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A second set of eyes on a story can be invaluable.  Generous beta-readers do not only nudge my spelling, punctuation, grammar and capitalization; fight my malapropisms, homophones and purple prose; flag my plot holes, canon loops and thematic dead-ends: no, not only all those wonderful things!  Great beta-readers with whom I have been privileged to work ask the questions — the aggravating, unimagined, magnificent questions — that make a story grow into itself and become all it can be.

Here at Thanksgiving (US) time, I would like to thank everyone who has been so kind as to beta-read for me in the past year, from 2010's winter fests through the 2011 Femgenficathon: [ profile] amilyn, [personal profile] batdina, [personal profile] celli, [ profile] ithildyn, [personal profile] lastscorpion, [ profile] natmerc, [personal profile] sholio, [personal profile] skieswideopen and [ profile] wiliqueen.  (I would also like to thank [ profile] much_madness and [personal profile] leela_cat, who did not happen to beta for me this past year, but are the record-holding beta-readers across all my fanfic, ever.)  Thank you!  In all cases, without you, I could not have done as well.  In some cases, without you, I could not have done at all.  Thank you.

Those of you listed above, if you would enjoy it, I would be pleased to write you a short thank-you story in recognition of your beta-reading.  If you choose to claim this offer... )


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