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I happened to spot 2 used copies of Forever Knight's 3rd-season DVDs going for $25.90 and $25.95 right now on US Amazon (see the used list).

As you know, the 3rd-season DVDs often go for $80+. They were discontinued long ago, and 3rd-season streaming was withdrawn (unless you were lucky enough to have purchased it before TPTB changed their minds, in which case you still have streaming access).

If you're looking for a copy for yourself, or a gift for a late-blooming FK fan...!
brightknightie: Nick and his remote control (Remote Control) (US) is currently selling seasons one and two of FK for under $6 (US) per season.(As you know, season three has been out of print for several years now.)
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Right now, Amazon Marketplace has 7 (used) copies of FK's third-season DVDs for sale for under $50 (US). The usual going rate has been ~$80 for a few years now.

If you're seeking third season, you may want to snap up a copy while they last.

(As you know, FK's third season isn't available for streaming anymore. Those of us who bought the season from Amazon before it went off-catalogue can still stream it from them, so it's still there on their servers, but... someone has chosen not to sell it.)
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In a conversation elsewhere, [personal profile] sholio was surprised to learn that FK's German first-season DVDs have more footage (~1-6* minutes/episode) than the North American DVDs. They do.

Before North American fans got access to the German cuts — this was before international online fandom as we know it today — the rumor was that the German versions were "racy" (with nudity) because the cast and crew told us that they'd filmed some such scenes. But when we saw the German cuts, we discovered that the extra footage was mostly longer establishing shots (panning down a street, up a building, across the desks in the precinct, around a crime scene, Nick stuck in his loft in the daytime, the Caddy on the road). There is a little extra dialogue, but only a little. My favorite extra scene is Nick with a book. (We don't know what happened to the "racy" footage.)

FK being FK, though, that's just the tip of the iceberg.

Not only did FK's first season air at different lengths in different places, but sometimes the shortest cuts included footage that doesn't appear in the longest cuts! For example, the original CBS airing of "False Witness" (as eventually repeated on the Chiller cable channel) is the shortest version of all, but it has two (2!) extra scenes with the rookie cop who toasts Nick, scenes which do not appear in any of the other cuts. And of course the "ghost!Erica in the Caddy" scene in "Last Act" was in some versions and not others, as well as the rape in the "Dead Issue" flashback, off the top of my head. The "False Witness" exchange between Nick and Lacroix about music and souls isn't on the North American DVDs but was on the original US airing. In VHS days, people might argue interpretations for a long time before realizing that they had actually seen slightly different stories.

First-season, from the longest cut to the shortest:
  1. original German airing / German DVDs
  2. original Canadian airing (in some locations) / North American DVDs
  3. later Canadian airings (in some locations)
  4. SciFi Channel airing
  5. original CBS US airing / Chiller airing

When first season first aired in the US, the "Crimetime After Primetime" rotation had a weird, truncated time slot after the late-night news (this was before they hired David Letterman; Letterman displaced "Crimetime," leading to FK's first cancellation and hiatus). That's why those episodes were so short that they sometimes "patched" the omissions with other scenes. The SciFi Channel airings were trimmed to fit in more commercials.

Here's my post from when I first got the German DVDs: 2010-04-23: "An Incredible Gift: The German DVDs."

* Numbers amended to include "Dark Knight," both halves of which are longer in German than any other episodes.
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I happened to notice that FK's first-season DVDs are presently just $12.49 USD on Amazon US, $17.69 CDN on Amazon Canada, and €9.99 EUR on Amazon Germany.

That's $0.57/episode USD — much cheaper than streaming, and cheaper than the other seasons on DVD, too. If you still lack it, consider snagging it before the price goes back up!
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Due to both connectivity issues and personal issues, I haven't been reading here since mid-October.  (I hope to be back to normal on both fronts starting... now!) Thus, this list is merely what I found tonight, with a heavy reliance on tags (e.g. "fk," "forever knight") to locate relevant material; if I've missed something, please hook me up! It looks to have been a fairly quiet month, FK-wise.

For October, in Forever Knight, in my corners of social journaling, here's what I spotted:

Ficathons, Fests and Communities

  • [ profile] fandomaid is raising funds in support of victims of Superstorm Sandy.
  • [community profile] festivids assignments went out on 10/16.
  • I still can't believe that FK is not eligible for [ profile] smallfandomfest. But [community profile] fic_promptly will accept us for commentfic!
  • Many people posted Yuletide "Dear Author" letters. FK appears in only Greer's, as far as I saw [Addendum: Also in Twilight2000's]. (BTW, thanks to [personal profile] sholio for confirming that you don't have to be signed up for Yuletide to give treats or pick up pinch-hits. Anyone can still play through those avenues!)

3 FK works on AO3 currently show October 2012 as their publication dates. All three are new-to-me crossovers; two are by the same author.

Meta (Essays, Analysis, Discussion)

10/16: [Locked] shared that in 2013, the Stratford Festival (which has apparently dropped the "Shakespeare" from its name) will boast GWD in Measure for Measure and Mary Stuart, plus NB in Thrill (official press release PDF).

Chiller will next air FK on Friday 11/23 (6AM-5PM, DK-FIHS). In the US, that's "Black Friday," the day after Thanksgiving; if you'll have that day off work, tune in!

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I've been largely offline for fannish purposes for much of September; I hope to be around more in October, and wholly back to normal in November.  Nevertheless, for September, in Forever Knight, in my corners of social journaling, here's what I saw before I wandered away, plus what I found tonight when I came around again (and if I missed something, please let me know):

Ficathons, Fests and Communities

  • Yuletide nominations are open. Please consider nominating Forever Knight (and coordinating your characters with others).
  • [ profile] fkcommentfic accepted fills through 9/30, with 147 total comments (prompts, fills and feedback)!
  • [ profile] het_reccers is running a "het pairing cage match." By current rules, FK will never appear in the game, and they've never yet had a single FK rec in their community, but... maybe someday? We're an awfully het-rich fandom, for goodness' sake!
  • FK does not qualify for [ profile] smallfandombang, because, apparently, it has more than ~2K total stories online. Um. Yay, us?


Meta (Essays, Analysis, Discussion)

Actors: 9/29: [ profile] greerwatson began relating her Stratford Shakespeare Festival adventures.

Airings: Chiller will next air FK on Friday 11/23 (6AM-5PM, DK-FIHS).

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In August, in Forever Knight, in my corners of social journaling, here's what I saw:

Ficathons, Fests and Communities

  • [community profile] fkficfest/[ profile] fkficfest 2012 stories finished releasing on 8/07! Yay!
  • [ profile] fkcommentfic accepted prompts 8/08-8/31; fills continue through 9/30. All are invited.


Meta (Essays, Analysis, Discussion)

  • 8/01: [Locked] discussed much-disliked episodes.
  • 8/09: [ profile] gnosticdiva shared where she had been during the FKFicFest reveal.
  • 8/18: [personal profile] melissatreglia shared an idea for herding plotbunnies.
  • 8/20: [ profile] greerwatson described designing her FKFicFest 2012 story's presentation on her website.
  • 8/21: [ profile] hearts_blood kindly recommended "Chante à Nouveau" (my FKFicFest 2012 story).
  • 8/22: [ profile] greerwatson announced posting a new story to her website (no link provided), and spoke again about her faction icons project.
  • 8/24: [Locked] mentioned writing an FK ficlet for a "fem-centric fic" game.
  • 8/27: [ profile] greerwatson announced posting two recent pieces to her website (one is available in FKCommentFic; one is not), and discussed designing their presentations on her website.
  • 8/02, 8/04, 8/05, 8/13, 8/19: Assorted [Locked]s mentioned FKFicFest and its stories. One [Locked] recommended "We'll Always Have New Orleans."
  • [ profile] greerwatson continues to share FK faction userpic icons: 08/07, 08/10, 08/15, 08/17, 08/23, 08/25, 08/27 and 08/30.



  • US: Chiller has scheduled a mini-marathon for Thursday 09/20 (9AM-5PM, DK-CB). [Chiller has historically shown the original CBS cuts of first season! Different from the DVDs! Mostly just shorter, but some different shots.]
  • Germany: As reported by [ profile] pj1228, FK is back on German TV beginning 09/05, airing daily at 3:55AM.

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Recently in FK in my corners of social journaling:

Ficathons, Fests and Communities


  • 2/23: [ profile] hearts_blood posted a revised version of her vignette "Warmth" (G, 690 words, Nick and Urs).
  • 2/04: [ profile] hearts_blood posted "Lost Boys and Golden Girls" (G, ~600 words) in reply to a "Tracy/Vachon, kiss, docks" prompt in a Cuddle/Kiss/Sex fic meme. (Then she locked it, because it had not been beta-read and revised.)
  • 4 FK works on AO3 currently show February 2012 publication dates. (I believe that one is new, and three are old.)

Meta (Chatter, Discussion and Essays)

  • 2/25: [Locked] discussed US vs. Canadian spelling and terminology in FK fanfiction (and the vagaries of canon).
  • 2/21: [Locked] shared that FK fan Diane E. died.
  • 2/20: [ profile] ithildyn mentioned Nick brought to mind by a song.
  • 2/18: [ profile] hearts_blood is playing a "Cliche-Fic Meme." FK is eligible; she's written two FK humor ficlets there so far (one with Nick and Natalie, one with Nick and Lacroix.)
  • 2/17: [ profile] hearts_blood updated her WIP list with two FK stories.
  • [ profile] greerwatson is sharing faction userpic icons: 2/25, 2/20, 2/18, 2/14 and 2/12.
  • [ profile] hearts_blood planned (2/08) a FK marathon, then explained (2/11) why it didn't happen, then reminded (2/13) herself to watch.
  • 2/02: [profile] gnosticdiva included FK in a WIP meme.
  • 2/02: [ profile] hearts_blood included an FK line in a WIP meme, and then posted a FK WIP draft called "Wrong Side" and requested opinions on whether and how to finish it.
  • 2/01: [ profile] hearts_blood noted the anniversary of the death of Heny II, Duke of Brabant (analogue of Nick's theoretical older brother).


  • 2/26: [ profile] pj1228 reviewed The Pitmen Painters, a play in which NB performed.
  • 2/21: [ profile] pj1228 announced that NB has a recurring role on the radio drama Trust, Inc. (Thursdays, 11:30PM, CBC Radio One; downloads available).
  • 2/05: [Locked] noted Blu Mankuma's appearance on Fringe.

Chiller has FK scheduled for Monday, March 12, 9AM-5PM, DK-CB!

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Recently in Forever Knight in my corners of social journaling:

Ficathons, Fests and Communities


Meta (Chatter, Discussion and Essays)


  • 02/01: [ profile] pj1228 said that NB will appear in Pitmen Painters at Hamilton, ON's Theatre Aquarius in February.
  • 01/30: [Locked] said that GWD will star in Poetic License at New York's 59E59 Theaters in February and March.

Chiller has FK scheduled for Monday, March 12, at 9 AM Eastern Time. (No February airings.)


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