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I update my standing fanfic likes and dislikes "letter" before every ficathon in which I participate. Have I ever mentioned that?

Well, anyway, if someone were looking for that formidably lengthy catalogue, I last updated it June 7, 2015. ;-)
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No one is presently writing me a story in any exchange fest, so I thought this might be a good time to get around to one of those standing "Fanfic Likes and Dislikes" posts, more comprehensive than an individual fest sign-up. (I'll link to it from my profile.)

— Updated March 27, 2016 —

Preface: If you're creating for me in an exchange-style ficathon or other fannish event — thank you! — and you're seeking more details about what I embrace and avoid as a fanfiction reader, here's... way too much information. Really. Please don't let this be a straitjacket or a formula. Back away if necessary. Laugh it off and forge ahead! Wherever you find your passion for the canon and characters in our shared fandom is the right place to build your story, and I'm sure to enjoy it there. You've been warned... )


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