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It amuses me to imagine that Lisette Beaufort (character profile), the French anatomist illustrator in the second season of Mercy Street (official PBS site), is an ancestor of Highlander's Tessa Noel. :-)
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Sign-ups for the 2014 [community profile] fkficfest/[ profile] fkficfest game are open through June 7!

Gameplay will closely resemble that of the past several years, but we're running two experiments that many players requested, and holding one jubilee that most players approved. If these work well, making the fest happier and more fun, we'll keep them for future games:

  • Crossovers optional
    In addition to the three baseline prompts (gen, pairing, wildcard), players may choose to submit a fourth optional prompt (crossover). Qualifying works cross/fuse Forever Knight with another fandom such that FK receives more than half of the focus. As long as the same one prompt description is used, the requester may list up to three fandoms from which the writer may choose. (I expect that matching on crossover fandoms will be chancy! I'll try, but please have realistic expectations. We all love FK; what else we love differs.)
  • Add up to total word count
    All fiction contributions must total a minimum of 1,000 words. A series of closely related shorter stories (including the popular "5 Things" and "5 Times" frames) are permitted, as long as the stories add up to at least 1,000 words and post as a unit (that is, within a single file on the AO3; use the "chapter" functionality instead of multiple files as needed).
  • Past defaults forgiven
    The slate is clean. In a jubilee to celebrate our fifth annual game, all past defaults are absolved. Come play again!

I plan to post announcements to ForKni-L, [community profile] fandomcalendar, [community profile] last_writes, [ profile] oldschoolfic and [ profile] femme_fic over the next week, pending permissions and such. If you think of anywhere else that we should wave our flag, please feel free to post there yourself (or let me know, or both)!

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LisaMcD has reversed the FKFic-L War (round-robin team fiction game) rule prohibiting all crossovers. She rolled it back to the standard FKFic-L rule limiting crossovers (no crossing with "print-published media" of any vintage, Disney-owned anything, etc.) and encouraged listmembers to simply keep the focus on FK.

Good for her. I'm impressed.
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FKFic-L, the FK fiction mailing list, is presently playing FKFic-L War, an elaborate, round-robin fiction game in which the players descend on FK's fictional Toronto (as themselves), and work (in faction teams) around, with and against each other and FK's characters in pursuit of a goal (usually, some sort of scavenger hunt). I believe this is War XV, but I lost count a long, long time ago. (I actually played live only in War VII... but that was the most important one, right? ~grin~)

Anyway, Lisa McD made an unfiltered (non-War) admin post this morning, in which she wrote: "One of the list's rules is no crossovers..." That was news to me! The last time Don F. posted the fic list rules to the fic list (granted, over a year ago, now), they still said: "3. FK may be crossed only with movies and television shows. the rest of this lengthy rule )."

I've emailed Lisa and asked for clarification. I'll pass on whatever I learn.

Addendum 2:00PM Pacific: Good news! Crossovers are still permitted on FKFic-L in general, and just not during War games.
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I actually posted September's recommendation-of-the-month to my site days ago, so it's not quite as late as it looks from here. :-)

What's Good?  Sweet-by-bittersweet, Mary Co.'s "Last Things" runs happily-ever-after all the way into heaven.  It's unapologetically sentimental, and exemplifies a distinct and popular subgenre of N&N romance that, intriguingly, is almost never applied to any other FK characters.
      Any illusions that they might keep the change in their relationship a secret were quickly shattered. It took Don Schanke exactly seventy-two hours to figure it out, and he confided to Nick that if Myra hadn't been off at a Skin Pretty convention, and therefore unavailable for consultation, he would probably have tumbled to it sooner. So they gave up the pretense and she moved -- lock, stock and Sidney -- into the loft.

What's New?  In August, fkfic-l saw three new stories by two authors: List )
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Many people have posted about this by now (much thanks to [personal profile] abby82 for cluing me on) and everyone should know!  If you've missed it so far, come catch up.  "Rich's ComixBlog" is featuring a project called Forever Janette.  (LJ syndication of RSS Feed here; DW syndication of RSS Feed here.)

The praiseworthy art boasts functional resemblances and excellent composition.  It's set between season two and season three, where so many wonderful tales fit.  I've wanted to see FK as a comic for ages!  There are sixteen installments so far.  The creator seems to know his canon.

It's also a crossover with Doctor WhoSpoilers )
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What's good?  I'm pleased to get to feature "The Night Was Dark, and She Was the Owner" by Elisabeth as February's recommendation-of-the-month.  This ficlet crosses over with Highlander, but requires no HL knowledge to enjoy its full FK potential.

       "Buy the lady a drink?"
       The question, asked in the patois of her childhood by a vaguely familiar voice, triggered Janette's protective instincts. Even as she swung around, she clamped down on her body's impulse to flash fangs.
       Elbows resting on the wrought iron fence that separated the cafĂ© tables from the pavement, he smiled at her. That nose, those eyes, that horrendous hair. He could be only one man. Methos, her memory supplied, along with a string of other, temporary, names.

What's new?  In January, fkfic-l saw three stories finish posting, including the one that began in December.  (As a reminder, the line-limit doubled during January.  Post-count for story-length will be a whole new metric going forward.)

Four stories have completed their runs in February so far, including one that began in January and is the largest to post in almost four years.

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[ profile] leela_cat wrote, and [ profile] batdina beta-read, several ficlets as personal holiday gifts this year, three of them FK, and one of them for me!

This is the first time [ profile] leela_cat has written FK in, oh, vampire's years.  She was good then, but she's even better now.  Please consider reading these and lavishing her with thoughtful comments to encourage her to indulge FK again someday.
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Recently, in FK on my LJ Friends List:

  • [ profile] abby82 shared a new T+V vid to the song "Almost Lover" on December 17; this is one of precious few Tracy vids I've ever seen.  She also posted a new N&N story titled "Flight of the Imagination" (Rated R) on November 16.  (It has not yet appeared anywhere else.)  And on November 11, she posted about her works in progress, several of them FK, including a crossover with The Border.

  • [ profile] dj_clawson mused on vampirism and abstinence in FK and Twilight on November 23.

  • [ profile] amilyn added a link to her fanfiction to her LJ sidebar sometime before November 30 -- at least, I think she added it.  I think it was not there when I'd looked previously, but I'm not always alert to these things.  In any case, she's got five FK pieces and one FK/BloodTies crossover there, none of which, I believe, are in the usual FK archives.

  • [ profile] ithildyn, challenged to list all her holiday fanfiction, noted her "A Ghost of Winter's Past," with FK's Lacroix and HL's Methos, on December 8.  And on December 4, she recalled meeting [ profile] ninjababe on IRC in the FK channel, back when.

  • [ profile] endaewen talked about updating her fanfiction site on December 13, with the Forsaken Fandoms award she won for her "Faire Things" (Best Fluff), and a new FK crossover ficlet with Highlander: The Raven, titled "The Raven In The Raven."

  • [ profile] pj1228 posted her episode-like second-season novella "Disclosures" on December 17.  I had the privilege of beta-reading this one, and she has said she is thinking of a possible sequel.

  • There have been many wonderful memorial posts about [ profile] tv_elf, some of them mentioning her FK fandom.  Thank you to everyone who has shared memories of her!  If you posted only to your own LJ, please consider cross-posting or linking your memorial post on the Horsechicks' memory post; that specific URL has been shared with her family and non-fannish people who love her and miss her.  (They're hard posts to make, I know. I keep crying when I try. I got to be at her memorial, though; the Horsechicks, bless them, characteristically dubbed it "Abby-Con," and that's amusing her no end, I'm sure.)

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Recently, in FK on my Friends List:

  • Potential Fanfic!  On October 3, [ profile] ithildyn considered the c.1849 flashbacks in FK's "The Code," and how to cross FK with Magnificent 7.  Does the idea of Chris/Janette strike your fancy?

  • Upcoming Ficathon!  On October 3, the [ profile] oldschoolfic moderator confirmed that she is planning an end-of-year prompt-a-thon and story exchange.  (This is the community for out-of-production shows like FK.)

  • New Fanfiction Posted!  On September 30, the current "Back-to-School"-themed [ profile] oldschoolfic ficathon was due, and there are two FK stories this time!  (Naturally, there are also nice stories for other fandoms.)  For FK, we have:
    • "Twenty-Five Minutes" (G) by [ profile] abby82 for the prompt: "the girl in the photo on Captain Amanda Cohen's desk" (~800 words).
    • "Fearful Symmetry" (PG) by me, for the prompt: "In 'Spin Doctor,' Nick says he had some remarkable students; how did he say goodbye to them?" (~7K words).
  • Ficathon! DVDs!  On September 22, [ profile] abby82 mentioned the [ profile] galpalficathon FK prompts (available now, ficathon due November 16), and that the The Border (with CD and NB) is coming soon to R1 DVD.

  • Meme!  On September 17, [ profile] ithildyn posted an FK quotation meme.

Also, voting over at the [ profile] forsaken_fandom awards is open through Monday, October 13 (Rules, FK List, FK Ballot).


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