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I somehow didn't see this until [personal profile] elistaire pointed it out just now, but [community profile] hlh_shortcuts sign-ups have been open since 10/06, and will be open through 10/15 — tomorrow!

Coming to it this late, I doubt there's enough time for me to make up my mind whether to play and to compose a sign-up. (You've seen me agonize through these things, right? And I have a lot of hesitation in HL fandom.) But I always read in this exchange fest, and look forward to that reading very much!

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The story that I wrote for the 2016 [ profile] hlh_shortcuts released (appropriately) on December 21: the winter solstice, Duncan MacLeod's birthday. The fest authors revealed (even more appropriately) on January 6: Epiphany.

This is the first time that I've participated in this fest. I was all over anxious that I'd blow it. As long and deep as I've loved HL, my HL love doesn't usually seem to fit in HL fandom. Many, many thanks to [personal profile] argentum_ls and [personal profile] skieswideopen for each helping me brainstorm toward the story. When it came, the idea warranted a novella, but the time allowed a short. (Thanks also to [personal profile] skieswideopen, [personal profile] celli, and [personal profile] sholio for beta-reading at the last minute, catching typos and confusions!)

  On the AO3: "Ships in the Night
  Length: 1,406 words
  Date: December 2016
  Rating: PG; gen
  Characters:  Richie/Angie, Michelle
  Setting: Winter 2017, Oakland, CA; divergent reality; branched from canon in early fifth season
  Summary: A hundred times since he’d tried to lay down his sword, Richie had walked away without a confrontation. Didn’t look like this was gonna be one of those times.

If you read it, please consider letting me know what I should learn from this to improve the next? (And check out the other fest stories!)

I'm often canon-bound. This "Clan Denial" request cracked that shell. I discovered that I very much like the man Richie might have grown to be, given the example and support of those he respects and loves.

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The story written for me in the [community profile] hlh_shortcuts exchange has revealed. I think that many of you may enjoy it! Take a look? It's a first-season HL/FK crossover starring Tessa and Natalie. The plot depends on each acting with professional passion and authority. A clever conceit amusingly finesses the crossover.
"Bag of Bolts" by [currently Anonymous]
G, gen, 7K words
Natalie, Tessa, Duncan, OCs
Summary: Natalie attends an ME convention at a hotel where Tessa is installing a sculpture. Danger. Bonding. Pie.

More like Yuletide than FKFicFest, the HLH_Shortcuts prompt slates seem to be pretty loose suggestions. I didn't specifically request (or imagine) this scenario. All credit to the author for the happy surprise.

Of both series, I do dearly love their first seasons, when motivations were clear and rich, and triumphant possibilities endless. Their first seasons, I rewatch just for fun, just for joy.
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For the first time, I participated in HLH_Shortcuts, the Highlander winter fanfiction exchange, this year. Though they've been around longer than FKFicFest, this is their first year posting to the AO3.

Stories have now begun releasing — the winter solstice is Duncan MacLeod's birthday — and may continue up to the edge of the Yuletide release, if I've counted correctly. If you're looking for new stories to enjoy until then, you may want to follow on LJ ([ profile] hlh_shortcuts) or the AO3 (HL Secret Santa 2016 collection).

This game releases anonymously, and then they see who can guess the most authors correctly. I trust that you, here, can spot my writing a mile off in such a context. :-) But it's theoretically a secret, so, shhh! :-)
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The annual [ profile] hlh_shortcuts exchange game is accepting sign-ups through October 9, 2016 (Eastern Time). I've never played in this game, but I always read it!


  • Sign-ups close: 10/09/16
  • Assignments sent: By 10/11/16
  • Submission deadline: 12/15/16
  • Releasing: 12/20/16.

Historically, this game has been played on LiveJournal only, with players emailing their stories to the mod, who posts them second-hand on LJ. This year, the mod says that she may set up to use the AO3 instead, but it doesn't look like that's certain yet.

Minimum length: only 500 words.

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Of the stories that I read in this year's [ profile] hlh_shortcuts, I'd recommend:

  • "The Beginning of Always" by [ profile] hafital (~11K words, R for violence; Methos, Duncan, Joe, Amanda, others). Set c.2003 in Seacouver, this story wraps its Duncan/Methos romance frame around a plot and themes that refresh common tropes and mine the early seasons of the series as well as the late.

  • "Something Called Living" by [ profile] ladysilver (~20K words, PG; crossover with Forever; Richie, Henry, Joe, Abe, others). Set c.2015 in New York, in a divergent reality where Richie lived, this story is very like what an on-screen canonical HL/F crossover would have been, if such a thing could have been (except that Jo and Duncan don't actually appear).

  • "Ace in the Hole" by [ profile] ladysilver (~3K words, G; Joe, Methos). Set after hours in Joe's, this is an overtly old-fashioned "argument" story, an explication of some canon points wrapped up tidily in a fun little plot, the way some used to write them back when we lived on email lists.

  • "Like New" by [ profile] merriman (~4K words, G; Richie, Methos). This story nips and tucks canon to make Richie meet Adam Pierson even before Duncan does, rendering Richie at his most earnest a trial to Methos, who pretends to be completely new to immortality.
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The annual [ profile] hlh_shortcuts exchange game has 12 stories up since Sunday, with 6 to go.

I haven't yet read any. I will!

As usual in this fest, the entries look very heavy on the latter-season characters, settings, and themes, especially the D/M pairing and Amanda, which should greatly please most HL fans. Richie appears in at least 3 stories so far, which should please a bloc of fans. There are 23 crossovers to date: one with Agent Carter and one with Star Trek: The Next Generation [errata per [personal profile] argentum_ls: and also one with Forever]. No Tessa, Charlie, Darius, etc. as yet.
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The Highlander community [ profile] hlh_shortcuts is open for its annual 2015 fanfiction exchange game!
  • Sign-ups: 10/08/15 to 10/15/15
  • Assignments sent: By 10/18/15
  • Stories due: 12/15/15
  • Reveals: Starting 12/20/15
I look forward to reading the stories!

I won't be playing, myself, for the usual reasons: Read more... )

(However, if someone perhaps wants to share a private HL challenge of some sort...?)
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I didn't read every story in this year's [ profile] hlh_shortcuts ficathon, but I read most, and it was a good year! They had 21 stories. These are the ones I personally liked best:

  1. "Stars Made of More Than Ticky-Tacky" (gen) — Methos is living an ordinary life. One of his neighbors is extraordinary. Maybe ordinary is extraordinary, when you look right.

  2. "An Audience of Everyone" (gen) — In the wrong place at the wrong time, Amanda is murdered by terrorists live on worldwide television... twice.

  3. "Lumens" (gen) — A serious "Joe's life," from Vietnam to present, with Ian and Darius and others, but in an HL/HP crossover universe where, in due time, Hermione starts showing up at Watcher-run bookstores.

  4. "The Opposite of People" (gen toward Duncan/Methos) — Methos works as crew on a production of Rosencrantz and Gildenstern are Dead.

  5. "Practice" (Methos/Gregor) — Gregor wants to make amends for "Studies in Light," but Tessa and Richie are no longer here to forgive him.

  6. "You Get What You Need" (Duncan/Methos) — Ten years post-series. Subtle crossover with Supernatural by way of the Methuselah's Stone. Duncan has been helping rebuild New Orleans after Katrina; now, he wants to reconnect with Methos.

  7. "Stone Fences and Heather" (Duncan/Methos) — A trip together to Glenfinnan to scatter ashes on the loch. Rachel appears. Healing is slow, but home is the goal.

Among the stories I didn't read are the crossovers with Teen Wolf, Moonlight and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., and the Beauty and the Beast fusion. You're on your own with those. ;-) If I overlooked a gem, please let me know!
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This year's Highlander fic exchange at [ profile] hlh_shortcuts needs a pinch-hitter. (It looks like a writer defaulted after reveals began. The ficathon has been posting 4 stories per day since the solstice; by that pattern, the last 4 should post today.) I don't have any details; I'm just passing on the plea: "Pinch Hit: Is anyone available?"

Addendum: It looks like they found someone!


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