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I've been posting about the ongoing progress of this year's [community profile] fkficfest/[ profile] fkficfest to ForKni-L every other day, inviting listmembers to come read, and I wanted to share with everyone a response posted to the email list:

Karen G. wrote, "I have enjoyed all of the submissions. Brought back some great memories."

You can find the six stories revealed so far (with seven more coming soon) in this year's collection. If you read fast and get ahead of this year's game, why not check out the whole parent collection for past games? It's never too late for feedback!

Still reading!

Tuesday, September 2nd, 2014 10:38 pm
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I often go months without cracking open a ForKni-L digest at this end of history, but luckily I'm still in my [community profile] fkficfest/[ profile] fkficfest-season habit of checking, because today a nice person posted in reply to my last fest announcement from two weeks ago: "I know this is coming late. Thanks to ISP issues. But I want to thank all of the [FKFicFest] writers."

So, writers, please add this to your tally of readers who appreciate all you do in keeping Forever Knight vital for us all! You make the difference!

And, everybody, please remember that you can read this year's fest stories, or stories from all fest years, at any time. (Also: it's never too late for feedback.)

Keep on reading...

Thursday, August 21st, 2014 06:58 pm
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A nice person on ForKni-L wrote yesterday: "I have to say, I have read 3 of the [FKFicFest] stories so far and all I can say is that I wished each of them were longer. I wanted to read more. Great job as usual [to the writers]."

We're having just a bit of a breather between [community profile] fkficfest/[ profile] fkficfest and [community profile] fkcommentfic/[ profile] fkcommentfic this year. I hope that everyone is able to use the time to read more of this year's stories! (Or all the years' stories!) And maybe share some more reflections or kudos with the authors?

All the players worked very hard, and some really stretched themselves, striving to fulfill prompts that may not have been for their own most preferred characters or scenarios. We had just nine players covering all angles of FK! In big, busy fandoms, it's easy to read only the stories featuring one's own favorites. But at this end of history, here in our smaller, sleepier FK, it means so much to support each other across factions and flavors.

Thank you, everyone who wrote, beta-read and read! Thank you very much!
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An FKFic-L War game is in the offing for the first time in several years.  I'm not actively following the developments on ForKni-L myself, but I wanted to help spread the word.  [ profile] lismcdavid has made two admin posts to FKFic-L on the subject this week.  Today, she posted that the "War" filter topic will be implemented on Monday 07/26/10.  I'm guessing that game dates remain to be determined, but that the War Manager is already chosen.

What is an FKFic-L War game?  Read more... )

If you want to play, you'll need to subscribe to both email lists (instructions); organizing is happening on ForKni-L (the discussion list).  If you are subscribed to the lists and do not want to receive War posts, send an email to "" with the command "set [insert list name here] topics: -war".  If you are set "digest," please be aware that those can't be filtered.

I think that I will probably remain "+war" this time, even though I will not be playing, myself (my hobby time is otherwise committed).
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[Cross-posted from forkni-l.]

Today, May 18, 2010, is the fourteenth anniversary of the first airing of "Last Knight" -- give or take local syndication.  So it's very appropriate that Chiller has an FK marathon today!  (I wonder whether they know?)

The anniversary is also why today is the first day of the FKFicFest Ficathon event on LiveJournal.  With a total of 22 stories by 20 authors, the ficathon will release two stories per day (one per day when they are very large) starting today.  The first two are now available to read.  Players have contributed stories short and long, gen and ship, bright and dark, main characters and guest stars, detectives and vampires, past and present... very FK!

The community is set to "14+" just as FK is rated "TV14."  If you do not have a LiveJournal account, you will be asked to tell LiveJournal that you are over 14 to view the community, and then you will further have to click on a little "this post may have adult content" link for each story.  I apologize for any inconvenience!  Most posts are not rated "adult," and all are clearly labeled with their own ratings, but we wanted the community to welcome "adult" stories, too, and that's what it takes.  (If you are logged in to an LJ account, you will skip all this.)

We hope that many players will bring their stories home to fkfic-l after the ficathon event, but not all the players have ever been on the email lists.  If you watch the game, you may encounter new-to-you FK authors, as well as old friends and favorites!  If you choose, you can leave feedback at the bottom of each story by clicking the "Leave a comment" link.

For the past few years, I've made sure to post a new story of my own to fkfic-l on each LK anniversary.  I don't have that this year, because I've put all my hobby time (and more time ~g~) into co-hosting the ficathon game (and writing my story for it).  I hope that this post will do as an anniversary tribute, instead.  I love FK, and I love you guys.  Thank you for still being here.

FK Fan Mary W.

Saturday, March 27th, 2010 05:01 pm
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Tuesday's forkni-l digest brought Lyn P.'s announcement that Mary W. has died.  It seems that she went by other names in other fandoms (FiliaDeCiara, Lightweaver), in case you knew her there. 

She posted one big story to fkfic-l, "Behold, I Make All Things New" in 2003, and she was so kind as to thank me in her author's note for the conversation we'd had when she just discovered online FKdom.  She had been a little hesitant, and then surprised and delighted, that FK fandom was full of people who took faith and religion seriously and also politely -- while playing, you know, with vampire fantasy.  By then, it seemed entirely normal to me, if it had ever seemed anything else, so sharing her pleased discovery was fun.

My condolences to her friends and family.

And while we're here, also to Abby's, and Judy's, and Lynne's, and Mary Lou's, and Christy's.  My apologies to anyone I'm not immediately remembering.
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Recently, in FK on my LJ Friends List:

Vids.  [ profile] abby82, on 03/23, posted her new Fang Gang vid "La familia" (Mirah).  On 03/03, she mused on Nick/Natalie versus Nick vidding plans, and on 03/01, posted her new Divia vid, "Burn" (Nine Inch Nails).

  • [ profile] mysticalcat7, on 03/23, announced that she has uploaded the last of fkspoilr, the June 1996 digests, following her 03/07 announcement that she uploaded the May 1996 fkspoilr digests.  Fkspoilr, of course, was the spoiler discussion list (a sibling of fkfic-l), and those were the days of "Last Knight"'s first airing.
  • [ profile] endcredits, on 03/02, snuck an FK reference into her reflections on the season finale of Being Human.

  • [ profile] abby82, on 03/30, posted a new, G-rated, N&N story titled Change Upon Us, written for the "Fic Drought NNFic Challenge" at the NNFic Yahoo! Group (which I didn't know existed; good for them!).
  • [ profile] dj_clawson, on 03/11, discussed the possible publishing future and challenges of her Aristotle stories.
  • [ profile] falcon_horus, on 03/03, listed and linked all the submissions to her Claire Rankin Character Mini-Ficathon.  The FK entries are: "Not in the Stars but in Ourselves" by [ profile] tanaquisga (FK/SGA), "Memories" by [ profile] falcon_horus (FK/SGA), and "Three Fireweed Seeds" by me (FK).

Cast and Crew. 
  • [ profile] abby82, on 03/29, reviewed Deborah Duchene's episode of Beyond Reality (1991), a two-season Canadian series with lots of FK cast and crew. She's generous with screenshots.
  • When the news about the SciFi Channel rebranding itself "SyFy" (um, right, that'll make 'em cooler than us) came out, many remembered the days when Ms. Hammer ran the USA network and with it FK's third season, including [ profile] ithildyn here, [ profile] wiliqueen here, [ profile] studiesinlight here...
  • [ profile] pj1228, on 03/15, reviewed A Bug and a Bag of Weed, a comedy with Nigel Bennett.

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[Cross-posted from ForKni-L.  And if you're on a Horsechick's f-list, you've doubtless seen the news there.]

Good friend and FK Fan [ profile] tv_elf, whom you'll remember as a Merc and a FoD from the old days, and whom you may have met at Bridging the Knight or any Vividcon, or perhaps from her most recent FK fanfiction, has been in the hospital since Friday night.

We are not yet ready to lose her, not by a long shot.  If you're inclined to pray, please include her now.  Please.

Thank you very much.  I've never before gone the prayer-request route on forkni-l, but needs must.

The List Rules

Saturday, November 8th, 2008 09:56 pm
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Just for reference -- there have been no changes -- here are the current list rules.  As you know, I personally feel that the two main email lists are still the heart of Forever Knight fandom, and they still feel like my own fannish home, even though I don't visit nearly as much as I used to.  If we transplant the fandom's heart someday, I'll deal.  Until then, the fact that the lists still exist at all makes me happy.  (There were 273 recipients of my last fkfic-l post, the acknowledgement said.) 

The rules are numbered more-or-less in the order they accumulated.

Introduction: The Listowners )

Rules for ForKni-L: The Discussion List )

Rules for FKFic-L: The Fiction List )

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[Poll #1251783]

A month or so ago, [ profile] pj1228 and I had a delightful little debate on this subject on forkni.  After much canonical examination, we were unable to sway each other, and determined that canon cannot disprove either interpretation (cool, huh?).  Before I import my side of that here, and reveal which angle I championed, I want to learn what you think!  What is the mainstream perception on this?


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