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The [ profile] galpalficathon was due on November 16, but stories continue to trickle in.  (As a reminder, this was the "female friendship" ficathon.)  The prompts offered a wide variety of fandoms and characters, but it seems to me that relatively few people finally participated; the timing may not have been good, as those who play in ficathons may all already have had their eyes on the big holiday fiction games.

So far, two Forever Knight stories have appeared there:
  • "Rogue Vampire" by [ profile] abby82, featuring Janette and Alyce Hunter, before and after the tag scene of "Dark Knight, the Second Chapter."  (~3K words)
  • "Milepost" by me, featuring Tracy and Natalie, after "My Boyfriend is a Vampire" and before "Fever."  (~2K words)

If anyone feels like chiming in, this ficathon community gives all signs of being ongoing and deadline-free.  The single-fandom and crossover prompts all remain available.

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Recently, in FK on my LJ Friends List:

Not on LJ, but worth noting, Jean G. has relocated her website.  If you have links, you'll want to update them.  (I'm way behind on forkni-l as always, but just happened to peek into the 11/05 digest and see this.)

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Sign-ups for the next [ profile] oldschoolfic ficathon are due no later than this Sunday, October 26.  Assignments will be sent by the 28th, and the story queue will be released on New Year's Day.  See the rules and sign-ups post.  If you don't mind saying, has anyone signed up with an FK request?  I'm really wavering over whether to sign up.  The end of the calendar year is so very busy, both at work and personally.  If no one else were playing it for FK, I would let it go this time, I think.  (But if someone were playing FK, I wouldn't want to pass it up.)

Currently topping my hobby-time agenda for the weekend: replying to email, and then back to fussing about my last ficathon story, which didn't work out entirely, and so hasn't yet reached fkfic-l.  I would really like to post it to the list before the end of the month (or, at any rate, before November 4, US Election Day).  So I'll see whether I can do anything with it.

And then there's [ profile] galpalficathon, the next ficathon for which FK is eligible, with no sign-ups, and stories due November 16.  I originally thought I would participate for sure, but with that last ficathon story still hanging, unposted to the list, I haven't touched it yet.  If I manage anything, it will be short.  I feel bad about that, because I posted many prompts.

Yuletide is beyond me, I think.  But you all should nominate and write FK there!  I'll read! :-)

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The prompts are not yet consolidated over at [ profile] galpalficathon, but in case you're toying with the notion of playing in their no-pressure, no-claiming, barely-a-deadline celebration of female friendship, the Forever Knight prompts that I've spotted are:  ample list )

I've been spending almost all my hobby time lately researching my [ profile] oldschoolfic Round II story, which of course means I have not yet begun writing it, and it will end up shorter than otherwise.  Poor Nick.  The first serious, substantive thing I promise to write from his perspective in five years -- the Doctor Who parody doesn't count -- and I twiddle away all my writing time boning up on the historical era.  Bad Knightie... Learning a lot, though!

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Recently, in FK on my Friends List:

FK on Individual Journals
  • On September 1, [ profile] abby82 posted eight new FK icons (images, some artistic enhancement, no captions).  She also mentioned the [ profile] fk_icons community, of which I hadn't known.

  • On August 26, both [ profile] wiliqueen and [ profile] abby82 posted about the Gemini Awards nominations, which include Catherine Disher's work on The Border and Ben Bass in Would Be Kings.  (I've heard a lot about The Border, but Would Be Kings is news to me.)  Beyond those biggies, [ profile] wiliqueen spotted Nahanni Johnstone (Wendy in "Dying for Fame") among the nominees, and [ profile] abby82 shared photos and links while opining on GWD's and NB's TV work in the eligible period.

Multi-Fandom (Including FK) Communities
  • On September 6, voting opened on the [ profile] forsaken_fandom community for their awards (Rules, FK List, FK Ballot).  Some FK authors didn't approve their nominations; I hope they all got to hear about it and choose.  (It has crossed my mind to not vote, because I do not wish to read, nor endorse by a vote, the "non-con" category.  The rules allow underage voters to leave the "adult" categories blank; perhaps I will ask permission to do the same.  Anyway, it's on my mind.)

  • On August 30, [ profile] butterflykiki linked to the [ profile] whattheficathon community, which is a crossover fiction exchange that could include FK in its next round, if it holds one, but there seem to have been no FK crossovers so far.

  • On August 27, the [ profile] oldschoolfic moderators introduced an optional modified challenge for those who didn't click with any of the original prompts.  Stories are due at the end of the month.  ([ profile] abby82 and I are participating, so we're assured of some FK!)

  • On August 26, the [ profile] galpalficathon community went up.  This is a prompt-based, commitment-free ficathon focused on female friendship (that is, any positive platonic relationship between female characters: relatives count).  Many people are very excited about it, and prompting is open through Monday, September 8, so check it out!  Leave a prompt for Natalie and Janette, Janette and Urs, Urs and Tracy, Tracy and Cohen, the list goes on ).  I have not submitted any prompts yet, but I will (there are as yet no FK prompts there).


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