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(Or, as Skieswideopen calls it: "enabling." ~grin~)
  • The multifandom "Gen-in-January" game on [community profile] the_fic_trader remains open through the end of January.

  • I will post the annual [community profile] fkficfest/[ profile] fkficfest survey in the final week of January. (When is best to schedule the ficathon this year? What rules and mechanisms can we improve from last year? How can we attract more players? How can I be a better mod?)

  • [ profile] rarewomen is on for 2013! This year, there's no distinction between large and small fandoms. Under 500 stories on AO3 and also under 500 on featuring a canonically female character? She's eligible if nominated. I played last year and may well play again this year. Timeline:
    • 01/24-01/31: Discuss nominations.
    • 02/01-02/07: Nominate.
    • 03/01-ish: Assignments go out.
    • 04/28: Stories due.
    • 05/04: Stories release.

  • [ profile] shipswap is running a "Rare Ship" exchange event. I won't play, but I will read if my fandoms win stories. Timeline:
    • 02/01-02/28: Nominate.
    • 03/06-04/08: Sign up.
    • 04/15-ish: Assignments go out.
    • 06/15: Stories due.
    • 06/22: Stories release.

  • The [ profile] het_reccers community is presently seeking volunteers to write "Fandom Manifestos," and still needs sign-ups for FK, HL, BSG'78, etc. Separately, they are always seeking recommendations of high-quality het fanfiction in any fandom (no sign-up needed).

  • [community profile] casestory Big Bang sign-ups opened on 01/01.

  • [ profile] blue_eyed_1987 is running a multi-fandom "Pretend Dating/Relationship" fest.

  • [personal profile] wehappyfew is running a multi-fandom AU drabble fest.

  • Not fiction-related, but just so you know: There's a [community profile] fanart_recs community!
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Recently in FK in my corners of social journaling:

Ficathons, Fests and Communities


Meta (Chatter, Discussion and Essays)


  • 11/30: [Locked] noted that Stratford has announced that its 2012 Cymbeline will include NB as Roman general Caius Lucius; GWD will also appear.
  • 11/20: [Locked] reviewed the "Going On" performance starring GWD and his wife.
  • 11/15: [ profile] pj1228 recommended the TV series Murdoch Mysteries, noting that GWD plays Sir Arthur Conan Doyle in season two, and NB is in seasons four and (likely) five.
  • 11/12: [ profile] pj1228 reviewed the 2011 Stratford Richard III, with NB as Lord Hastings and Andrew Gillies (Felix Twist) as Lord Stanley.

Chiller has FK scheduled for 9AM to 3PM (Eastern Time) on Monday 12/12! "Dark Knight" through "False Witness."

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Recently in FK on my LJ F-List and DW R-Page:

Ficathons and Fests



  • On 12/21, under lock, someone noted that audiences may vote for 2010's favorite plays and actors in the Toronto Awards. GWD and NB are both nominated.
  • On 12/19, [ profile] pj1228 pointed out the new site, announcing FK alumni stage appearances.



Chiller will air FK three times in January: 01/03, 9AM-3PM, second season; 01/19, 9AM-3PM, first season; and 01/29, 8AM-2PM, first season.  (What's exciting here is that they're running second season in the original aired order this time, with "Crazy Love" as the finale!  Cool.)

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My own [ profile] fandom_stocking is now hung by the virtual chimney here.  If you would like one of your own hung, there is still plenty of time; go here for instructions and sign-ups.

My plan, in looking for promising opportunities to help spread a little cheer through this game, is to go first by fandom tags, and then see what there is to see.  For my own reference, the [ profile] fandom_stocking tags I personally plan to check -- perhaps to help fill, definitely to see fills from others -- are, in alphabetical order: list )

In other ficathon news, the [ profile] oldschoolfic winter game assignments are out, and I wish the eight of us who signed up in the end much luck and inspiration!  And at the end of November, [personal profile] sharpest_asp announced the timeline for the next round of her "Gen in January" fest, which happens on [community profile] the_fic_trader.

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Before I list all the exciting FK blog posts you guys have treated us to lately, I'd like to note a development elsewhere. has made the official debut of its Website Archive, which is [ profile] greerwatson's project to preserve FK sites that would otherwise have been lost when Geocities shut down.  She has been working with authors like [ profile] hearts_blood to ensure that things that people meant to go down stay down, but everything that should be saved is saved.

And while we're speaking of things one step aside from my usual scan, everyone already knows about the FK Wiki, right?  I believe that has been mainly [ profile] susanmgarrett and [ profile] greerwatson's project so far.  [Addendum 02/16: Susan observes that the project is actually Greer's, and she "deserves every molecule of credit for that work." My mistake! Well-deserved applause toward Greer, please.]

Okay!  Recently on my LJ Friends List and DW Reading Page:


  • [ profile] fkficfest: The FK-only ficathon community is open (welcome post), and the sign-up post will go up on Thursday 02/18 (three months before the final due date, 05/18).  (Several people very kindly gave us a shout-out: my co-mod Amilyn, Havocthecat and Wiliqueen.)
  • [ profile] femslash_today: On 02/10, I learned that "Femslash Today" is having its annual multifandom porn battle.  Entries are welcome through 02/19.  There are three intriguing FK prompts (no FK entries as of 02/14, as far as I can see).
  • [ profile] 17daysinfeb: On 01/28, [personal profile] celli noted a multifandom ficathon about the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Games.  FK's characters could easily be in Vancouver during the Olympics!  (As of 02/14, there are no tags, and seem to be no FK entries.)
  • [ profile] halfamoon: To see FK-tagged entries on "Halfamoon," go here.  There don't seem to be any yet for 2010, but the event doesn't close for many hours yet.  (On 01/26, [ profile] abby82 remembered her FK contribution last year, and encouraged us to all play this year.  On 01/21, [personal profile] havocthecat let us know that the community was gearing up for its annual 02/01-02/14 multifandom celebration of female characters.  FK's characters are eligible.)
  • Porn Battle IX: The final total was three FK entries, all by [ profile] gnosticdiva.  (On 01/27, [ profile] gnosticdiva catalogued her contributions to Porn Battle IX.  On 01/26, [ profile] abby82 noted that the event was open and running through 02/01.  On 01/19, [ profile] abby82 announced that prompts were being accepted that week (prompts, FAQ).)
  • Gen in January: The final total is one FK entry, by [personal profile] sharpest_asp.




Assorted Goodies

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Recently in FK on my LJ Friends List and DW Reading Page:

[ profile] help_haiti

Everyone knows about [ profile] help_haiti by now, right?  The fannish community rewarding donations to Haiti relief with custom fic, beta services, and other things in an auction-like structure?  Bidding continues through January 20.  Thanks to everyone who is participating, and who has offered!  [ profile] eponymous_rose is cataloging offers by fandom.  It looks like the FK-specific offers at this time are from: Havocthecat, Triciabyrne1978, Amilyn and Devohoneybee.  [Addendum 01/18: rude_not_ginger and aescu are also offering FK, per [ profile] amilyn.]  (Leela-cat generously made a gesture in FK's direction, but you know she wants HP. ~g~)  [personal profile] amilyn has summarized some offers and information here and here

Vidfests, Ficathons and Gifts
  • On 01/17, [personal profile] sharpest_asp posted a reminder about the "Gen in January" ficathon, for which FK received one prompt (IB: Nick/Janette).  (It's a 500-words minimum, with prompts available to claim from a list, not assigned.)
  • On 01/14, [ profile] festivids went live, and [ profile] abby82 strongly recommended the vid she received in the exchange.  [personal profile] sharpest_asp agreed, and so did [ profile] ithildyn.  Count me in the consensus as well.  Set to "Cemeteries of London" by Coldplay, it's still anonymous, it's the only FK entry in the fest, and it is receiving copious praise for something from our sleepy fandom in a multifandom venue!  It's vampire-centric across all three seasons, features many of the neck-o'-the-week characters, and it musters the elusive "you could interpret this either way" that keeps us happily disagreeing to this day.  Knighties and Cousins may well see different feeds of this vid, and isn't that just the way it's supposed to be?
  • On 01/12, [personal profile] havocthecat pointed out [community profile] purimgifts/[ profile] purimgifts, a multi-fandom event reveling in characters who are Jewish and/or women and/or persecuted by evil viziers (FAQ). FK is eligible (every fandom is eligible).
  • On 01/06, [ profile] fandom_stocking released.  Four people were tagged as requesting FK stocking stuffers, and they all received at least one tiny FK trinket.
  • On 12/29, [ profile] gnosticdiva described the [ profile] dayofindulgence event, and noted that she's planning an FK entry, perhaps an adult scenario.

  • On 12/31, [ profile] abby82 pointed out that has all three seasons of FK (Region 1) on sale for $14.99.  Anyone not own yet?  Buy!  Convince them there's a market for slim sets and blu-ray and missing bits restored or packed as extras...
  • On 12/27, [ profile] pj1228 shared the great news that FK's first season will be released in Germany on 02/19/10, with German and English audio tracks.  Finally!  Cheers to all the German-speaking fans!  (Buy! So they'll release the other seasons, too.)  I can't wait to learn whether it's the full footage from the first German airing of first-season.  Granted, the differences are tiny per episode, mostly just longer establishing shots, but...

Cast and Crew and Airings
  • On 01/13, [ profile] abby82 shared that Mr. Parriot has won himself a new series, USA Network's Covert Affairs.  It stars Kari Matchett (Alyssa).
  • On 12/31, [ profile] abby82 filled us in -- at least, those of us who don't get the Chiller channel -- on GWD's "hosting" of Chiller's most recent FK marathon.  Actually, it was eight fun soundbites over amusing montages (seven GWD, 1 NB).  She has them all linked, and also points us to Chiller's YouTube Channel.  And as she points out, wow! that color quality.
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[ profile] wiliqueen has kept her eye on [ profile] medie's gift to fandom, [ profile] fandom_stocking, and let us know that it's up and running with sign-ups.  This is a hidden-until-reveal gifting fest, with no claiming and no assignments, no minimums or maximums, just prompts and good will.  (So far, three of this year's posted stockings, including Wiliqueen's and Amilyn's, include FK on their mini-wishlists. Eight include HL. None YB, or my other fandoms that make FK look crowded by comparison. ~g~ Not that all my hobby time is not already pledged to [ profile] oldschoolfic this month! ~g~)

Wishes and Won'ts )

[personal profile] sharpest_asp has proposed a "Gen in January" ficathon.  It will be prompt-claiming style, rather than assignment driven.  Minimum 500 words, gen only, any fandom, any characters -- including, of course, FK.  (Gen, as recently discussed, is defined as every kind of plot and theme in human experience except romance and sex.)


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