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The story written for me in the [community profile] hlh_shortcuts exchange has revealed. I think that many of you may enjoy it! Take a look? It's a first-season HL/FK crossover starring Tessa and Natalie. The plot depends on each acting with professional passion and authority. A clever conceit amusingly finesses the crossover.
"Bag of Bolts" by [currently Anonymous]
G, gen, 7K words
Natalie, Tessa, Duncan, OCs
Summary: Natalie attends an ME convention at a hotel where Tessa is installing a sculpture. Danger. Bonding. Pie.

More like Yuletide than FKFicFest, the HLH_Shortcuts prompt slates seem to be pretty loose suggestions. I didn't specifically request (or imagine) this scenario. All credit to the author for the happy surprise.

Of both series, I do dearly love their first seasons, when motivations were clear and rich, and triumphant possibilities endless. Their first seasons, I rewatch just for fun, just for joy.
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The story that I wrote for the 2015 [community profile] fkficfest/[ profile] fkficfest released very early in the game. (Thanks to [personal profile] lastscorpion for the lightning beta!) I'd love it if you read it! If you do, please consider letting me know what I should learn from this one to make the next more interesting and satisfying.

First, though, please check out all the other stories! There's something to tempt every FK taste.

  On the AO3: "Wake the Morning After
  Length: 14,995 words
  Date: August 2015
  Rating: PG-13
  Characters:  Natalie, Nick, Schanke, Urs, Lacroix, Lili; original characters; "off screen" Serena, Feliks, Enforcers
  Setting: ~2015; divergent reality; branched from canon in the hiatus between the first and second seasons
  Summary: Back in the day, Natalie cured Nick's vampirism; they got married. Two decades later, something has gone terribly wrong.
  Quotation: "Yet Nick had never stopped looking over his shoulder, never stopped expecting an ambush by the existence he’d left behind. Nick had told Natalie about many such dangers — his resentful surviving converts; hunters of vampires; cronies of Nick’s deceased “master,” Lacroix; and, first, foremost and always, the Enforcers, who kept the vampires’ secrets."

Reflections on writing this story, with spoilers )
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We're 5 stories into this year's [community profile] fkficfest/[ profile] fkficfest/FKFicFest, with 4 to go!

From the bottom of my heart, I thank first our 9 writers, and then all the wonderful readers who found time to dive into an FK story during this busy work-week. Some people plan to dig into the ficathon over the weekend. I wish them very happy reading! The stories to date have collectively referenced (at least!) every one of the opening-credits cast of characters, and they cross several genres and span all the ratings.

For when you're happily caught up on the fest stories, here are 3 items that happened to cross my radar this week, all of which struck me as FK-related:

  • A book about Natalie. I read an engaging, intriguing excerpt on Slate from the new memoir Working Stiff: Two Years, 262 Bodies, and the Making of a Medical Examiner by Judy Melinek, MD, and immediately added the book to my Amazon cart, visions of better-informed Natalie fanfic dancing in my head.

  • An analysis about Nick. Also on Slate, I read a Quora answer: "Could Modern Troops Defeat Medieval Knights in Hand-to-Hand Combat?" by Jon Davis, Marine sergeant, Iraq vet, weapons instructor. If I may spoil the ending, he concludes that, all else being equal, a medieval knight would surely defeat a modern Marine in solo hand-to-hand combat; his reasoning covers both culture and technology.

  • An essay about all of us. Over in the NYT, columnist Timothy Egan wrote a reflection on Robin Williams's death, and concluded: "My plea here is for people to give the needed space to artists and performers to fail every now and then, and to understand how exposed someone feels when trying something new." That's a profound consideration for everyone, and I'm trying to take it to heart and become better, myself. With my mind full of FKFicFest this week, though, I couldn't help also hearing it specifically in terms of this year's players; with only 9 writers and all FK's diverse perspectives, some of the matches invited bold moves outside of comfort zones. That's hard! And everyone rose to the occasion! There's a lot of "trying something new" in this year's game. I hope we can give each author just the right space.
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This past week, I scraped up enough time to watch two Forever Knight episodes, one of them "Fallen Idol." FI is the pro-wrestling murder case with the vampire-blood injection of the developmentally-impaired witness and the flashback to Nick's nephew Andre (played by Hayden Christensen). It includes the notorious "teen night at the Raven" and the infamous "pit of condemned bimbos." It happens only two episodes after Janette's return and departure in "The Human Factor," and just five episodes before the finale, "Last Knight."

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I've previously posted about the nice things that I received in my own Fandom Stocking this year, and about the neat things that I spotted in other people's Fandom Stockings, so tonight I thought I'd point out the items that I stuffed into some Fandom Stockings myself. I didn't create as widely or well as I'd have liked, but I did have fun writing:

  • Highlander: "Lazarus Heart" (Methos/Alexa, 918 words, G) (beta-read by [personal profile] celli!) for [personal profile] beccadg's wish
    I'd never tried Methos/Alexa before, but the attempt turned out surprisingly satisfying for me. I hope that it works as well for readers, and doesn't bog down when I poke around inside Methos's head for a bit in the middle.

  • Forever Knight: "In Pursuit of the Paladin" (Lacroix & Natalie with Nick implied, 991 words, PG) (beta-read by [personal profile] skieswideopen!) for [personal profile] pj1228's wish
    This led me to a new approach to the ever-vexing problem of how to write for fellow FK fans who personally prefer "dark" takes that I can't support, myself. Here, I imagined a "bright" scenario that I'd love, but told it from Lacroix's perspective. It worked better for me than some past, straining attempts to approach "dark" prompts, but I don't know whether it really bridges the problem of sufficient respect for preferences I can't share. Maybe it's better not to try? There are so few of us! Are mismatches better than no matches, or not?

  • A handful of fanfiction "gift certificates" in FK and HL for stories to be posted to the AO3 sometime in 2014
    (Four have been redeemed/accepted so far. Coincidentally, that's the same number I still owe from the last time I tried this — you know who you are. ~grin~)
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I conceived this fairly light gen piece for the [community profile] fkcommentfic/[ profile] fkcommentfic "Bloor Mistletoe Challenge" (open through January 6), but it grew all out of commentfic proportions. I considered bonsai-ing it. However, after very generous betareading from [personal profile] batdina and [ profile] pj1228 on New Year's Day itself, I concluded that a short story fit the idea best.

  Available: The AO3 | I'll put it on my fansite soon.
  Length: 2,408 words
  Date: FKFic-L and AO3 01/01/13
  Rating: G
  Characters:  Nick, Schanke, Natalie; cameo by Stonetree; passing mentions of Myra, Jenny, Janette, Lacroix, Norma, Grace, Fleur, Patrice, Dietrich, Lipinski
  Summary: Schanke has Christmas cookies for almost everyone.
  Quotation: "I feel lousy resorting to this for my own partner, but— go on, open it."
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[ profile] hearts_blood generously wrote my prompt in her "Cuddle/Kiss/Sex" meme, producing a very pleasant gen rumination on Nick's relationship with the Caddy, framed by Schanke interaction, and sporting three (count 'em! three!) mini-flashbacks (two historical, one within canon).  A boy and his car...

I prompted "cuddle, FK, Nick & his car, parking lot."  She replied with "Mementos" (G, gen, ~2K words; Nick, Schanke, Natalie, Sydney, Others) on LJ and AO3.  I appreciate her tackling my off-the-wall suggestion!
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This is the [ profile] fandom_stocking story that I wrote for [personal profile] havocthecat this year.  She said that she likes "stories about women, focusing on their relationships and friendships, and... saving themselves and each other" (and, yes, Forever Knight).  I'm satisfied with the main action of this story, but possibly the tag is unnecessary.  (Boxing Day in Ontario, by the way, resembles Black Friday in the US, thus providing the pre-dawn setting.)

My thanks to [personal profile] skieswideopen for Canada-checking!  My thanks to [personal profile] celli for beta-reading!

  Available: My Fansite | The AO3
  Length: 1,773 words
  Date: Fandom Stocking 01/06/12, FKFic-L 01/26/12
  Rating: PG
  Characters:  Janette, Natalie
  Summary: Janette and Natalie are among the passengers stuck in a glass-sided mall elevator under a skylight, with dawn on the way.
  Quotation: "However the observance had begun, it had evolved into a holiday honoring the hunt — and of the hunt, Janette was a most ardent devotee."

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This is the [ profile] fandom_stocking story that I wrote for [ profile] amilyn this year.  She said that she likes "strong women," "aftermath," and "fic that... fits into canon" (and, naturally, Forever Knight).  It's a light piece, with a few passing serious reflections.

My thanks to Malinaldarose for her speedy beta-reading!  My thanks to Celli for her precise beta-recommendations!

  Available: My Fansite | The AO3
  Length: 1,336 words
  Date: Fandom Stocking 01/06/12, FKFic-L 01/23/12
  Rating: G
  Characters:  Natalie, Sharon
  Summary: On her thirty-first birthday, Natalie dyes her hair for the first time.
  Quotation: "But what could she say if Nick... envied her?  Worse, what if this change in her pushed him to notice time passing, to see the day coming when department ribbing about his appetite would turn instead to his youth?"

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[ profile] honor_reid has asked for recommendations of high-quality Nick/Natalie stories with endings that grant the characters, if not a happy-ever-after, at least an "ordinary-ever-after."  So many FK stories conclude sadly, bittersweetly, suddenly, or tucked back into canon that she'd appreciate directions to some more definitively hopeful endgames for her favorite couple.

I can think of some stories (listed below), but I bet that you all can think of many more!  After all, I'm a gen fan at heart; most of you are romance fans.  And where I lean IB and Les Mis, many of you are N&Ners!  So please pitch in, if you can.  And yes, please mention your own work, if it matches.

(I may harvest stories mentioned in comments for future recommendation-of-the-month use, so you know.)

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