profile] pj1228 created a collage in honor of Nigel Bennett's birthday, and is running a contest for us: win the original collage file by naming all the non-FK roles shown.

  • On 11/25, [ profile] pj1228 announced that she has cleaned up "PJ's Forever Knight FanFiction Archive" after the move to Google Sites.  If you've re-linked since the move from GooglePages, the URL is still the same.  If, like me, you're still catching up...  [Note to self: Update links!]
  • On 11/15, [personal profile] leela_cat announced that she has begun posting her long-unavailable-online old FK stories on her Archive Of Our Own account.  [She's right; she made me very happy. :-)] [Update: She has finished posting all her FK work, except one unfinished novel, and including "Broken Promises" -- last seen online in 1996.]
  • On 11/12, [ profile] pj1228 posted her well-conceived UF story "The Relapse," which I had the privilege of beta-reading.  Even if you're not inclined to the UF, she has a new approach to a specific canonical moment.
  • On 11/06, [ profile] gnosticdiva posted a piece called "The Letter," Nick to Natalie.
  • On 11/05, [ profile] elycia offered: "For every $5 you contribute to Fiver's Team (ALS Association of Georgia), I will write you 500 words of fiction, with the characters of your choice, on the topic of your choice," including in FK.
  • On 11/03, [ profile] ithildyn reposted her 1998 Lacroix story "In His Image."

Fests and Ficathons!
  • On 11/07, [ profile] abby82 noted that it was the last day of nominations for [ profile] festivids, a vid exchange inspired by Yuletide for small and rarely vidded fandoms.  FK is nominated.
  • On 11/03, [ profile] oldschoolfic opened sign-ups for the December event.  Assignments went out on 11/17.  [I got an FK prompt!]
  • On 11/02, [ profile] gen_ficathon posted their round one master list, including two FK stories previously mentioned here when they released.

  • On 11/08, [ profile] pj1228 discussed her FK site's issues with the GoogleSites move, and her FK projects in progress.
  • On 11/07, [ profile] abby82 detailed lowered prices for the FK DVDs at many retailers.
  • On 11/03, [ profile] gnosticdiva mused on her NaNoWriMo project, based on a long-ago unfinished FK fanfic.
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Yuletide sign-ups are open (this is the annual ficathon exchange for obscure fandoms).  At this time, six people have requested FK stories, and twelve people have offered to write FK stories.  Sign-ups must be submitted by 11/12; stories are due on 12/21.  The is the biggest fanfiction game of which I know, and this is its seventh year.  I know some of you are playing it; please include FK, yeah?

I will not be playing Yuletide myself, but I will be playing [ profile] oldschoolfic (for canceled fandoms).  Sign-ups are due by 11/15; stories are due on 12/25.  I need to work out what stories to request and which fandoms to offer (as I can't under the rules say "FK or HL only" ~g~).

Separately, [ profile] gen_ficathon is taking a poll about holding a second round.  In my opinion, when considering future participation, it is relevant to note that the first round of this exchange ficathon had some challenges, including four writers who never received stories, and three months to release the stories that were submitted.  I would personally like to see a plan to address these issues before committing to another round.

In Ficathon News

Friday, October 23rd, 2009 08:53 am
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The story written for one of my prompts in [ profile] gen_ficathon finally turned up this week (the author clearly, kindly, picked it up as a pinch-hitter after someone else defaulted).  This is the ficathon for celebrating fanfiction beyond romance.  Titled "Hero," by [ profile] alexajohnson, it's for my Star Trek '09 prompt.  The other prompts I submitted in that event were Forever Knight (of course), Highlander, Young Blades, and Star Trek: The Next Generation -- highest number of prompts requested/allowed in any ficathon I've played in yet.

Speaking of ficathons, [ profile] oldschoolfic is running a poll about holding a "December Carnival" all-holiday exchange event.  This is the ficathon for celebrating out-of-production fandoms.  They're guaging interest, dates, and preferred minimum length, to start.  If you're interested, please drop by.  (If FK is eligible this time, and if I think I have good odds of getting an FK or HL asignment, and if Real Life keeps itself to itself, I plan to play.  A lot of "if"s, I know -- but three Buffyverse assignments in a row this year!  I'm fond of the Buffyverse, but I've got to come home to my own fandoms to recharge my hobby.)

Still speaking of ficathons, [ profile] fkficfest is up.  It's not quite ready for members, insofar as we have some testing yet to do with posting from different accounts, and holding and releasing a queue -- I've never modded a community before -- and you don't need to live through that on your Friends List/Reading Page.  But if you're interested in taking a look, please let me (or co-mod [ profile] amilyn) know what you think.  We plan for sign-ups to begin in February, and stories to release in May.

I've been out of touch.  I'll catch up this weekend!
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The Fall 2009 [ profile] oldschoolfic fest (the one for canceled series) released this weekend, with a total of eight stories in six fandoms.  One of them, "The Fall Rolled in on the Back of Summer" by [ profile] abby82, is FK!  Written for a prompt by me!  (My entry, "What Remains has Always Been," was written for a BtVS request.)

The inaugural [ profile] gen_ficathon fest (the one for other-than-romance) is still waiting for the final entries to be submitted.  They've released twenty-two (about half of their total) in fifteen fandoms so far.  One of them, "The Code of Friendship" by [ profile] foxy11814, is FK!  (My entry, "From Now On," as previously mentioned, was written for a BtVS request.)

With my co-moderator, I am planning to soon begin setting up that little FK-only event, with stories to be due May 18 (the LK anniversary).  I'm figuring we'll want about two months to write, so assignments would be distributed no later than March 23 (hopefully sooner), sign-ups due by March 18, sign-ups open on February 18.  Sound about right?
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The first ten stories in the [ profile] gen_ficathon queue have been released.  None are FK so far, but one happens to be my AtS/BtVS story "From Now On," starring Faith and Wesley, written to [ profile] tielan's prompt.  (Thanks to [personal profile] leela_cat and [ profile] much_madness for beta-reading!)

This is my second Buffyverse story.  My first was "Fortune Prove" (written for [ profile] femme_fic), and my third comes due on September 1 for [ profile] oldschoolfic.  It's a Buffyverse year!  :-)

Next year, we're having that FK event. ;-)
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The [ profile] gen_ficathon moderator has temporarily reopened sign-ups, and asked participants to consider adding prompts and/or fandoms, hoping to ease matching.  She specifically calls out Forever Knight as a fandom needing more prompts (also HL, B5, LotR, ST:TOS, ST:TNG, SJA and a few more).

She would like to offer every writer two compatible prompts, which is generous, pragmatic -- and ambitious, perhaps?  I would like to help her matching, but of the neglected fandoms listed, my original requests covered three (probably meaning I'm part of the problem; darn) and I'm not familiar with most of the rest.  I'll keep thinking on it.

As we're talking ficathons, just a reminder that sign-ups for the next [ profile] oldschoolfic event come due June 30 (Tuesday).
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Recently, in FK on my LJ Friends List and DW Circle:

Cast and Crew.
On 06/22, [personal profile] abby82 marked Catherine Disher's birthday by quoting CD's enthusiasm for Snakes & Ladders and excerpting an interview with CD from just before her Gemini win.

Ficathons.Fanfiction.Memes and Miscellaneous.

FK is on Hulu

Monday, June 22nd, 2009 01:08 am
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Everyone else knows this already, right?  Forever Knight is on Hulu, with seasons one and two up for free online viewing -- with commercials.  (To view without commercials, purchase episode downloads from Amazon for $1.99, or of course the DVDs.)

I pinged Hulu for the first time this weekend while signing up for the [ profile] oldschoolfic ficathon (sign up by June 30; this is the one for any genre, in out-of-production fandoms only).  My FK prompt references an episode, which should be easy, I thought.  Rewatch just one episode, and all set!  But what if my prompt recipient doesn't own the DVDs, or they're packed away, or something?  It seems Hulu will serve nicely.

I had already signed up for the [ profile] gen_ficathon event (sign up by June 25; this is the one for gen only, in any fandom), so now I'm conclusively in both FK-eligible events this summer.  In over my head?  We'll see. :-)
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So sign-ups continue at two upcoming FK-eligible ficathons: [ profile] gen_ficathon (sign-up deadline 25 June) and [ profile] oldschoolfic (sign-up deadline 30 June).  I've now signed up for one, and will sign up for the other in time.

Because the [ profile] gen_ficathon sign-ups are public, I can share a current FK-participation tally:

  • FK Prompts Submitted: 4 (here, here, here, and here)
  • FK Writers Offering: 5 (here, in addition to those above)

Because [ profile] oldschoolfic's sign-ups are screened, I can't do the same, but they have achieved at least one FK story in each of their previous events.

Stray thought:  You know what it seems as if no one requests?  Vachon's crew.  Surely someone should prompt for Urs, Screed, Bourbon and the wide-eyed guy with the hair...

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We have two (2) FK-eligible events this summer!  FK won a place among the official fandoms of the new [ profile] gen_ficathon, and of course FK is always eligible for [ profile] oldschoolfic, by definition.  Their timeframes overlap, but it's not impossible to participate in both.  I'm planning to give it a whirl.  I hope you will, too!  (I would enjoy receiving FK prompts to write. ~g~)  I have not yet signed up for either, but just because I need to plan and ponder my prompts.  (What makes a high-quality prompt?  Different things for different people, I'm sure.)

Gen Ficathon I OldSchoolFic IV
Fandoms:  Official Fandoms List   Any Out-of-Production Fandom 
Posts: Rules and Sign-ups Rules and Sign-Ups
Sign-ups: June 04-25
Sign-ups are public.
June 03-30
Sign-ups are screened.
Assignments Sent: June 28 July 01
Deadline: August 11 September 01
Minimum Length: One/1000 words One/1000 words or
Two/500 words

[ profile] gen_ficathon is bright new.  [ profile] oldschoolfic, on the other hand, has held three events to date, and I've played them all ("A Delicate Balance" (FK), "Fearful Symmetry" (FK) and "So This is Home" (HL)) and found them quite satisfactory.  With two events so close together, I'm going to have to aim at shorter stories (as [ profile] much_madness is always telling me to).  Pity: I will get a whole week off work for the first time in over a year just before the assignments go out.  If only it were after!  :-)


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