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As mentioned, I'll open this year's [community profile] fkficfest sign-ups no later than this Saturday, March 11. If you're thinking of playing (please do!), this may be a good time to start pondering what new FK stories you'd love to read, and what new prompts may inspire them!

Because there're so few of us, and because our interests can be so factional, if you've played before, it's not unlikely that your match this year could have received one of your prompt slates in a previous year. A freshly hatched prompt may be most likely to spark a blooming new story...? Not that recycled, rerun, never-attempted prompts don't also have their places!

Just something I've been dwelling on. :-)
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[personal profile] skieswideopen has very generously been helping me brainstorm for my [community profile] fkficfest/[ profile] fkficfest assignment. We've bumped into a few FK flashback ponderings that I think I can open up generally to everyone. I think that these won't reveal which prompts I received (or what I might do with them; I don't yet know, myself!).

If these inspire you to a story, in or out of the fest, please do write away! The more, the merrier!

Think over some FK history questions with us? :-)

1) Why London during the Blitz? )

2) What followed Lacroix wanting to abandon Janette? )

3) When did they become middle class? )
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FKFicFest sign-ups will open Wednesday, the 20th LK anniversary. I'll post the rules and the contingency challenge. I haven't yet picked the prompt; if you'd like to share your insights on what would make a good one, please do.

(Review: In the event of <9 players, we'd switch from one-to-one matching to one shared prompt with diverse renderings.)

It might be nice to revisit a classic, like FKFic-L's Asteroid Challenge (from "A More Permanent Hell"), but, fairly, "reruns" didn't go over well when mentioned last year. Neither did canonical "What if?"s. I've been advised to phrase the prompt like a novel blurb, and I'd love to! But leaving authors free to pick the characters and angle dead-ends that: "Somebody does something for some reason, and there's some twist!" If I describe a crime in Toronto in the '90s, the writer may thereby feel constrained from placing her story wholly in Pompeii or Paris, wholly in the past or the future, etc.

If the community had chosen a challenge game, we all would have nominated and elected a prompt! As it is, we're stuck with my feeble best. (I recommend that you get 9+ friends to sign up: problem solved!)

Possible word/phrase prompts )

Possible setting cues )

Possible scenario starters )
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Lately, I haven't had the time I'd love to spend on hobbies, but I do amuse myself occasionally thinking about that Nick/Urs story I hope to write.

One thing that has crossed my mind as I try to find this hypothetical story's true shape and scope is that this tale, as it first occurred to me, doesn't come anywhere in the vicinity of passing the Bechdel Test. While that's acceptable for a drabble, vignette or short story, the acceptability diminishes with every step out of the realm of miniature tales. If this is growing toward novella-ness, it must include two female characters interacting with each other about something other than a male character.

Except for being murdered by Divia, Urs never interacts with another recurring female character on screen. I've written her scenes with Natalie and with Tracy before, and I've forever meant to get her a story with Janette, but this isn't that story. This is Nick/Urs defeating Lacroix, blowing up third season and living happily ever afterish. And any interaction between Urs and Natalie, or Urs and Tracy, is almost necessarily about Nick, as he's their sole point of interface ... well, Vachon, too, in Tracy's case.

I could suppose that Alma or Brianna didn't leave before third season, but then their point of interface with Urs is employment by Lacroix. That's no better. Sofia and Serena aren't coming back to Toronto that winter. Janette is, but... And I've already written my version of Urs interacting with Jacqueline after "Hearts of Darkness."

An original character would seem to be the answer. But recurring characters go down more smoothly, as a general rule. Round and round. Just thinking!
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As my hopes rise that the season of "crunching" through 16-hour workdays may be ending for at least a little while, I've begun thinking again of that Nick/Urs story idea that occurred to me shortly before the FKFicFest matching.

It would be a "just because" story in the old-fashioned way, written not for any fest, ficathon or game, but just because it appeals to me, and apparently I appeal to it, as it seems to have hung on in my imagination this long, gently suggesting that I write it after all. I have no idea how long it will take with no deadline pressure on — I don't even have a proper plot outline yet, just two indelible scenes in my mind — so it could be years. And I have no idea whether anyone but me will even be willing to read a Nick/Urs story these days. Would you?

(I know of only a handful of Nick/Urs stories ever written. I despise the incident in Ophelia5's famous "With Flowers" series, as much as I admire Ophelia5. I adore Leela_cat's "Theory of Lost Things," which she wrote for me in the first FKFicFest. And Hearts_blood wrote "Warmth" for me! I wrote "Chante à Nouveau" and "Kindred Spirits," myself, although they're so unrequited they don't really count.)

For me, personally, anyway, the unrealized, unexplored possibilities of Nick/Urs appeal massively. I hope that the characters could be stronger together, each giving the other something missing while also having much in common, that Nick's instincts engaged on Urs's behalf could manifest healthily instead of unhealthily, that Urs's longings drawing on Nick's instincts could become growth instead of diminishment. I hope that their coming together could re-route third season — or any earlier time one wanted to set a story — restoring the brilliance of first season in themes, striving and hope, and avoiding the end we received.
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It's been almost a week since all the players received their [community profile] fkficfest/[ profile] fkficfest prompt match slates. I hope that all the players have found their matches sufficiently compatible, and that as many players as possible find them really inspiring! Fingers crossed and all the lucky gestures for new FK twists, turns and insights!

For myself, while I have no objections at all to the prompt slate that I received, I'm actually in the unusual position — for the first time in a very long time! — of being actively dogged by a new FK story idea that I'd love to write, independently, for no fest or prompt, but just because it seems right and exciting to me, myself. It's a Les Miserables (Nick/Urs) idea that I almost included on my own sign-up, but replaced with something else so as to give as wide a variety of prompts as I could to the eventual writer. I didn't withdraw the idea from my sign-up draft with the thought of writing it myself! But once I did withdraw it and submit other prompts, the idea began asserting itself in my imagination in a way I haven't experienced in quite some time. It's really very nice! Just not optimal timing. :-)

This particular idea is incompatible with the prompt slate that I received. Nick/Urs is not my recipient's goblet o' Ribena. I can't spend time on this idea until after the ficathon (like you, I've got only just so much hobby time to go around). I hope that the idea will still insist on itself this firmly when its time comes! This post shall be my reminder, in case I forget...
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[ profile] wiliqueen, please tell us about the time that you wrote: "The only things left at the end of the world will be a twinkie, a cockroach, and Janette." :-) [Edited to add: Wiliqueen replied on LJ!]

Everybody else, feel free to use that as a story prompt. ;-)

I happened to reread Susan G.'s little FK fanfic "The Last One" today (it's one of many of hers permanently on my Kindle), and it happily reminded me of how amazingly wide-ranging is FKdom's imagination, and how inspiring is our interplay with each other as we create. This story was a response to the "Asteroid Challenge," of course, the challenge to write stories set in alternate universes where the asteroid from "A More Permanent Hell" actually comes, and it was also inspired by Wiliqueen's remark (above).

Our fandom, guys. This is us! :-) One day to FKFicFest sign-ups...

P.S. If you don't yet know the FK corpus of the much-missed Susan G., go! Read! You are in for such a treat.
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Speaking of inspiration for new FK stories to wish and write for this year's [community profile] fkficfest/[ profile] fkficfest, the quirky (and excellent) public radio program RadioLab coincidentally reran its classic "Blood" episode this weekend! This episode actually has many segments, but the website specifically calls out three:
  • "Bloody Real Blood" (about Hollywood special effects for blood)
  • "If You Prick Us" (what certain Renaissance men thought about blood)
  • "Clear Eyes, Full Veins, Can't Lose" (the economics and logistics of today's blood banks)
This episode is full of interesting little details that cry out to be explored through FK's characters! And their website supplies links to the works cited in the interviews plus "bonus tracks" of an interactive timeline of public attitudes about giving blood and two blood-themed songs performed by a band called "Lucius" (seriously!).
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Last week, I toyed with Forever Knight "What if?"s here on my blog at the same time that we were all together solving the exchange/challenge tie over on FKFicFest. My overlap may have accidentally implied, especially to those who've never played a challenge, that "What if?" is necessarily the form of a challenge prompt. Not at all! My apologies!

I personally think that the ideal challenge prompt — one prompt for all players, of all factions, 'ships and shades — in an FK game would look more like these examples:
  • "Just out of reach"
  • "Family by choice"
  • "Never too late"
  • "Unexpected temptation"
  • "It was worth it"
  • "Mistaken identity"
  • "Long forgotten"
  • "It's never over"
  • "Gone too far"

To expand the example, for the single common prompt "Family by choice," different FK fans might write such diverse stories as: samples )

Or to expand another example, for the single common prompt "Never too late," different FK fans might tell completely different stories like: samples )
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I posted the 2015 [community profile] fkficfest/[ profile] fkficfest pre-game poll results yesterday. I'm grateful for every answer we received! Hopefully, we can play in a fun way available to everyone interested.

However, we're in the peculiar position that exchange-style and challenge-style tied. On the one hand, the tie-breaker goes to exchange, because 3 of the 4 people who said they would "definitely" write voted for exchange. On the other hand, 4 people are nowhere near enough for a happy exchange game in a fandom as factional as FK. If you have insights into this dilemma, please share them! (Community conversation is underway on the DW edition of the results.)

Just for fun, let's toss around some more FK "What if?"s! :-)
  • What if Nick or Schanke had gotten promoted to Captain?
  • What if they hadn't neutralized Vudu's bombs in time?
  • What if Natalie and Richard's parents had lived?
  • What if the asteroid hadn't been a hoax and had hit as expected?
  • What if Frank wasn't Francesca's first (or last) reincarnation/haunting to seek revenge?
  • What if Janette has more freedom than Nick because of something she knows about Lacroix?
  • What if Natalie discovered the cure and decided to withhold it from Nick?


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