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[ profile] hearts_blood requested userpic icons for the prompts "Lacroix Smiling," "Natalie Angry" and "Nick Thoughtful."  I made 11; she picked 4; these 7 are now available to anyone who would like them.  If you wish one just for yourself, please let me know, and I'll delete it so no one else can snag it here.  (Use the "icons" tag to find past up-for-grabs userpic batches. Please do credit, etc.)

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Icon Refresh

Wednesday, October 19th, 2011 11:42 pm
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Ages ago, I decided that the conceit of the "Bright Knight" logo on my FK userpic icons was a bit silly.  It took time to re-make and re-load them all!  But I now have a completely refreshed set.  I'm very pleased with the way many came out (e.g. Faith, Vachon's Crew, Janette), although others fall short and frustrate me (e.g. Guest Star, Kids).

I still intend my loaded userpic icons for myself alone; please forgive my arrogance in supposing this needs to be said, but they're not up for grabs.  Instead, of course, I've made dozens of other userpic icons that are meant for anyone!  If you're in the market, check out these assortments: Schanke, Bechdel Test-passing, Janette and Nick, Fleur, Seasons and Factions, Natalie.  (Or, if you're on my f-list/r-page, feel free to request a custom icon; I enjoy making them, and I learn the craft in the doing.)
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In honor of [ profile] tv_elf today, here are six brand-new Don Schanke userpic icons up for grabs.  (If you'd like one for your very own, tell me and I'll delete it so no one else can pick it up.)  Enjoy!

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Recently on my LJ Friends List and DW Reading Page:

DVDs and Airings
  • On 03/06, [ profile] pj1228 announced that the Region 2 DVDs are out at last!  First season, anyway.  European fans, I'm so happy for you!  She shared photos of the packaging, and let us know the all-important fact that the missing clips are in there, but are in German only, although the DVDs have English and German audio tracks.  I'll gladly take them in any language!  But this makes me suspect that the uncut masters no longer exist in English, unfortunately.
  • On 03/16 and also on 03/01, someone posted behind a lock about Chiller's continuing FK marathons.  Go Chiller!
Cast and Crew
  • On 03/12, [ profile] abby82 let us know that The Border has been canceled.  This is the drama series on which both Catherine Disher and Nigel Bennett had recurring roles, Gary Farmer once guest-starred, and some FK crew alumni were regular contributors, too.  Hopefully, there will be great new shows for everyone next season.

  • On 02/23, [ profile] hearts_blood described purchasing GWD's two audiobooks.
Essays/MetaGraphic ArtFKFicFest
  • We're currently at 16 committed players on [ profile] fkficfest, with sign-ups open through Thursday, March 18, 11:59 PM Pacific Time.

  • Several people have announced publicly that they've signed up for FKFicFest, including Celli, Wiliqueen and Leela-cat.  (Others have mentioned it behind locks.)

  • We've also had generous mentions from Havocthecat and Amilyn on their own journals, Abby82 on FK-Fanfiction and on FK-Freaks, and I received the mods' kind permission to plug us in Oldschoolfic and Femme-Fic.
Fanfiction and Other Ficathons
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On Friday, [personal profile] havocthecat wished for picspam of "awesome women."  In response, I made this batch of new userpic icons featuring female FK characters together.  The exercise brought home how rarely the women are on screen at the same moment, even when they are the only two characters in the scene; typically, FK's camera moves back and forth, from one character to the other, instead of showing them together.   (Cohen with Natalie was harder to run down than I expected, and of course the only recurring female character with whom Urs ever shares a shot is Divia.)

Available if you would like them:

01. Natalie and Grace 02. Natalie and Janette 03. Brianna and Janette

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The original screenshots for most of these come from Nancy T.'s Knight Watchman.  I tried to drop by Kristen H.'s Knight Vision, too, but it's gone!  This of course means I've let my links go way too long unchecked, and I should run backward through forkni-l digests until I learn what happened.  (If I heard of this and forgot, I shall be covered with embarrassment, but don't let that stop you from reminding me. ~g~)

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Recently, in FK on my LJ Friends List:

  • On 04/26, [ profile] abby82 shared an extensive tribute to the beloved popcorn-throwing scene at the end of "False Witness," including multiple collages and transcribed dialogue.
  • On 04/16, [ profile] abby82 posted 24 FK userpic icons, in assorted subjects from all seasons.  Many of them are downright funny and clever, so you may want to take a peek even if you're full-up on icons.

Cast and Crew. 

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These user-pic icons come from a batch I made for [ profile] leela_cat in December, when she was writing her first FK fiction in a very long time.  Those stories mostly starred Janette and Nick, so these icons do, too.  She picked the icons she wanted; these twenty others are available if you would like them.  For a change, they're text-free.

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This is so late for any of the holidays she mentioned that she's probably forgotten, but nevertheless this post is for [ profile] falcon_horus, who specifically requested some new Fleur toys to play with.

Wallpaper.  Here is the ficathon wallpaper I made and used while writing "Starwort" to that quotation-prompt in the [ profile] femme_fic event about a year ago.  Here is an alternate wallpaper I made for another story idea (an AU) for that same prompt, but which I haven't written yet because I couldn't complete the historical research in time.  And here is a plain old Faithful wallpaper collage.

Icons.  Here are twelve new Fleur user-pic icons, available if you would like them:


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Recently, in FK on my Friends List:

FK on Individual Journals
  • On September 1, [ profile] abby82 posted eight new FK icons (images, some artistic enhancement, no captions).  She also mentioned the [ profile] fk_icons community, of which I hadn't known.

  • On August 26, both [ profile] wiliqueen and [ profile] abby82 posted about the Gemini Awards nominations, which include Catherine Disher's work on The Border and Ben Bass in Would Be Kings.  (I've heard a lot about The Border, but Would Be Kings is news to me.)  Beyond those biggies, [ profile] wiliqueen spotted Nahanni Johnstone (Wendy in "Dying for Fame") among the nominees, and [ profile] abby82 shared photos and links while opining on GWD's and NB's TV work in the eligible period.

Multi-Fandom (Including FK) Communities
  • On September 6, voting opened on the [ profile] forsaken_fandom community for their awards (Rules, FK List, FK Ballot).  Some FK authors didn't approve their nominations; I hope they all got to hear about it and choose.  (It has crossed my mind to not vote, because I do not wish to read, nor endorse by a vote, the "non-con" category.  The rules allow underage voters to leave the "adult" categories blank; perhaps I will ask permission to do the same.  Anyway, it's on my mind.)

  • On August 30, [ profile] butterflykiki linked to the [ profile] whattheficathon community, which is a crossover fiction exchange that could include FK in its next round, if it holds one, but there seem to have been no FK crossovers so far.

  • On August 27, the [ profile] oldschoolfic moderators introduced an optional modified challenge for those who didn't click with any of the original prompts.  Stories are due at the end of the month.  ([ profile] abby82 and I are participating, so we're assured of some FK!)

  • On August 26, the [ profile] galpalficathon community went up.  This is a prompt-based, commitment-free ficathon focused on female friendship (that is, any positive platonic relationship between female characters: relatives count).  Many people are very excited about it, and prompting is open through Monday, September 8, so check it out!  Leave a prompt for Natalie and Janette, Janette and Urs, Urs and Tracy, Tracy and Cohen, the list goes on ).  I have not submitted any prompts yet, but I will (there are as yet no FK prompts there).

Icons for All

Sunday, June 15th, 2008 01:36 am
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I've spent most of my fandom hobby time lately working on my [ profile] oldschoolfic ficathon story.  I got an FK prompt!  And I'm trying to deliver an episode-like response, cop-plot and all.  Eeep!  (Cop-plot stuff is hard.)  Yet in the "vacuum the cat" tradition of ducking the dreaded blank page by any means available, I've also made my second batch of "up for grabs" FK icons (below); the first was that Natpacker set, of course, and so I've now made a smattering of userpics for most other factions.  If you pick one up, please let me know, and credit as appropriate.  Constructive criticism is also welcome.

The original screenshots for many of these come from Nancy T.'s Knight Watchman; others come from Kristen's Knight Vision; and a few have actually been on my hard drive since the series was still on the air (uh, successive hard drives, that is ~g~).  I believe the FK logo GIF with the red letters was created by Nancy K.

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