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LiveJournal's continued technical difficulties worry me that [community profile] fkficfest/[ profile] fkficfest authors are seeing their stories neglected.  (DW readers can view the DW posts and cross-links to LJ, but often can't get into LJ; many LJ readers can't view anything at all.)  Feedback never goes stale!  Whenever you do get to read their stories, please consider dropping a quick acknowledgment of their hard work.

Haven't had time for the fest yet?  Totally understandable!  Tell me what you like in FK, and I'll do my best to identify a tale in this year's game that will satisfy you, specifically!  We've got history, mystery, adventure, humor... all are enthusiastic and some are exquisite.

My own contribution, "Malicious Mischief" (PG, gen, ~9K words; Schanke, Janette, Nick, Natalie, Miklos, Alma, Grace), written for [personal profile] sholio's prompt, released yesterday on Dreamwidth, and was honored with a rec from Celli.  The story generously written for my prompt, "New Partners" (G, gen ~3K words; Tracy, Nick, Reese, Natalie) by [ profile] twilight2000, dropped the day before that, on LiveJournal.  My thanks to [ profile] twilight2000!  (Interestingly, hers is the first major Tracy role in this year's game so far.)
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Several weeks ago, I followed a link posted by [ profile] foxy11814 to a recommendation of her story titled "A Father's Truth," and discovered one of my stories on that same UF recommendations list, on a community called [ profile] lacroix_knight.

My first reaction was surprise!  Then flattery and confusion.  My "That Ain't Love" (1999) stars Nick and Lacroix, yes, and examines their relationship, yes, but the title was not selected just for the song challenge.  If you've read it, you know where I stand.  With reflection, the surprise and confusion were replaced by respect for the choice of the UFer, [ profile] mysticdreamer32, to list a diverse array of stories featuring her favorite characters, not just easy or cheerleading takes on the combination.  I appreciate and applaud that, and thank her for the recommendation.

If the UF is your thing, you may want to check out that rec list and community both.
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At the halfway point of [ profile] fkficfest, I rounded up the recommendations of its stories that I had seen so far.  Here are the recommendations that I have seen since then:

Thanks, guys!
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We've just passed the halfway point of the [ profile] fkficfest event.  We're seeing examples from every faction and perspective!  And it looks like we've scored three recommendations so far:
  • On 05/18, [personal profile] sharpest_asp recommended "Plus ├ža Change" by [ profile] pj1228, complimenting its complexity and targeted backstory.  This story stars Lacroix and Janette, with a frameset immediately after "The Human Factor," and a flashback to when Janette came across.

  • On 05/20, [personal profile] leela_cat recommended "Sugar and Spice" by [ profile] malinaldarose, complimenting the mystery and characterization.  This story stars Nick, Schanke and Jenny, and is set in first season.

  • On 05/23, [ profile] wiliqueen recommended "True to Life" by me, complimenting its craft and attention to its prompt.  This story stars Nick and Janette, and is set between the flashbacks of "Let No Man Tear Asunder" and those of "The Fix."
Thanks, guys!

As co-host of the game, I feel that I shouldn't indulge my own urge to make fest-in-progress recommendations or a "best of" list.  So you guys do it! ;-)  If you feel like it, that is. :-)  If you have a story in the game, consider pointing your friends to it when it releases.  Consider reading all the stories, recommending a few, and telling the authors that you read their work and are interested in reading more FK by them someday. 

I'm really pleased and proud of how things are going so far, with great stories, great feedback, and great conversations.  Fingers crossed for the game's second half.

Have fun!
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Before I list all the exciting FK blog posts you guys have treated us to lately, I'd like to note a development elsewhere. has made the official debut of its Website Archive, which is [ profile] greerwatson's project to preserve FK sites that would otherwise have been lost when Geocities shut down.  She has been working with authors like [ profile] hearts_blood to ensure that things that people meant to go down stay down, but everything that should be saved is saved.

And while we're speaking of things one step aside from my usual scan, everyone already knows about the FK Wiki, right?  I believe that has been mainly [ profile] susanmgarrett and [ profile] greerwatson's project so far.  [Addendum 02/16: Susan observes that the project is actually Greer's, and she "deserves every molecule of credit for that work." My mistake! Well-deserved applause toward Greer, please.]

Okay!  Recently on my LJ Friends List and DW Reading Page:


  • [ profile] fkficfest: The FK-only ficathon community is open (welcome post), and the sign-up post will go up on Thursday 02/18 (three months before the final due date, 05/18).  (Several people very kindly gave us a shout-out: my co-mod Amilyn, Havocthecat and Wiliqueen.)
  • [ profile] femslash_today: On 02/10, I learned that "Femslash Today" is having its annual multifandom porn battle.  Entries are welcome through 02/19.  There are three intriguing FK prompts (no FK entries as of 02/14, as far as I can see).
  • [ profile] 17daysinfeb: On 01/28, [personal profile] celli noted a multifandom ficathon about the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Games.  FK's characters could easily be in Vancouver during the Olympics!  (As of 02/14, there are no tags, and seem to be no FK entries.)
  • [ profile] halfamoon: To see FK-tagged entries on "Halfamoon," go here.  There don't seem to be any yet for 2010, but the event doesn't close for many hours yet.  (On 01/26, [ profile] abby82 remembered her FK contribution last year, and encouraged us to all play this year.  On 01/21, [personal profile] havocthecat let us know that the community was gearing up for its annual 02/01-02/14 multifandom celebration of female characters.  FK's characters are eligible.)
  • Porn Battle IX: The final total was three FK entries, all by [ profile] gnosticdiva.  (On 01/27, [ profile] gnosticdiva catalogued her contributions to Porn Battle IX.  On 01/26, [ profile] abby82 noted that the event was open and running through 02/01.  On 01/19, [ profile] abby82 announced that prompts were being accepted that week (prompts, FAQ).)
  • Gen in January: The final total is one FK entry, by [personal profile] sharpest_asp.




Assorted Goodies

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Recently on my LJ Friends List and DW Reading Page:

New Fanfiction
[ profile] crack_van Recommendations

FK on Crack-Van

Sunday, December 6th, 2009 11:30 am
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[ profile] abby82 rocks, you know?  She has brought FK to [ profile] crack_van!  For any who don't know, this community is Multifandom Fanfiction Recommendations Grand Central Station.  I've rarely dropped by there myself because, well, FK hadn't been featured.  But [personal profile] batdina emailed me the Saint Nicholas Day treat of news to Go. Look. Now.

[ profile] abby82 posted an exciting, extensive FK Fandom Overview on 12/03.  It's great fun to read, even if you already know the facts.  And then on 12/06, she launched FK recommendations on the community with my short story "A Little Salsa Picante" (2006).  Wow!  Thank you so much, [ profile] abby82!  I'm flattered and touched and delighted.  And I'm so much looking forward to your future FK recommendations there!  I cannot overstress how strongly I am in favor of people recommending great FK stories for me to read. ;-)

A month of [ profile] crack_van recommendations: what a wonderful holiday gift to FKdom.  Thank you!


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