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In the [ profile] rarewomen game this year, I received [profile] falconhorus's prompt slate. I very seriously considered her Sleepy Hollow request for Katrina (I rewatched every episode!), but naturally, as you doubtless could have predicted all along and saved me the fuss and fretting, I instead ended up writing for her Forever Knight request for Fleur.

On the AO3: "Wake and Remember"
Length:6,265 words
Date:May 2013
Rating:PG-13 (vampire behavior)
Characters:Fleur, Nick, Original Characters; off-screen references to Lacroix, Janette, Andre, Lord Delabar
Setting:1247 Artois (before "Fallen Idol") and 1229 Brabant (after "Be My Valentine")
Summary:Fleur's memory of her own youthful romantic rebellion does not create great sympathy with her daughter's.
Quotation:"You wanted to save me. Do you want to save yourself?"

I got to leverage research that I've done for previous stories set in Europe's middle ages, but my discovery of the Paston Letters was new just for this game; it inspired this tale. My thanks to [personal profile] skieswideopen, V. and [personal profile] argentum_ls for helping at various stages of brainstorming, unblocking and proofreading!

Fleur is arguably the most important guest star in Forever Knight, but she is, indubitably, only a guest star. I know. I'm very lucky that kind people like [profile] falconhorus, and my brainstormers, beta-readers and you are willing to play with the character with me! Thank you, all!

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These seven miniature stories were my contribution to the "door prizes" for on-time players in the May 2010 [ profile] fkficfest game.  (You can read the whole slate here, with seven more drabbles by [ profile] amilyn and one by [personal profile] leela_cat.)

I'd written a drabble -- a 100-word story -- once before, but just the once.  People often compare the discipline of a 100-word story to a haiku.  The goal is to fit an entire, self-sufficient tale into the few words, not just an excerpt of a larger piece; I found it very challenging, and I know that my success varies across these selections.

  •   Title: "Party Favors" (also on AO3)
  •   Length: 7 x 100 words
  •   Date: Posted to [ profile] fkficfest on May 30, 2010; not yet posted to FKFic-L
  •   Rating: Assorted
  •   Quotation:  "The little camera on the patrol car's dashboard ensured that Vachon had to take it like a human."

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What's Good?  For March, I'm delighted to get to point out Cindy I.'s "Mortal Ties" (2000, PG).  This pre-"Dark Knight" novella lays a baseline homicide case plot, and then overlaps motifs in a family tragedy for Natalie and a flashback struggle for Nick.
     With a faint sigh, Nick silenced the nagging doubts.  Now was not the time to worry about his own moral dilemmas.  Tonight, Natalie's pain took precedence.  Despite his resolve not to get involved, he'd found he couldn't stand by while she faced this night alone.

What's New on FKFic-L?  In February, the fiction list saw one new story, "The Macedonian Vampire in New Mexico" (8 posts, 344KB) by [ profile] dj_clawson.  It isn't online just yet, but I'm guessing it will join its series soon.

Oh! Don't forget!  [ profile] fkficfest sign-ups are open through March 18.
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What's Good?  For February, I am excited to finally get to recommend [personal profile] leela_cat's novel "Broken Promises" (1996, NC-17)!  My recommendations project's rules require that I get the author's permission before spotlighting a story; I first asked after this one in '00.  "Broken Promises" links Nick and Vachon's pasts to produce fully-integrated present-day action.  Many minor canonical characters turn up along the way, including the rarely-seen Larry Merlin.
     "Damn it, Javier!" Laine began to retort, but stopped when she heard footsteps coming up the stairs. Just great. Now she'd never persuade Javier. She glared at the vampire who entered the attic.
     "Vachon..." Nick's voice faltered as he caught sight of Vachon's guest. "Who...?" Doubt, hope, denial. All of them were visible on his face. "I know you. Don't I?"
What's New?  In January, fkfic-l saw three new stories by three authors.  list with links )
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This set of three flashbacks was my submission to the "Claire Rankin Characters Mini-Ficathon."  They're set in my "Fireweed" AU, in which Janette brought Fleur across, accelerating Nick's rejection of vampirism.  (No need to read the original. That's all the context.)

I have a soft spot for Nick's sister.  My 1998 "Fireweed" vampire Fleur differs from my 2008 "Starwort" human Fleur, I noticed as I revisited her.  Different lives made different women from the same origin.  Yoked to Lacroix, "Fireweed" Fleur's development was constrained.  "Starwort" Fleur grew further faster, living human.  One of these days, I will finish "Amaranth" Fleur, who goes farthest of all.

  •   Title: "Three Fireweed Seeds"
  •   Length: ~3,300 words
  •   Date: Posted to FKFic-L March 5, 2009
  •   Rating: PG-13 (gen, f/f, m/f)
  •   Summary: "Reconnection:" Nick watches over Fleur.  "Responses:" Fleur tries to comfort Erica.  "Recoil:" Lacroix  has driven Fleur away.
  •   Setting:   1229 Paris, 1700 London, 1966 Bonn
  •   Characters:   Fleur, Nick, Erica, Lacroix
  •   Quotation: "So then why, why, why had he burned the Abbarratt without letting her read it first?"

"Responses," the second of the three ficlets, replied to an f/f prompt.  It is my first try at such, and I suspect I failed the prompt's intention.  One lesson I'm taking is that a fully successful run at that prompt would require its own custom AU.

Two Ficathons

Sunday, February 1st, 2009 10:40 pm
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The 2009 [ profile] femme_fic ficathon is now accepting sign-ups here.  (As a reminder, this event celebrates female characters, minimum 1K words, sign-ups throughout February.)  Voting determined that FK will be a wildcard fandom again this year, so participants will need to sign up for two of the voted-in fandoms in addition to FK (or, you know, some other fandom ~g~).  What's different this year is that the sign-ups are not screened, so you can look over what has been requested/offered, and perhaps even craft your entry to match.  This was a very good event last year.

And the Claire Rankin-character Drabble-a-thon (hereinafter the Fleur Mini-Ficathon) is now open here.  Submissions are accepted throughout February (no claiming, no limits).  Some new Fleur stories would be cool (but of course her Atlantis and Voyager characters are also eligible).  Thanks to everyone who submitted Fleur prompts!  For your convenience, I'm sharing them here:  prompt list )

  And thanks to [ profile] falcon_horus, for having the idea, and hosting!

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[ profile] falcon_horus is hosting a mini-ficathon for characters played by Claire Rankin!  Naturally and rightfully, this will be dominated by Doctor Kate Heightmeyer, Rankin's regular role on Stargate: Atlantis, but over here in FK, she played my favorite guest star, Nick's sister, and [ profile] falcon_horus went out of her way to be clear that Fleur is welcome in the game.  So come play!  Leave a prompt!  (There's no need to claim a prompt, or to sign up in any way.  Her initial speculation suggested 500-1000 words, but her prompt-collecting post does not define any limits.)

Here's her timeline:
  • Prompts collected here through 01/29.
  • Prompts consolidated and posted on 02/01.
  • Posting 02/02 through 02/28.

Remember that you can imagine beyond Nick & Fleur and Lacroix & Fleur, if you like!  No factional limits.  Janette and Fleur, Natalie and Fleur, Schanke and Fleur... what?  Dream sequences and ghosts are completely canonical. ;-)

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This is so late for any of the holidays she mentioned that she's probably forgotten, but nevertheless this post is for [ profile] falcon_horus, who specifically requested some new Fleur toys to play with.

Wallpaper.  Here is the ficathon wallpaper I made and used while writing "Starwort" to that quotation-prompt in the [ profile] femme_fic event about a year ago.  Here is an alternate wallpaper I made for another story idea (an AU) for that same prompt, but which I haven't written yet because I couldn't complete the historical research in time.  And here is a plain old Faithful wallpaper collage.

Icons.  Here are twelve new Fleur user-pic icons, available if you would like them:


2. 3.

More Icons )

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Please bear with me through one last post here about this story.  I sent "Starwort" to fkfic-l early this week, then archived it on my own site.  It's my longest fanfiction in almost five years, and my first starring Fleur in almost seven.  My sincere thanks to those who helped it come into being, and those who have let me know that they read it!

  •  Title: "Starwort"
  •   Length: ~14,000 words
  •   Date: Posted to FKFic-L April 20-22, 2008
  •   Rating: PG-13 (m/f)
  •   Summary: While Fleur is pregnant with Andre, a stranger named Lacroix arrives uninvited at a hunting party.
  •   Setting:   1236, Artois
  •   Characters:  Fleur, Lacroix, Original Characters
  •   Quotation: "How my ladies would laugh, to hear I had a successful flirtation and don't even remember it."


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