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For the month of February, in my corners of social journaling, here are the Forever Knight items that I happened to see:

Ficathons, fests and communities that welcome FK

  • [community profile] fkficfest, the FK ficathon community, announced the 2017 pre-game poll results.
    • Sign-ups will start no later than March 11.
    • Sign-ups will close at 11:59PM Pacific on March 24 (or maybe noon the next day).
    • Stories will be due May 27.
  • [community profile] halfamoon, the annual 2-week celebration of female characters, has wrapped up. (I don't know whether any FK characters appeared this year.)
  • [community profile] pbam, the "porn battle" fiction amnesty community, is accepting fills through March 15.
  • [community profile] onedeadplotbunny, a support/motivation creativity community, opened its latest round in February (no deadlines, no sign-ups).

FK fanfiction & other fanworks
Archive of our Own (AO3) Summary: 3 of the 748 FK stories on the AO3 show posting dates in February.

FK discussion, meta & news

  • 3/01: [personal profile] havocthecat relayed a Facebook conversation about FK on a VtM group.
  • 2/25: [personal profile] pj1228 shared that Richard McMillan (who played Matthew in DtKY and Lindley in CRCH) has died.
  • 2/01: [personal profile] pj1228 noted several actor appearances:
    • Geraint Wyn Davies on stage in Liv Stein in Toronto (ran through February 12)
    • Nigel Bennett on stage in The Audience in Toronto (ran through February 26)
    • Nigel Bennett on screen in xXx3 - The Return of Xander Cage (premiered on January 5)

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Recently in Forever Knight in my corners of social journaling:

Ficathons, Fests and Communities


Meta (Chatter, Discussion and Essays)


  • 02/01: [ profile] pj1228 said that NB will appear in Pitmen Painters at Hamilton, ON's Theatre Aquarius in February.
  • 01/30: [Locked] said that GWD will star in Poetic License at New York's 59E59 Theaters in February and March.

Chiller has FK scheduled for Monday, March 12, at 9 AM Eastern Time. (No February airings.)

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Recently in FK on my LJ F-List and DW R-Page:

Ficathons, Fests and Communities

  • [ profile] fkficfest is polling on a 2011 game. 01/31 is the last day to reply.
  • [ profile] halfamoon, the annual fanwork (fic, vids, art, etc.) fest celebrating female characters, runs 02/01-02/14. All fandoms are eligible.
  • [community profile] purimgifts/[ profile] purimgifts, the annual fest celebrating characters who are Jewish and/or women and/or persecuted by evil viziers has sign-ups through 02/05 (rules). All fandoms are eligible in this exchange-style game.
  • On 01/07, [ profile] fandom_stocking revealed that 7 stockings received FK content (fic, graphics, recs).
  • On 12/31, [personal profile] sharpest_asp pointed out the new community [community profile] 1sentencefic. All fandoms are eligible in this tables-style game.


Year in Review

  • On 01/03, [personal profile] celli's 2010 review included her FK story "Health, Food."
  • On 01/02, [personal profile] havocthecat's 2010 review included her FK stories "When Night Comes Down" and "Freedom of the Midnight Hour," plus her crossover "Four Notorious St. Trinian's Girls (& One Notorious St. Trinian's Teacher)."


  • On 01/05, under lock, someone expressed glee at having purchased 2011 Stratford tickets to see GWD in multiple plays.
  • On 01/03, under lock, someone reminded us that tickets can now be ordered for this year's Stratford festival, where GWD will play King Arthur in Camelot.
  • On 01/01, under lock, someone positively reviewed GWD's stage work in Pensacola last autumn.

Chiller does not presently have even one showing of FK scheduled for February. :-(

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Before I list all the exciting FK blog posts you guys have treated us to lately, I'd like to note a development elsewhere. has made the official debut of its Website Archive, which is [ profile] greerwatson's project to preserve FK sites that would otherwise have been lost when Geocities shut down.  She has been working with authors like [ profile] hearts_blood to ensure that things that people meant to go down stay down, but everything that should be saved is saved.

And while we're speaking of things one step aside from my usual scan, everyone already knows about the FK Wiki, right?  I believe that has been mainly [ profile] susanmgarrett and [ profile] greerwatson's project so far.  [Addendum 02/16: Susan observes that the project is actually Greer's, and she "deserves every molecule of credit for that work." My mistake! Well-deserved applause toward Greer, please.]

Okay!  Recently on my LJ Friends List and DW Reading Page:


  • [ profile] fkficfest: The FK-only ficathon community is open (welcome post), and the sign-up post will go up on Thursday 02/18 (three months before the final due date, 05/18).  (Several people very kindly gave us a shout-out: my co-mod Amilyn, Havocthecat and Wiliqueen.)
  • [ profile] femslash_today: On 02/10, I learned that "Femslash Today" is having its annual multifandom porn battle.  Entries are welcome through 02/19.  There are three intriguing FK prompts (no FK entries as of 02/14, as far as I can see).
  • [ profile] 17daysinfeb: On 01/28, [personal profile] celli noted a multifandom ficathon about the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Games.  FK's characters could easily be in Vancouver during the Olympics!  (As of 02/14, there are no tags, and seem to be no FK entries.)
  • [ profile] halfamoon: To see FK-tagged entries on "Halfamoon," go here.  There don't seem to be any yet for 2010, but the event doesn't close for many hours yet.  (On 01/26, [ profile] abby82 remembered her FK contribution last year, and encouraged us to all play this year.  On 01/21, [personal profile] havocthecat let us know that the community was gearing up for its annual 02/01-02/14 multifandom celebration of female characters.  FK's characters are eligible.)
  • Porn Battle IX: The final total was three FK entries, all by [ profile] gnosticdiva.  (On 01/27, [ profile] gnosticdiva catalogued her contributions to Porn Battle IX.  On 01/26, [ profile] abby82 noted that the event was open and running through 02/01.  On 01/19, [ profile] abby82 announced that prompts were being accepted that week (prompts, FAQ).)
  • Gen in January: The final total is one FK entry, by [personal profile] sharpest_asp.




Assorted Goodies

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(Aside: Is something weird with icons on LJ today?  My Schanke userpic is displaying as someone's fairy userpic.)

Recently, in FK on my LJ Friends List:

  • Celebrating Female Characters.  The [ profile] femme_fic ficathon, on 02/01, began accepting sign-ups.  They're unscreened this year, so take a look!  A wide variety of fandoms are offered.  Only one FK request is up so far, and while it's a very nice request, it would be outstanding if there were more.  (I'm hesitating over my sign-up because of Real Life obligations, or there would be two already.  But, you know, seduce me with more FK prompts and offers, right? ~g~)  Sign-ups are open through 02/28.
  • Celebrating Claire Rankin Characters[ profile] falcon_horus, from 01/23 through 01/28, collected prompts for her Claire Rankin-characters drabble-a-thon.  The prompts went up on 02/01, and there was a dash of conversation about Fleur and Natalie on 02/07.  All the drabbles posted so far are about Rankin's non-FK characters; I intend to produce at least one for Fleur.
  • Female Characters, and also NC-17[ profile] abby82, on 01/23, promoted two separate ficathon-style events, "Porn Battle VII" and [ profile] halfamoon, for which FK is eligible.  The [ profile] halfamoon community celebrates female characters, and their event runs 02/01-02/14.

  • Icons[ profile] ithildyn, on 02/03, pointed us to her freshly updated icons-to-share page, which includes FK icons, among many others.
  • Meme.  The "extras to order" fanfiction meme drew FK responses from [ profile] hearts_blood here and from [ profile] amilyn here.  And [ profile] ithildyn here and [ profile] havocthecat here offered, but no one asked them about FK.
  • Actors[ profile] pj1228, on 01/30, reviewed Just Buried, newly released on DVD (Region 1 only), which co-stars Nigel Bennett.
  • Conventions.  Someone who posted under a lock on 01/29 announced the "Breakout Before Moonlight" con this summer in London, and noted that while it's mainly a Moonlight con, some longtime FK fans will be there.
  • Nostalgia.  Someone who posted under a lock reminisced on 01/28 about a wacky multi-fandom round-robin story (including FK) that we participated in long ago.  Thanks for the memories!
  • Wiki[ profile] susanmgarrett, on 01/19, mentioned that she has been putting story listings on the Forever Knight Wiki, and invited authors to drop by and list their stories, or clean up entries. Separately, apparently someone had mislisted her as a Perk. Egad.
  • Fiction and Actors[ profile] abby82, on 02/01, posted a new story, "Illusions of Mortality," written for, um, "Porn Battle VII."  On 01/21, she shared scads of GWD photos from American Psycho 2 (2002), which she says was an intentionally campy movie costarring William Shatner.  Ger plays a psychiatrist.


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