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The Yuletide collection released earlier than usual this year, and I know that everyone who wants to read fanfic today has a bounty of sparkly new choices (including two ~9K FK stories!).

But in case you're more in the mood for Christmas-themed FK tales this Christmas Day, here are just are a few magnificent classics that are still available online:You'll find more under my trope:holidays tag! And if you're lucky enough to own a copy of the Forever Net Before Christmas zine, be sure to enjoy at least one of those stories this season.

Merry Christmas!
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[personal profile] greerwatson has issued a Forever Knight Christmas drabble challenge: "Write a seasonal drabble: Christmas and FK in 100 words. No more; no less." She'd especially like players to post their challenge responses to fkfic-l itself, but of course anywhere is okay. And naturally all timely holidays (not only Christmas) should be equally welcome and respected.

In the proper tradition of FK challenges, she has met the challenge first herself, with three drabbles so far ( 1 ,  2 ,  3 ).
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Happy (US) Thanksgiving! Happy Hanukah! What are your favorite Thanksgiving and Hanukah fanfictions in fandoms I may know (especially FK, HL, YB, original BSG)? Please link me!

My own favorite Hanukah fanfic is the counterintuitively named "I'll Be Home for Christmas," a Forever Knight story by Marian G. (December '93) that's not available online, but you can enjoy it if you can find the hard-copy zine Forever Net Before Christmas edited and produced by Valery K. (or if you visit me in person, you may read it from my shelf ~grin~).

Off the top of my sleep-deprived, holiday-hurried head, however, I can't think of a single Thanksgiving story. How odd!
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Today is Memorial Day in the US, the holiday commemorating those who have died while active in the armed forces, serving and protecting the rest of us. It began as "Decoration Day" after the Civil War, in which the "decoration" was of the graves of the war's dead. These days, sometimes, sentiment extends it also to those who have died as first-responders — police, firefighters, paramedics.

I hope that I do not in any way trivialize the holiday's solemn due by saying that its timing this year, as we gear up [community profile] fkficfest/[ profile] fkficfest, connected in my mind with some elements of FK's story. [personal profile] skieswideopen made an observation this weekend that reminded me that, whatever happened later, conquistador Vachon died, a young soldier, on a battlefield far, far from his home. Though gravely wounded, crusader Nick survived his battlefields in body, and yet, as [personal profile] melissatreglia noted a week or so ago, the "deutero-canon" from that venerable Jim Parriot interview is that Nick was a prisoner of war — enduring captivity in the Levant before eventually, somehow, making his way back to France — incomparably changed from Gwyneth's blithe lover into Lacroix's disillusioned prey. Lacroix, of course, as a general (probably "legate," properly) of Roman legions, perpetrated what we today recognize as war crimes.

Of course the late Susan G.'s 1995 FK poem "Old Soldiers," inspired by the Raven scene in "My Boyfriend is a Vampire," came to mind. If you haven't read it yet, don't miss it. (If you don't usually like poetry, try reading it aloud; give it a chance.)
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I conceived this fairly light gen piece for the [community profile] fkcommentfic/[ profile] fkcommentfic "Bloor Mistletoe Challenge" (open through January 6), but it grew all out of commentfic proportions. I considered bonsai-ing it. However, after very generous betareading from [personal profile] batdina and [ profile] pj1228 on New Year's Day itself, I concluded that a short story fit the idea best.

  Available: The AO3 | I'll put it on my fansite soon.
  Length: 2,408 words
  Date: FKFic-L and AO3 01/01/13
  Rating: G
  Characters:  Nick, Schanke, Natalie; cameo by Stonetree; passing mentions of Myra, Jenny, Janette, Lacroix, Norma, Grace, Fleur, Patrice, Dietrich, Lipinski
  Summary: Schanke has Christmas cookies for almost everyone.
  Quotation: "I feel lousy resorting to this for my own partner, but— go on, open it."
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This morning, [personal profile] greerwatson posted "How to Pick up a Bargain at This Time of Year" as the second entry in the "Bloor Mistletoe Challenge" at [community profile] fkcommentfic/[ profile] fkcommentfic. It stars Schanke, with appearances by Jenny, Nick and Myra, and bristles with Torontonian details. Check it out!

I had hoped to revive the recommendation-of-the-month project this December, with praise for Susan G.'s inimitable, chilling, beautiful "Angel Crossing," the sole Lacroix story in the original (1993) fkfic-l Christmas challenge, in which Susan pledged one story per character by her, as long as someone else first posted another story starring that character... and yet no one else wrote one featuring Lacroix. Hers stood alone. And stands alone, unique and stunning. With the other challenge entries, Val K. (not Wiliqueen; the other Val) published "Angel Crossing" in the remarkable Forever Net Before Christmas zine, which is my personal favorite hard-copy zine to this day, as fond as I am of several others. I have not yet managed to revive the recommendations project on my fansite as hoped, so please take this as an informal rec! And if you're looking for more FK Christmastide, please check out my "trope:holidays" tag (DW, LJ) for past recommendations of stories relating to all the red-letter days in the calendar, and especially annual posts (like this one!) chatting about and/or listing links to FK Christmas stories (2011, 2010, 2009, 2007).

I have today and tomorrow off work, and while there are other observances afoot, I also hope to write a very short story for the [community profile] fkcommentfic/[ profile] fkcommentfic "Bloor Mistletoe Challenge." If I am so lucky as to finish it, I'll come looking for a beta-reader to help speed-polish. Forewarned is forearmed... ~grin~ (Now, the challenge stays open through January 6! I would just like to produce something for the big feast day itself, even if all readers will be over at Yuletide.)

Merry Christmas, to all those celebrating! Goodwill to everyone else, too! :-)

Holiday Episodes

Thursday, December 13th, 2012 09:10 pm
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Do you have a favorite holiday episode? If so, what makes it a favorite?

Any television series, any holiday, but it must be a regular episode (e.g. FK's "Be My Valentine") not a special (e.g. Black Adder's Christmas Carol). (I realize that's a bit tough on some UK shows, with their different traditions about holiday airings, but... my post, my parameters.)

It always seemed strange to me that Highlander had so little holiday content in all its six seasons and successors. There's a nineteenth-century US Independence Day celebration in the flashbacks of "Obsession," and a 1980s New Year's Eve party in the flashbacks of "Revenge is Sweet," and a Prohibition-era one in the flashbacks of "Bless the Child," I think, but that's all I know off-hand (though admittedly I'm not nearly as good with the later seasons as the early ones; isn't "The Stone of Scone" set at a holiday, too? and what about the "Deliverance" flashbacks?). Holidays are threads running sideways through time, binding the years together; surely that's something worth touching on with such long-lived characters.

My favorite holiday episode, however, doesn't come from one of my best-beloved series: FK, HL, YB, BSG, BatB... No, it's "The Man in the Fallout Shelter" from Bones. Now, I adored that show's first season; it sung to me. The second season changed, becoming another story altogether; swiftly, nothing remained to speak to me, never mind sing, and I walked very sadly away. But in the middle of their first season shines this gem. Long story short and spoilery, the main cast is quarantined in the lab over Christmas; under the simultaneous pressures of having all their plans disrupted and breathing a potentially deadly contagious pathogen, personal tidbits and personality quirks emerge for every character. How do you face Christmas, and how do you face death? At the same time, of course, they work to solve a mystery, and in this case the case richly parallels Brennan's own scars -- then, just being revealed to the audience -- of unexplained abandonment. The layers of resonance are as vivid as a flashback; the holiday sharpens their cutting edges. I left that series as it left me... but that one episode can still make me laugh and cry.
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In December, [ profile] hearts_blood offered "Kiss-Fic."  I requested "Forever Knight, Nick/Urs, the twelve days of Christmas, '95-'96."

Late last week, she treated me to an untitled ficlet (G, ~600 words) in reply.  "He let Urs sleep in his loft sometimes, when she got tired of the Raven."  I think I may be the only Les Miserables (i.e. Nick/Urs) partisan, so I am triply gladdened when generous people not only write FK, and for me, but with my favorite rare pairing!*  I am tickled by her tucked-in answer to how Urs, in "Ashes to Ashes," has Nick's door code.

(She also wrote a Nick/Natalie ficlet (G, ~300 words) for MysticalCat7.)

* Have you read Leela's spectacular Nick/Urs "Theory of Lost Things" (PG, ~3K words)? Go! Do! ♥
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Looking for some Christmas-themed Forever Knight fanfiction to enjoy this weekend? You might filter the AO3 for the fandom FK and the tag "Christmas" (just 3 stories at present), or look at my 2010 and 2009 Christmas blog posts (linking to 6 and 24 stories, respectively), or even 2007 (chatting about FK Christmas story challenges).

Additionally, here are the Christmas-themed stories featured in the FK recommendations project so far:
There are many more out there. A personal favorite is Susan G.'s unexpected, unmatched, Lacroix piece, "Angel Crossing" (1993, PG). Would you like to recommend any? Please, share! (Mentioning your own is permitted. ~grin~)

And... merry Christmas!
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What's Good?  For December, I'm very happy to get to share Deb H.'s "Darkness Shall Have No Dominion" (1994, PG, ~3K words) in the recommendation-of-the-month project. Set on Christmas Eve, this short story hints at a light metaphorical parallel between a case and Nick's situation. It supplies characteristic swings between hope and despair on the way to a triumphant ending that may or may not suggest a miracle, but certainly renews Nick's commitment.

        "No," Nick said firmly. "I will not be over tomorrow. I'm not going to force your family to stay inside all day with the curtains drawn." He put an arm around his stout partner. "I will be fine. Natalie is coming by tonight; we're going to eat before I take her to the airport. Then I am going home and sleeping." He didn't add that he was going to do a little searching of his own later.

What's New on FKFic-L?  November saw three stories by three authors, including one by a new-to-the-lists author (it's apparently as yet unavailable online; I'll forward it on request). December's seen nothing yet. list with links )


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