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Because of [ profile] fkficfest, it's been twice as long as usual between these round-ups.  My apologies!  Recently on my LJ Friends List and DW Reading Page:

FKFicFest.  The [ profile] fkficfest game was wonderful!  Please check out the master list and community tags to find stories that you will enjoy reading!  (I won't recap every step of the game here; if you have questions, please ask.)

Ficathons and Fanfiction Communities (Besides FKFicFest)
  • On 06/03, the [ profile] femme_fic mods asked about interest in a new round, announced mirroring LJ/DW, and alerted us to be on the lookout for a fandoms poll.  (This is the ficathon for celebrating female characters.  Please vote for FK to be included!)
  • On 06/03, [ profile] innogen asked for volunteers to maintain [ profile] fk_fanfiction and help set up prompt-claiming tables.
  • On 04/16, [ profile] oldschoolfic sent the assignments for their spring/summer ficathon event.  (This is the ficathon for celebrating canceled series.  FK is always eligible.)
  • On 04/13, [ profile] gnosticdiva mentioned [ profile] vampirebigbang, for which she's writing FK.  Sign-ups remain open through 06/20.  See her follow-up post on 05/17.

Fanfiction (Posted Elsewhere Than FKFicFest)
  • On 06/10, under lock, someone shared that Geraint Wyn Davies is participating in an open-to-the-public "Meet the Festival" session at Stratford on 07/07.
  • On 05/27, [ profile] pj1228 reviewed Backbencher, a radio drama featuring Nigel Bennett (CBC podcasts).
  • On 04/14, [ profile] abby82 shared that Blu Mankuma has a Facebook page, and that he posted spoilers there for his guest appearance on the 04/23 Smallville episode.

  • On 06/03, [ profile] malinaldarose mentioned "Partners of the Month" as contributing to nightmares.
  • On 05/22, [ profile] gnosticdiva had a brief panic as she lost (but then found!) two in-progress FK stories.
  • On 04/16, [ profile] wiliqueen mused on the music she used to listen to when FK was on the air.

AiringsChiller has scheduled their next FK marathon for 06/30 (9AM-5PM, mixed first and second season) and then another on 07/18 (8AM-2PM, first season only).  As a reminder, they're showing the CBS "Crimetime after Primetime" first-season cuts, which differ from what's on the DVDs; they're all shorter but, even so, some boast snippets of alternate/extra footage.


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